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What is the difference between BS , Btech and BE in engineering ?

Kindly clarify so that i can clear my doubts

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RE: What is the difference between BS , Btech and BE in engineering ?

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Be and Btech Difference; Btech and Be Difference ;  Difference between be and Btech 

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After completing grade XII students often get confused between the Name of the Degrees that is being offered to them at the end of the course, when they decide to make their career in the field of engineering. Because some reputed Institutes and Universities offer Bs while some offer B.Tech, at the end of the engineering course and while some other offers Be degree. The major question arises in front of the student what’s the difference between being and BTech and bs so which degree one should go for and which has a great demand in the market.

Table Contents

1.   Introduction Be and Btech difference

2.   Be (Bachelor of Engineering)

3.   Bs (Bachelor of Science )

4.   Difference between Be and Btech

5.   Top engineering college in India

6.   Jobs After Be and Btech



Difference between Be and btech ; Be and btech difference ; Btech and Be difference:  Introduction

While it's always good to make the difference between the B.E. and B.Tech degree, one important thing to remember is that these are both engineering degrees. The degree is the same, with the only difference being the year you choose to study it.

Bachelor of Engineering is abbreviated as BE, and Bachelor of Technology is abbreviated as BTech. The main distinction is that BE is more knowledge-based, whereas BTech is more skill-based. As a result, the BTech curriculum is more up to date, as skills change in response to industrial needs. Furthermore, whereas internships and industry visits are required for BTech students, they are not required for BE students. Mathematics is a subject in the curriculum that is given more weight and is taught in greater depth.


So let’s have a look towards it step by step:-

Difference between Be and btech ; Be and btech difference ; Btech and Be difference:

: Bachelor of Engineering (BE)

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) is the full form of a four-year program that includes eight semesters. A B.E. program emphasizes theoretical understanding as well as the engineering side of science. Technical knowledge or application-based studies are not the core of a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Engineering students have the option of pursuing certain specialties. Aspiring students can choose from a variety of specialties.

Difference between Be and Btech : Bachelor of science (BS)
There is a lot of difference between Bs and btech BS degree is offered to the students who are studying in US or who wish to study in US Institutes or Universities. While BE or B.Tech is offered by Indian Universities or Institutes. It's a bit difficult to differentiate between BS and B.tech/BE. While if you have a sound budget you can go for BS Engineering Degree from US which will give you good opportunities in the future across the world. You can also pursue MS on successful completion of BS.

Difference between Be and Btech : Bachelor of Technology (Btech)

The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is a , four-year, undergraduate academic degree awarded after completion of a  four-year, or programme of study at an authorized university or university-level institution. You have to get admission in IIT and NIT after giving Jee entrance exams and you can read more at our blog. https://www.careerguide.com/career/engineering/b-tech-bachelor-of-technology

Difference between BE and Btech in Engineering:-
The difference between Be and Btech

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) is an undergraduate course in engineering that is awarded by an accredited university on successful completion of Four Years Courses. After completion of HSC from the PCM group and on clearing an entrance exam one gets admitted for BE in private institutes or universities. BE lays more emphasis on the theoretical part.

While talking about B. Tech i.e Bachelor in Technology it’s a degree offered by the Government Institutes like IIT's. On the successful completion of four years of Engineering students are offered the B.Tech degree by the IIT Institute. After completion of HSC with the PCM group and on clearing JEE exam one gets admitted to IIT. The Institutes that offer B.Tech degrees lay more emphasis on the Practical Part. B.Tech is more skill-oriented. But now even the private institutes have upgraded their course curriculum to the skill-oriented.

If you talk about the scope between BS, BE and B.Tech- BS will give you good opportunities across the world while after completing BE or B.Tech the value of the degrees are the same. Based on your Skills and Performance Sky is the Limit for you. Even the BE and B.Tech have great opportunities across the world.

Difference between Be and Btech : Top Engineering college in India

After giving the entrance exams you can get admission in any of the following this ranking is according to NIRF 2021









Indian Institute of Technology Madras



Tamil Nadu




Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


New Delhi





Indian Institute of Technology Bombay







Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Uttar Pradesh




Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur



West Bengal




Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee







Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati







Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad







National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli



Tamil Nadu




National Institute of Technology Karnataka






Difference between be and btech : Jobs after Be and Btech

Have you just graduated from BE or B.Tech? Are you confused about what to do next? Should you start working or should you further your studies? Or should you look for opportunities abroad? There are a lot of questions to take care off.

1)    Machine Learning Experts

2)    Blockchain Developer

3)    Full Stack Software Developer

4)    Product Management

5)    Management Consultant

6)    Investment Banker

7)    Chartered Accountant

8)    Marketing Manager

9)    Data Scientist

You can read more from here 


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RE: What is the difference between BS , Btech and BE in engineering ?

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