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A computer engineer is a specialist in developing softwares and computer programs. Software engineers also evaluate, analyze and test the softwares that help in functioning of computers. They also contribute towards making of and developing the computer games, apps and various other softwares using latest technology and advanced programs and codes. A computer engineer works in an office or a firm and may enjoy the salary on a monthly basis. A software engineer must possess strong analytical skills and should be able to multi task. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Computer Engineer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Computer Engineer

Hi Swarali, Good question! In 5 years time; if you are working for a large Computer organization; You are likely to end as one of the following; 1. Specialist/Architect: This is related to the work you have been doing and you become an expert in that segment and you will acknowledged as such. 2. Team Lead: If you display good teamwork and leadership skills in the first 5 years; then you are likely to elevated to a Team Lead position. You would be heading a team of 5-15 persons and are responsible for their work. If you want to grow in this direction; a MBA degree will be useful, along PMP cert

There are so many good things that you can do being a computer engineer, like -  you may be a programmer, ethical hacker, get a chance to work in the intelligence department, can work on projects like BCI - Brain Computer Interface etc, but to materialize all these things you nedd to join some reputed and renowned institution where you may get an exposure to excel in the field. You may choose any one out of - Quantum School of Engineering, Roorkee,...............Gitam Institute of Technology, Vishakhapatnam,.................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara,.............BITS, Mesra

1. Computer Networks - Andrew S. TanenbaumCovers almost every aspect of networking in detail. It progresses in a very systematic manner to unfold all the concepts related to the 7 layers of the OSI and much more. .2. Operating System Concepts - Silberschatz, GalvinA great book on concurrency, synchronization, deadlock, Processes, threads and Inter-process communication, CPU scheduling, Memory management, File systems etc in an OS3. Principles of Compiler Design - Aho , Ullman, Lam, SethiBeautifully written book on a complex subject of compilers. If you have trouble understanding Parsing, Code

Hi, Greetings for the day!!! Thanks for visiting at [][1] Computer Engineers are responsible for designing, developing, implementing and testing computer-based hardware and software. including the components that are found inside computer equipment, as well as actual devices that contains the computers and the software that runs on those machines. They may also design network that connects computer systems, and work on integrating software programs with computer hardware. **[Education Requirements][2]**: To become Computer Engineer, you will typically require a bac

No the two are different.Computer engineeringtechnology programs prepare people to help engineers design and build computer systems. Students learn to install and maintain equipment. They also learn to write and test software programs. Computer science programs prepare people to work with computing problems and solutions. Students learn computer systems design. They study software and hardware design. They also learn to profile the needs of specific end-user situations.Computer engineers embed computers in other machines and systems, build networks to transfer data, and develop ways to make co

Hi,Greeting's for the day!!!Computer Engineers are reponsible for designing, developing, implementing and testing computer based hardware and software. including the components that are found inside computer equipments, as well as actual devices that contain the computers and the software that runs on those machines. They may also design network that connects computer systems, and work on integrating software programs with computer hardware.Educational Requirements:To become a computer engineer, you will typically require a bachelor of science degree in computer engineering, computer scinece o

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Hi Disha If you are really keen on pursuing a career in CS then this would be a fantastic transition. However you might have to cope initially with the diverse content of the CS Masters program. Like if you are conveesant with Advanced Programing Language, Data structures, Microprocessing Architechture , Microprocessors and Applications then things will be even easier. Otherwise still you dont have to worry if you are good with numbers and have passion for computers you will do good.