How to answer the question "Why will we select you?"

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RE: How to answer the question "Why will we select you?"

Nidhi Arora
Nidhi Arora
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This is a common question in many of the interviews which interview candidates face. This is where a candidate has to show his intelligence As per my suggestion is to prepare some content to answer this question before actually attending the interview.

Before answering this question, know yourself the responsibilities that you have to undertake if you join in that job

. Along with that, know the skills that are required to perform well in that job by completing the various kinds of talks in the assigned time. After knowing this, check your strengths, whether you have all the strengths for the successful completion of job. 

You can answer for this question in the interview by telling that the requirements of this job are the strengths for you. And it will become an added advantage for you if you join in the job where your strengths are being fully utilized. This will be the good answer. Make the above sentence to your version.

You can also mention your various achievements at your academic levels for this question and you can tell that you have the ability to perform same even in this job also.

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