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How career guide assessment tools be useful in exploring my career?

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RE: How career guide assessment tools be useful in exploring my career?

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Over the years, CareerGuide.com is working on the development of students’ potential, working capability, exploring their interests and leading them towards best-suited job fit. It is usually seen that most of the students don’t have any idea about their interests and if they have then they are in a fix about what to choose. For bridging the students towards their personality grooming, analytical and aptitude skills development, for exploring wide career choices, in rural, urban and metro cities as well, CareerGuide.com is providing various tools to students for helping them in their personality grooming, development and for exploring wide career choices. Thousands of career counselors and well-known psychiatrists are connected to our website and supporting thousands of students at the initial stage of their education at school.

Parents concern:

Parents are usually worried about their children interests, behavior and career options. Even at elementary school level, parents may face issues related to their children academics. They don’t understand their perspectives towards future and seek help from the school. At that time, CareerGuide.com builds a connection between teachers, a students and parents. Parents usually have queries like, “My child is not good in reading”, “How can I improve my child handwriting?”, “How can I create interest of my child in one subject or the other?”, “How can I be able to know what my child wants, he never discuss anything from me?” All these are the common queries of the parents. School counselor will have limited knowledge and will focus only on the specific points about which parents are having concern. We at CareerGuide.com are giving a platform to both the parents and children to identify students’ interest and boost them for the field in which they can be the masters. 

How career tools works?

Our various career tools are used to develop students learning, analyzing, judging and listening skills, personality and aptitude tests for grooming students’ passion. Students who feel shy among others can use these tools in their own room without any disturbance and can explore self-knowledge and other perspectives of their academics which need to be focus at. They can use these test reports for self-improvement and future development. They can gain what they want by going online chat with various counselors, psychiatrists and other students as well.

It’s about identifying individual interest:

Whenever question arises about ‘what students want to do’ and ‘what they are able to do’, Ideal Career Test is the perfect option to go with. It works as a window to peep deeply into the psychology of students and to understand it in a manner that can raise student’s potential. This test is designed for all age groups to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the individual and to make a strategy towards reaching their goals. This tool mainly focuses on the students’ motivation, aptitude skills, personality grooming and their interests.

Explore your skills:

The high school students and senior secondary students are at the stage of selecting their career options. They need to explore their various skills. CareerGuide.com helps to find out students’ hidden talents and help in the developing process using Skill Development Test. After learning about skills, students can easily flourish themselves for their academics and career options as well. Students may take their skill reports and show them to their parents, teachers and career counselors to work on as per their skills. Students may also join some vocational courses or short term courses based on these skills and use them as a power booster for being a professional. The selection of skills will also help students for choosing an appropriate path for future scope that will also help them to build a value to their future.

It’s about choosing stream after 10th:

Whenever we talk about high school students, it is always seen that parents and children are in a fix about what to choose next and how to proceed further for secondary education. This is the time for taking the right decision to underlay students’ future career. CareerGuide.com is offering Stream Selector Test that will help students to come out of the confusions about their streams to follow. This test is specifically designed by the team of highly experienced academic counselors and psychiatrists. It will surely help students in taking the first decision towards their career after knowing their potential.

Career explore for engineering students:

The engineering stream has a scope for choosing vast career options. Usually, students type ‘non-medical stream’ in a search box and there are lots of career options in the web browser, which again brings a dilemma in students mind. They get lost in the sea of options and go unsure about their career fit options. CareerGuide.com provides an Engineering Branch Selector Tool  that will prove a jump-off for engineering students. This psychometric engineering report will be beneficial to students for working according to their interests with a real-life approach. It is designed using tables and graphs which can be easily understood by the students and is uniquely based on real-time process. 

Career exploration for humanities students:

CareerGuide.com is also beneficial for art students in many ways. Psychometric Humanities Career Selector Test helps in assessing a wide scope for students and get detailed analysis for bright career options related to art stream. It includes subjects such as legal studies, Sociology, fine arts, economics, geography, psychology, entrepreneurship, history and more. It provides you a perfect platform for personality development and skills required for being humanities professional. 

Career exploration for commerce students:

For commerce students, CareerGuide.com provides Commerce Career Selector Test as per the needs of financial and non- financial domains. It will help in developing your accounting skills related to further possibilities in the fields such as BBA, MBA, banking, accounts, multimedia, management, CA, CS and more. It will match one’s skills and best fit career options for the students; give a perfect analysis of his skills in a very comprehensive way which is easy to understand.

Career counseling for professionals:

After the completion of studies, it’s time for job hunting process which requires lots of patience and time for improving skills. The professional Skill Index Psychometric Test is offered by the careerguide.com to enhance various skills such as personal, aptitude, mechanical, technical, logical and others. It will help the job seekers to identify their skills and work for a further job-related process. It will lead them towards ideal job career. This test will transform the entry level of a student towards a professional employee achieving the acme of success in the career of their own choice. 

With CareerGuide.com, students will get a platform for online communication with the experts. Students may join groups or talk individually regarding their career queries. They will get instant reply from various counselors and psychiatrists. Students get information from various articles as well for gaining knowledge about different fields. They can also read impact stories for knowing about the personal experiences of the students connected to us.

RE: How career guide assessment tools be useful in exploring my career?

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