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Hi can you tell about photography

Can you tell me about photography

by Vibhu Joshi
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4 answers

RE: Hi can you tell about photography

Deepti Sharma
Deepti Sharma
Verified Career Expert
Career Counselor & Volunteer at Manovikas Kendra
  • Hyderabad

Hi Photography is a unique and creative medium of self-expression. Opportunities in the filed of photography has increased with a recent boom in media ,advertising and fashion industry.

Career options are as: Fashion photographer Photo, Journalists Portrait Photographers, Forensic Photographers, Wildlife Photographers etc.

To be a photographer, you have to have both creativity and technical knowledge.They have the option to either take up jobs with news papers, magazines, advertising agencies, government agencies, industrial houses or work as free lancers. There are degree and diploma courses in photography offered by various institutes and universities.

Some are: Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa Pune University, Fergusson College, Poona International school of photography The Film and TV Institute of Tamil Nadu, Chennai Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute Academy of Photography, Kolkata etc

Hope this helps
All the best

RE: Hi can you tell about photography

alo max
alo max

You can make a promising and prosperous career in Photography if you know the pros of this field. A career in photography is creative, and it develops the creative skills of a person.

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RE: Hi can you tell about photography

alo max
alo max

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RE: Hi can you tell about photography

prase denica
prase denica

Photography is the science, practice, and art of making long-lasting images by capturing light, either chemically or electronically using a light-sensitive substance like duck life film or an image sensor. 




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