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A computer engineer is a specialist in developing softwares and computer programs. Software engineers also evaluate, analyze and test the softwares that help in functioning of computers. They also contribute towards making of and developing the computer games, apps and various other softwares using latest technology and advanced programs and codes. A computer engineer works in an office or a firm and may enjoy the salary on a monthly basis. A software engineer must possess strong analytical skills and should be able to multi task. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Computer Engineer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Computer Engineer

Hi Swarali, Good question! In 5 years time; if you are working for a large Computer organization; You are likely to end as one of the following; 1. Specialist/Architect: This is related to the work you have been doing and you become an expert in that segment and you will acknowledged as such. 2. Team Lead: If you display good teamwork and leadership skills in the first 5 years; then you are likely to elevated to a Team Lead position. You would be heading a team of 5-15 persons and are responsible for their work. If you want to grow in this direction; a MBA degree will be useful, along PMP cert

There are so many good things that you can do being a computer engineer, like -  you may be a programmer, ethical hacker, get a chance to work in the intelligence department, can work on projects like BCI - Brain Computer Interface etc, but to materialize all these things you nedd to join some reputed and renowned institution where you may get an exposure to excel in the field. You may choose any one out of - Quantum School of Engineering, Roorkee,...............Gitam Institute of Technology, Vishakhapatnam,.................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara,.............BITS, Mesra

1. Computer Networks - Andrew S. TanenbaumCovers almost every aspect of networking in detail. It progresses in a very systematic manner to unfold all the concepts related to the 7 layers of the OSI and much more. .2. Operating System Concepts - Silberschatz, GalvinA great book on concurrency, synchronization, deadlock, Processes, threads and Inter-process communication, CPU scheduling, Memory management, File systems etc in an OS3. Principles of Compiler Design - Aho , Ullman, Lam, SethiBeautifully written book on a complex subject of compilers. If you have trouble understanding Parsing, Code

Hi, Greetings for the day!!! Thanks for visiting at [][1] Computer Engineers are responsible for designing, developing, implementing and testing computer-based hardware and software. including the components that are found inside computer equipment, as well as actual devices that contains the computers and the software that runs on those machines. They may also design network that connects computer systems, and work on integrating software programs with computer hardware. **[Education Requirements][2]**: To become Computer Engineer, you will typically require a bac

No the two are different.Computer engineeringtechnology programs prepare people to help engineers design and build computer systems. Students learn to install and maintain equipment. They also learn to write and test software programs. Computer science programs prepare people to work with computing problems and solutions. Students learn computer systems design. They study software and hardware design. They also learn to profile the needs of specific end-user situations.Computer engineers embed computers in other machines and systems, build networks to transfer data, and develop ways to make co

Hi,Greeting's for the day!!!Computer Engineers are reponsible for designing, developing, implementing and testing computer based hardware and software. including the components that are found inside computer equipments, as well as actual devices that contain the computers and the software that runs on those machines. They may also design network that connects computer systems, and work on integrating software programs with computer hardware.Educational Requirements:To become a computer engineer, you will typically require a bachelor of science degree in computer engineering, computer scinece o

Hello Priya  Excellent question asked.  Please note the stream selector test or the Aptitude test is a test that judges you on your innate potentials or inborn talent. Few cases we see that the students inborn potentials matches his line of interest, but majorly we see a discrepancy. Meaning the innate potentials do not match their line of interest. Here as a counselor, my first duty is to explain each aptitude to the student what it means and what his score means in that aptitude. Folliwed by what difficulties would he face if he goes against his report. But at the last resort, I su

Hi, A strong resume - a strong you! Resumes are the face of the interview, they are more than a piece of paper, and they hold all the necessary information to create an impact over the interviewer or the shortlisting committee in order to get a better selection. In order to have a better influence during an interview or any other event, it is important to have a good resume. For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test There are a few points that had to keep in the context in order to create an effective resume which are as

