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Hello i am confused about my future plz help me

I am a XIth class student of commerce. I am confused that what should i do in future.

by Aniket siddharth Patil
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2 answers

RE: Hello i am confused about my future plz help me

Deepti Sharma
Deepti Sharma
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This is the time to look forward and decide a career in which your interest is. Always opt for a career where you can put your maximum efforts and skills.

As far as career options are concerned there are ample of option available for commerce students. Some suggested options are:

Charted accountancy
Cost accountancy
Company secretaryship

Advertising and Public relation
Financial management
Human resource management
Actuarial studies
Mass communication and journalism
Industrial psychology etc

Good luck

RE: Hello i am confused about my future plz help me

En Xin
En Xin

I am just like you. I am finally not the only one that is confuse too. I was in the situation that I hated my job and I do not know what to do next. I am thinking if I should leave my job but knowing the uncertainty after quitting my job stopped me from doing so

. I feel stuck in between the two choices and I choose to continue working and my life became miserable. I feel that the my world is collapsing and there is no solution to it because I am too afraid to leave my job. After continuously searching for solution. It is to have the courage to explore what I really want and execute it! Now I have more confidence to continue my search for solution! You can try out this link ( as it provides guided questions for me to answer. After penning down my answer on what I think I want, I internalize it. Having the clarity of what I really want, it boost my confidence and motivation to let me focus on finding my direction. I found my solution because I am happier at my current job and I found my passion again. Hope it helps, enjoy!

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