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How to become an Air Hostess?

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RE: How to become an Air Hostess?

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Air hostess is one of the eminent professions in our country, which is a dream for most of the girls. Basically, the main purpose of an air hostess is to take care of the facilities, comforts, and safety of the passengers during flights. It seems to be an easy job but in actual practice, it is a very difficult job as you need a systematic approach towards your duty and patience for long hours. You need to have a lot of other skills to become an air hostess like language proficiency, initiative capabilities, sense of responsibility, team spirit, positive attitude and communicative skills.

Skills and Qualification Required:

Physical endowments:   The profession of air hostess is all about your physical appearance. You must have an attractive physique and you must be bodily fit. The height of the candidate must be 157 cm and weight should be in proportion to the height. Proper vision is also a requisite for such professions. The eye sight must be 6/9. You should not be suffering from any mental disorder or any other kind of health disease.

Age and eligibility: Air hostess is the job of only 7 to 8-year tenure that means the candidates with age in between 18 to 26 are employed. Afterward, air hostesses are shifted to ground duties. Generally, different academies have a different set of rules to employ such professionals. Most of the times only unmarried girls are preferred over married girls for this job.

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Educational requirements: There are a variety of courses are available for becoming an air hostess in most of the universities and colleges in India. For instance, you can do a certificate course in aviation management and hospitality, air hostess management, cabin crew etc. Besides this, you can opt for various diploma courses in this field. The primary requirement for such courses is a minimum of 60% in 12th board examination. Additionally, who want to do bachelor degree courses can go for in aviation, bachelor in travel and tourism, etc. it is a 3- year degree for available in most of the universities in India.

Attractive personality: One with pleasing personality plus captivating looks can make you a good air hostess. Moreover, you must have an enticing voice.

Patience and team work capabilities: As it has been already mentioned that air hostess must be patience to handle the passengers with much enthusiasm. Also, air hostess has to work with 7 to 8 other crew members so she should better know about the team work and must be very friendly.

Examinations and Selection procedure:




Almost all the air way companies employ air hostess by conducting various examinations and interviews. As all companies have their own rules and laws for selection procedure, so they are selected on that basis. Firstly, written examination is taken and then the second stage is group discussion where all are skills required for being an air hostess are checked and lastly personal interviews are organized by the companies. The aspirants who get selected by clearing all the three level exams are trained by the company for 3 to 6 months under the vigilance for experienced air hostesses. The main purpose these examinations are to check candidate’s personality, the presence of mind, communicative skills, attitude, leadership qualities, etc.

Air hostess courses:

Depending upon the type of job you want to choose, you must have qualification accordingly. There are a variety of air hostess courses available in different colleges of India. Mainly, you can opt for certificate courses, diploma courses, and bachelor degree programs.

List of air hostess courses:

 Diploma and certificate courses are much similar and these have a tenure of 6 months to 1 year. On the other hand, if anyone desires to become more professional in this field must opt for a 3-year degree course.

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What next?

Once you complete your course you become eligible for hiring by air line companies. There are ample are airline companies in India like Alliance Air, Air India, Jet Airways, Indigo, Gulf Air, Singapore Airlines, etc. These companies organize interviews and exams hiring candidates. These companies offer a good amount of salary with many extra allowances like insurance, retirement plans and much more. So, such grand perks as well as due to the other facilities, it is a dream job for many girls. In this way, it is considered as one of the prestigious professions which can really build your career.

 For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: How to become an Air Hostess?

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