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Hi! MERA CAREER GUIDE I AM STUDYING BSC (H ) COMPUTER SCIENCE IN HANSRAJ COLLEGE, Delhi university .I AM IN 4 TH SEM .what to do next?? I had 96% marks in 10 Th and 94 % marks in 12 and 89% marks in 3rd semester . NOW I AM UNABLE TO DECIDE WHAT TO DO AFTER THIS AND WHAT I SHOULD BECOME IN LIFE WHAT CAREER PROFILE I SHOULD ADOPT ??? SOMETIMES I FEEL I SHOULD DO MCA OR MBA OR IAS OR JOB OR MSC OR MTECH OR FOREIGN STUDY OR ETHICAL HACKING OR 3 YEAR ME FROM BITS PILANI or bpharma I FIND BSC AND MCA COURSE VERY OUTDATED AND NOT POPULAR OR IN TREND (no scope , no industry absorption) ACTUALLY I DONT WANT TO STUDY MORE 3 YEARS NOW AT THIS POINT AS I FIRST WANT TO SOME JOB 2 YEAR THEN DO STHNG to discover,explore what I want to do. I think that I should not be very impatient for job and should not run ,fly away from studies ,do postgradution. I don’t know what is right or what is wrong ? BUT I AM NOT SURE THAT I will BE ABLE TO GET A GOOD JOB AFTER BSC OR THIS IS GOOD IDEA TO DO JOB BEFORE MCA FOR FUTURE job prospects I DONT LIKE PROGRAMMING LIKE WRITING MILLIONS OF LINES OF CODE I FIND IT VERY BORING AND TIRING BUT I LIKE OR PASSIONATE ABOUT ,I WANT TO DO WORK LIKE ETHICAL HACKING ,WEBSITE HOSTING OR SECURITY ANALYST TYPE, CBI ,raw type, ROBOTICS ,computer electronics or hardware BUT I DONT KNOW HOW CAN I BE ETHICAL HACKER WHICH COURSE TO DO ? WHEATHER IT WILL BE GOOD TO SKIP MCA OR NOT for my career? So also guide me in this direction that how can I shift from software to computer electronics I some how in me have fire ,great desire to be CEO of a big company or open my own company I think this is not good time to do mba as I feel I should first have some work experience that will develop my personality . Some times I also feel to do bpharma and open a big chemist I thought why not do bpharma from open or distance side by side of bsc computer science But I don’t know how can I do bpharma from open ? SO WHAT SHOULD I DO THERE ARE FOLLOWING OPTIONS 1. MS in computers from usa,germany,france foreign and how after a 3 years course eligibility problem 2. Bpharm from open 3. BSC THEN JOB IF I COULD FIND 4. BSC THEN 2-3 MONTHS ETHICAL HACKING COURSE THEN JOB IN CBI ,RAW,IB 5. Bsc then hardware electronics course then job 6. BSC THEN MCA Then job 7. BSC THEN MCA Then job then ias 8. BSC THEN MCA Then job then mba 9. BSC THEN MSC THEN MTECH then job 10. BSC THEN ARMY ENGINEER 11. BSC THEN JOB THEN mba 12. Bsc then job then mca SO PLEAESSS … HELP ME GUIDE ME TOWARDS RIGHT PATH THANK YOU

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Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

Computer Engineer
Thank you for approaching counsellors at I can see that you have many ambitions regarding your future and i can see that all are positive ambitions. You have explored so many options but i would like to tell you one thing. With a degree in computer science i would advice you to carefully take the next steps that is also related to computer science only. You have said that you wanted to do BPharma from BITS Pilani. Please understand that with a degree is computer science already, you cannot get diverted into pharmacy line. Moreover bpharma means bachelor of pharmacy and it is certainly not possible to do another bachelors degree in an extremely opposite line. As computer science and pharmacy line are completely different, Indian education policy doesn't permit this. If you have studied biology and chemistry at 12th class and passed them with a minimum 60% in each subject, then you can study BPharm course but as you have already started a bachelors degree in computer science, it is not possible.

I would advice you to do anything with computer science in future whether it is either further education or job. Please dont waste the three years you are putting in to get this BSc computer degree. Also diverting to an entire different line is not recommendable. You may not follow up with the subject because you have lost touch with chemistry and biology long back (at least three years since 12th).

I sincerely advice you to take a job after BSc. Once you are in this job try learning some extra certification courses like ethical hacking or what ever you are interested in. This will improve your job stability too. After few years you can also do an MCA or a MSc Computer science degree. If you work for minimum two years in India and then choose to study Masters degree either in India or abroad then you can get better jobs as you have build up some work experience too. You can fulfill your ambition of studying abroad this way. Else if you choose to work for minimum five years in India and then do an MBA in India or abroad then you will be more stable in your career.

Finally i advice you to do anything with only computer science and not definitely study bpharm. Also try getting a job after BSc and then you will achieve some clarity in what you want to do in life. All the best.


Rahul Shinde
Rahul Shinde
Verified Career Expert
Career Consultant at Pinnacle School of Business Management
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Greeting's for the day!!!

Students are still not aware of of choosing their career in MCA. Before you choose any 1 among the options you have, it is much necessary that you know about the program, what it offers, what are the specializations, how it is useful, what are the job opportunities, and the most important point is of the option best for your interest or not.

Master of Computer Application (MCA):
is a three -year (Six Semester) Professional Master's Degree awarded in India. The course was designed to meet the growing demand for qualified professionals in the field of Information Technology. It is a post graduate course that can be taken after obtaining Bachelor's degree. The MCA program is inclined more towards Application Development and thus has more emphasis on latest programming languages and tools to develop better and faster applications.

Objectives of the MCA Course:
The MCA course prepares students to take up positions as system analyst, system designer, Programmer and Managers in any fiel related to Information Technology. The program, therefore, aims at imparting comprehensive knowledge with equal emphasis on theory and practice. The MCA students are encouraged to spnd a full smester working in the industry in the institute giving them insight into the workings of the IT world.

Training to Students:
Students are trained in the fields of System Designing, Application Software Development, Enterprise Resource Planning, Computer Networks, System Administration, Web Designing and Development, Database Administration, Parallel and Vector Designing, Data Mining and Warehousing, etc.

Specialization's in MCA:
1. Systems Management
2. Systems Development
3. Systems Engineering
4. Application Software
5. Internet
6. Management Information system (MIS)
7. Software Development
8. Troubleshooting
9. Hardware Technology
10. Networking

Career Opportunities for an MCA graduates:
As today is an age of computers, a candidate with an MCA Degree will have great job opportunities in top level It companies and Consultacy Firms. They will have opportunities in large corporations having an in-house systems department. An MCA graduate can work for any IT company big or small as a system devloper and various other roles such as:
1. Software Programmer
2. Software Engineer
3. Software Developer
4. System Analyst
5. Software Application Architect
6. Software Consultant
7. Technical Writer

If you have interest in "Website Development" then you can apply for Certifction Courses into Web Development, Dot Net, and Scripting Languages.

Alternatively, you can even join "Ethical Hacking" Certification Courses from Karrox Institute along with your MCA Qualification.

Further doubts or queries feel free to contact.



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