Hello, Thanks for Asking..!!! There are too many career opportunities available for Computer Science Students in Indian Railways.Like - Communication department. Account section. Ticket counter section. Controlling section. Junior Accounts Assistant (JAA) Enquiry Cum Reservation Clerk (ECRC) Telecommunication engineer. Sr.section engineers. Sr system analyst Jr. Executive Check All the Latest Jobs & vacancies here : Railway Jobs   Also Read : Which Books are the best for Railway Exams Preparation With the Railway, you can also apply for IBPS PO, SSC CGL exams to get a comfortable

Hello Saumya,  Choosing a department or portfoli to work in is completely your choice. We can take you to the stream but the way you would drink water is completely your choice. Incase you are research oriented then development can be your area, if creative then designing and if you like following the existing research then trouble shooting or system engineer or junior engineer is your profile. Wish you good luck....

Hello There,  You being fascinated by computers and technology does not mean you wish to be in  that field and make it  a career. It can be that you like to keep a track of new tech in the market.  But in your case possibly you are interested in making it a career. But you cannot then talk about failures or weakness. Try taking classes for Math as such. Because there is no alternative. Even to pursue BCA basic requirement is Math. And most importantly the computer functions on logical and minute calculations which is a must if you wish to be successful in this career. So tr

Hello, Thanks for Asking..!! Choosing the right career is really important. Yes, Mostly every student get confused at this stage that what should they do next? What will be the right decision to get good career. If you are interested in both - Commerce & Science then you should compare the both subjects scope of study, topics covered, higher study options etc. Then it will be easier to take decision for you. If you select Commerce then you have to read : Accounting, Economics, Finance etc. If you select Science then you have to read : Engineering / Medicals or pure science After 12th: A

Hi, Possibly reasons can be she is not much interested to computer engg but maybe under some pressure she is pursuing the course.  Or else there must be some peer pressure she must be going through and not discussing the same. You can find out if she is interested in some other course and maybe once she completes her computer engg she can pursue her courses she is interested in. Also she is a teenager and at this age there are many thoughts (influenced by ext sources) going on in her mind. Sit and talk to her. Hope this helps.

Hello Juliet,  You have a vast arrey of experience. But my question to you is how did you conclude your areas of interest?. And if you knew about it before why did youu opt for engineering and there after worked as a programmer after 10+years of work experience. Please note that this is not the time to look back. Any course you opt for now you would begin right from the scratch and would be considered a fresher. Your experience would be nullified. The only course you can opt for from your option is Psychology. You could opt for a masters in psychology or a course in guidance and counselin

Dear,   Yes you can apply for Bca programme than go for Mca programme because Eligibility for most of the University is 12th class min 50% with ( maths/ computer science / information practice). So you need to check the eligibility of the respective university for bca programme.   All the best

Dear Aspirant, You have many diverse interests. It is really good that you have started thinking about your future career at the right stage of 11th std. However I would suggest that instead of wandering your mind on too many options which are not related to each other and also very risky as a career option for the long term, you should focus and find out a single strong option for your career. Confusion at this stage is very natural however should be dealt with seriously and should not be taken casual. I would strongly suggest you to take the Ideal Career Test from This is a

Hello Akhil,  Firstly executive profile understood but in which domain or field. Anyways please note that these days employers look out for employees with a comprehensive personality. In short a one man show having all sorts of capabilities. And please note man management or mixing with colleagues plays a very important characteristics of a successful employee. Especially in higher positions where one leads a team. Please note you cannot be at an executive level all your work life. For better opportunity and growth you would have to move to the managerial role and then mixing up with coll

Dear Mukesh, you need to clarify arts as in english , hindi etc subjects or arts designing.. Anyways, let me drop few liners accordingly keeping in mind two assumptions: 1. For students into literature or history etc a simple course in order to use a computer and troubleshoot simple problems is enough. Say.. a certificate course of 6 months should be enough. 2. If it is for designing then you need to learn lot of tools that helps and you to improving your designing. There could be lot of variety of courses because designing itself have lot of options. Hope this helps. All te Best !!!