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What are the physical requirement and qualifications required to be an Air Hostess?

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RE: What are the physical requirement and qualifications required to be an Air Hostess?

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To be an air hostess is a dream job for many girls. And why not, what not is provided in this job profile. Every basic requirement is fulfilled from a good environment to a great pay package. Not only this, one gets to meet big business tycoons, celebrities, also they get to travel to so many new places.

Physical requirement for an air hostess

  • Air hostess should be young, slender and good looking. Air hostess cannot marry till the time they are doing this job. Also, they cannot put on weight. Their weight should be according to their height.
  • It should be in this way, that if the age of air hostess is 18 years then her weight should be 50 kg with a height of 152 cm and if age is between 20 to 26, in that condition weight should be 56 kg with a height of 152 cm.
  • All hair hostesses should wear high heels; they should wear at least 5-6 inches high heels.
  • They should have long nails and nail paint should necessary be there on nails.

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  • Another important thing is makeup. Lipstick should always be there and the color should be red. Heavy makeup should be there on the face.
  • They should always smile when greeting passengers.
  • There should be no tattoo on the body which is visible.
  • Eye vision should be proper; eye sight should be 6/6 in one eye and 6/9 in another eye.
  • You cannot wear glasses; you have to wear lenses in case you are used to glasses.
  • They should have fair complexion and skin should be clear.
  • Air hostess should know how to do swimming; in the case of emergency to save the lives of passengers they should know how to do swimming.
  • Their voice quality should be good. Their voice should have proper pitch and there should be clarity in their voice so that everyone can understand whatever they say. They should use correct language always without any grammatical errors.
  • They should have a good command over English.
  • It is a plus point if they knew any foreign language apart from their own language.
  • There are some medical tests for air hostess such as blood test, urine test, AIDS test, ultra sound, eye test, stool test, chest X-ray etc. If any smallest illness is found, then they won’t be accepted as an air hostess.


Qualifications required for air hostess is very general and basic. What makes it competitive is that there are many candidates who apply for this post and there are not so many vacancies for this post. For this basic reason, one needs to be more qualified than others in order to secure their job.

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More the work experience one has, more are the chances of getting in this job profile. Work experience always matters a lot. Any work experience, any internship done anywhere whether, in a call center, any MNC etc will be a plus point for becoming an air hostess. As told earlier, if anyone knows 2 foreign languages, it will be a good opportunity.

From an education perspective, minimum education required is 10+2. Most people apply after completing their graduation in order to have some study exposure. More than education, personality matters a lot in this field. It is all on the basis of personality that the person gets qualified for the job of an air hostess. Therefore they should have gratifying personality. They should have excellence presence of mind in case of emergencies.

Students can go for a degree course, certificate course or diploma course in order to become an air hostess. Certificate courses and diploma courses are for either 6 months or for 1 year. It depends on a candidate in which course they want to take admission in. The degree course is for 3 years and is a most suitable option. This is the best option as after this getting job in this field will become easier. Types of courses offered under these degrees are aviation management and hospitality, air hostess management, training of air hostess, flight attendant diploma for cabin crew, bachelor in travel and tourism, bachelor in hospitality and travel management, B.Sc. in aviation etc.

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For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the physical requirement and qualifications required to be an Air Hostess?

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