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Hospitality and Tourism Management- What is the profession all about and the Career Prospects therein?

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RE: Hospitality and Tourism Management- What is the profession all about and the Career Prospects therein?

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In today’s fast changing world there has been a rapid evolution of the ways in which business and industries operate. It has also brought about radical changes in the perceptions of people, products, and processes associated with them. With never before industrial and business automation, technological advancements, increasing demand and growing competition there has been a notable shift in the service industry of our country as it continues to be one of the major GDP contributors of our economy. As such, like other major developing countries, now more and more emphasis is given on our service industry. This is exactly why a bachelor’s or a master’s degree/diploma in “Hospitality and Tourism Management” comes in very handy for the aspiring students and working professionals across the country.

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Gateway to “Hospitality and Tourism Management” courses

Considering the growing popularity of this course among the students, many reputed and recognized government and private universities and colleges offer “Hospitality and Tourism Management” course. Any student can opt for this course right after passing their intermediate (10+2) examination irrespective of the streams they come from. However, students need to qualify a Common Aptitude Tests (CAT), Management Aptitude Tests (MAT) or any other entrance tests that are specified by the respective institutions to get admission in this highly rewarding career oriented course. The eligibility criteria for “Hospitality and Tourism Management” courses, however, may also vary from institution to institution depending upon the guidelines stipulated from time to time.

Hospitality and Tourism Management as a profession

As per a recent report of WTTC, the tourism industry alone accounts for around 8 percent of global employment opportunities. The growth prospect for this particular sector is also expected to be the maximum among other industries. The impact that tourism industry has on our economy, environment and on society at large is also paramount. Further, rapid growth and development of the travel and tourism industry have resulted in a massive footfall of 840million international traveler globally on a yearly basis. All these and much more certainly provide enough impetus for aspiring students and professionals and therefore encourage them to take advantage of this dynamic hospitality and tourism industry to the fullest. Since customers are the key to success of this industry, to cater to this vast and highly dynamic industry, students seeking this profession need to develop effective customer service and business skills. Moreover, due to the highly competitive nature of this industry proper grooming, presentation skills, communication and interpersonal skills are inevitable to be a successful professional in hospitality and tourism industry. Besides theoretical knowledge and understanding of Hospitality and Tourism Management, these skills will also help the students and professionals in meeting the varied demands and expectations of the customers effectively. Hence, students and professionals who are looking forward to taking up this management study are recommended to work on their soft skills alongside the multifaceted skill sets mentioned above. 

Hospitality and Tourism Management and its Career Prospects

The hospitality and tourism industry is not only vast but also immensely dynamic. The ever increasing growth and development of this industry and its rocketing demand have been the significant reasons why there has been a continuous demand for talented professionals for this industry at domestic and at international levels. The huge popularity and demand for this sector also encourage students from all streams to opt for Hospital and Tourism Management course at their bachelors and masters level. The scope and career prospect of this specific management course are also multifaceted. Students seeking this professional course can look for highly rewarding and attractive careers in a number of verticals that may include but are definitely not limited to:

  1. Hotel and subsidiary industry.
  2. Event management and sports management services.
  3. Tourist management services.
  4. Leisure and recreation management services
  5. Airlines and cruise management services.
  6. Wellness management services.

Good universities and colleges generally arrange campus interviews and provide job assistance to their students who have successfully passed out this course. Hence students are requested to thoroughly go through the accreditations and past placement records of the universities and colleges they opt for before taking admission in this professional course.

Emoluments and Perks and Career Growth

A career in hospital and tourism management is generally associated with a highly lucrative pay structure, fast-track career growth along with an array of other benefits. Employees in this industry usually have ample opportunity for career growth and advancement provided they have the requisite knowledge, skill-sets and most important the zeal to perform. Besides reasonably good emoluments, performance linked incentives also form a considerable part of the financial benefits for the high performers of this industry.


The “Hospitality and Tourism Management” is undoubtedly one of the most sought after and demanding career oriented professional courses available in recent times. But it is advisable that students must carefully examine the credentials before making their final selection of institutions. One should also keep in mind that getting a job in the hospitality and tourism sector is easy but maintaining the same is a pretty tough ask and hence requires continuous up-gradation of skill, knowledge, and self-development.

RE: Hospitality and Tourism Management- What is the profession all about and the Career Prospects therein?

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