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How much can I earn in next five years as a Biologist ?

give me a best possible solution

by Sahil Sharma
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2 answers

RE: How much can I earn in next five years as a Biologist ?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

In fact we are surviving in economical era and the parameter of success and failure is entirely based on financial facts, so your question is quite legitimate in terms of future gain and loss in biology.

Well you start to think and follow your near and dear those are into the biological sciences at different capacities. This exercise will help you to sense your real mood about the impression what you have developed about biology. If you are passionate to succeed the biology as a dedicated, passionate professional in biology then you will start to make the list of successful and disappointed person those are into the biological sciences. Thereafter you need to analyze the positive and negative factors to come into the conclusion, where your interest, passion and dedication to earn the money will be constant.

By the way your query was to know where you will be and how much you will earn in next five years therefore i suggest you to understand the biology first and then make intelligent decision regarding the various formats of biological profession as below:

1. Industrialist / Entrepreneur in research and development of any product which has market value in health/research/academic/medical/agriculture/fashion-beauty sector. It needs qualification and managerial skill to designate yourself. Requirement of this profession is simple graduate with the understanding biological product like reliance / LPU they are not biologists even though they have taken lead in the market and giving employment in society and transforming education system in the country. It is always better to have higher degree and then start any business like founder president of AMITY university they have vision for the country, yes you could be one of them?? My dear friend never try to fit your foot in any shoe which can lag you behind so always develop your unique strategy to serve the society. Of course you could be millionaire in true sense quite understood.

2. Professor / Scientist / Bio-Engineer also earning good salary if you are qualified (MS/M.TECH + Ph.D + PDF + UGC JRF/SRF) and in reputed academic institution in India or abroad or in any Research and Development Sector.

My friend no one can tell you that how much money you will deposit in your bank account it is you who has decided and very firm with your decision then you know the figure better then me.

good luck

RE: How much can I earn in next five years as a Biologist ?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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  • Meerut

Dear Aspirant, you have asked the question, in terms of earning money. Let met tell you giving some practical examples. A biologist or discipline of biology such as microbiology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, biochemistry and pharmacology have huge scope in government as well as private sector.

Normally a biologist has an aim to become medicament (lecturer, teacher, Professor) or researcher (scientist) or both. Now a days, money is also very important factor and we look for a job with high return.
A biologist, (after obtaining his or her doctoral degree) has opportunities to work in universities, government and private colleges and research institutes. The entry point salary in government sector is very decent and the salary is in pay band of 15600-30100 + AGP of 56,00. This pay scale increases with experience and performance.
If you are satisfied with what you earn and what you work, then this profession is worth joining.
The private sector obviously pays more comapred to government organization. But it all depends upon the type and growth of caompany. In pahrmaceutical company or a multinational company a fresh PhD may get an entry of Rs. one lakh, with an experience of couple of years, the salry per month may be Rs. three to four lakhs. But one should understand that if some one is paying you a hefty amount, then in return you have to give much more than that. This much more will be your hard work, planning and also a stress level.
If you are really looking for earning, then you should target western hemishpher and middle east countries. Your salary structure in USA, UK, Canada, Australia as a biologist will be much more then what you can earn in India. If you have your dpoctotal degree or post doctoral degree from wester universities, then you have very bright chances to work in Middle East countries. Here you join a university or institutes or any Petroleum based company, then dear friend, you may earn like anything.
Moreover, in these countries, the salary is non taxable.
Finally, let me tell you Indian private universities, like Amity, Shiv Nadar, Sharda, LPU. These universities also pay handsome amount to professors.
Now this is you, who will decide, where you want to work, either earn money or excel in academics or research, or you may earn all.
Good luck.....

RE: How much can I earn in next five years as a Biologist ?

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