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How is Ocean Engineering in terms of Job prospects and what are the top colleges to pursue the course?

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RE: How is Ocean Engineering in terms of Job prospects and what are the top colleges to pursue the course?

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A brief overview of this course can be understood by going through the following tabular form of description,  after reading this information on the face of it, it can be decided as to whether a student ahs to opt this course or no.

If a student is thinking of doing a post-graduation course in ocean engineering, then here is the best option available to go for Master of Technology in Ocean Engineering. It’s an Oceanography course. There is an application of principles of mathematics and Science for designing developing and for operationally evaluating of the various systems, for monitoring, manipulating, controlling and operating within the environments of coast and ocean environment, places like underwater platform, system, and communication equipment, the design and plan of the entire system for its work and function in the environments of  underwater and water and also the analysis of the all engineering problems related to  it some of which can be actions of the water properties and its behavioural aspect on physical system and  forces of tides, motions of waves, movements of the currents of the ocean,  and other people. This particular programme is specifically for the faculty who has a keen interest in research, covering vast areas like Transport of Sediments, Coastal Engineering, and the mixture of various processes into estuarine and other coastal waters, Acoustics underwater, marine meteorology and motions of a vessel in the waves.

The Eligibility Requirements for the Course of Master of Technology in Ocean Engineering:

  • Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) or Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) with a minimum of 50 percentage marks or a CGPA equivalent.
  • Among all the institutes which offer this course, some may conduct an entrance exam conducted for admission to this course.

Subjects offered under this course:

There are various subjects covered under the syllabus of this course of Master of Technology in Ocean Engineering covering all aspects of ocean, sea, marine field etc and the related fields. The subjects offered under this course are:

The First Semester:

  • Oceanography
  • Ocean Structures and Materials
  • Experimental Measurements and Methods
  • Offshore Structures Design
  • Laboratory I
  • Wave Hydrodynamics
  • Dynamics and Statistics of Marine Vehicle

The Second Semester:

  • Laboratory II
  • Department Elective I
  • Department Elective II
  • Department Elective III
  • Department Elective IV
  • Offshore Structures Foundation

The Third Semester:

  • Practical Training
  • Project
  • Design Project

The Fourth Semester:

  • Project

Electives that are in option:

Marine Survey, Acoustics of Ocean, Marine Robotics, Shipboard Training, Dynamics of Floating Bodies, Marine Vehicles’ Control and Guidance, Development and Planning of Ports, Ocean Structures Dynamics, Surveying of the Sea, Structure of Ports and Harbours, Numerical Techniques in Ocean Engineering, Offshore Structure Designs, Plated Shells and Structures, Dredging and Mining in Ocean, Coastal Structure Design, Ocean Structure Optimisation, Marine Control and Corrosion, Analysis of Offshore Ships and Structures with computer aid, Behaviour of Marine Clays, Analyses and Measurement of Wave Simulation, Marine Foundation, Coastal Engineering, Concrete and Structures of Concrete for Oceans, Geo Informatics, Instrumentation of Marine, Nonlinear Problems in Ocean Engineering, Advanced Marine Structures, Policy of Ocean Environment and management of Coastal Zones, Technology of Drilling, Advance Marine Vehicles, Advanced Wave Dynamics, Computer Aid Surface Dev. For Marine Vehicles, HSE Management in Petroleum and Offshore Engineering, Subsea engineering for gas and oil fields


College offering this Master in Ocean Engineering Course:

There is one college which is offering this course and thus syllabus and other details would be the same as mentioned in this Article but for further details and any doubts a student can contact the college authorities or may also get in touch via their official website.

 Types of Jobs offered after Master in Ocean Engineering:

  • Professor in a College, Institute or University.
  • Training Superintendent in any company dealing in Ocean and Marine products and Services
  • Lab Chemist
  • Research Associate in Universities
  • Offshore Structural Engineer
  • Structural Detailer
  • Technical Assistance
  • Master Mariner
  • Training Superintendent
  • Development Manager under any of the development projects and others.
  • Solution Consultant at any consultancy providing services in this field
  • Engineering Analyst.

Employment Areas after Master of Technology in Ocean Engineering:

  • In Companies dealing in Ship and Boat Building
  • Marine and Military navigation
  • Companies engaged in Oil and Natural Gas
  • Offshore Research Areas
  • Universities and Colleges

Course Suitability of Master of Technology in Ocean Engineering:

Here we have to understand what it takes to be an Ocean Engineer after a person’s Bachelor in engineering as it is a further specialised field. The following are some of the points which suggest us the required course suitability-

  • Firstly, it is very obvious that a person has to be creative in order to be into this field, also inquisitive with a logical mind who applies his logic to all the matters concerning the job at hand.
  • He needs to be good at communication skills, being able to communicate clearly is important, thus clarity of speech and writing is required, apart from this he should have sound judgement and leadership qualities in him.
  • A person having keen interest to know in detail the policies of the ocean and everything about navigation, its requirements, areas of concern and if a person wants to explore the wonders of the sea can go for this course.
  • He should have good analytical skills, a mind which is detail oriented and creative as said earlier.

Benefits of the course of Master in Technology (Ocean Engineering):

Finally, the persons completing this course are in demand both in private and public sector and also in overseas works. They have opportunities in all private institutes, colleges or NGOs (non government organisations) working in this area. They also have teaching and research fellowship opportunities if they qualify CBSE NET (national eligibility test) and get good salary packages. Other areas where they have scope for employment are Remote Sensing, Transportation into maritime works, Renewable Energies, Protection of Environment, Naval Architecture, Offshore Oil Recovery, Remote Sensing, Monitoring of Global Climate, Marine Corrosions and Metals, Defence and Underwater Vehicles etc.

There are very good options and opportunities into this field plus the requirement of being creative and scope of knowing the wonders of sea makes it much more interesting. Thus all the students who are interested in the ocean and oceanography can think of opting this course.

RE: How is Ocean Engineering in terms of Job prospects and what are the top colleges to pursue the course?

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