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What are the career prospects of an Air Hostess/Flight Attendant?

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RE: What are the career prospects of an Air Hostess/Flight Attendant?

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Post the culmination of the training program of air hostesses and flight attendants, they can venture out and look at all the professions in store for them.

Private positions

They can avail jobs in private abroad based airlines due to the gradual globalization and open sky policies which call for increasing liberalization. With the growth in the number of fleets of airlines, the demand for flight attendants is likely to increase. Private air carriers which even have a presence in other countries like IndiGo, Singapore Airlines, Kingfisher etc. have the capacity to absorb a lot of recruits.

Public posts

The contractual nature of an air hostesses’ occupation means that their work in the sky is limited to the duration of 8-10 years. They can later be in charge of assignments such as training of new recruits, managerial jobs etc.They can also diversify their portfolio as they have gained much experience over the years. Hotel hospitality, media, and travel tourism are other avenues open to them after serving as flight attendants.

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Pre requisites

Being part of the cabin crew is an opportunity meant for a special few. Not only one should possess a friendly and kind person but they ought to be calm and composed in all sorts of scenarios.They should display good judgment and presence of mind in dire situations. Confidence and a positive attitude is the key and is one of the most prized qualities. Being a polyglot or possessing knowledge of many languages is a plus. Cooperation and team working are skills one must have in spades as the nature of job demands it. A professional attitude and hard work are a must.

A description of the cabin crew’s activities

 The aim of the team of flight attendants is to offer customer service while also simultaneously looking after the safety of the passengers. They have to make sure that passengers are comfortable as well as deal with any emergencies that may crop up. In such cases, they are to perform the duty of giving first aid to the passengers.

They are to check the workings of emergency supplies as well as the pantry of food and beverages before the plane takes off.

 During the flight, the crew must clarify doubts of passengers regarding the various amenities while also ensuring that the requests of travelers are fulfilled such as provision of blankets, food etc. As the plane prepares for landing, the air hostesses and stewards are to ensure that the passengers have fastened their seatbelts and have returned their headsets.

Work timings

 Flight attendants usually spend unusual amounts of time at work as there are no fixed shifts. They even clock in on weekends and public holidays. One receives reimbursement or compensation for overtime due to flight delays or cancellation as they have to work on their off days sometimes.




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Certain conditions

Airlines sometimes are inclined towards the seasonal hiring of flight attendants to suit the package holiday market. They are also sometimes asked to take up residence near the airport to facilitate convenience.

The cabin crew is expected to cut a sharp appearance in their uniforms. Tattoos and piercings are prohibited by many employers.

Educational qualifications

 Generally, employers at air carriers are content with high school diplomas. But pursuing one of the following degrees can be beneficial as well:

  • Language course
  • Travel and tourism
  • Hospitality

 The new recruits undergo about 3-8 weeks of training under the aegis of the airlines.

Scope of Salary

 In foreign airlines, the cabin crew generally earns according to the hours they put in. Senior attendant’s wages are hired after they have gained enough experience.Novices may earn as much as Rs. 20,000-25,000 every month while a flight attendant who is on a higher rung of the ladder can receive up to Rs. 50,000 in monthly wages. There is variation in remuneration of employees among the different airlines.

Other benefits

 Perks such as discounted plane tickets for employees and their kin are made available. Then there is the added advantage of traveling the world and soaking up diverse cultures. Their meals and other expenses such as lodgings are taken care of by the airlines.

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Holidays and festivals are often working days. A surge in bookings can be witnessed during this time which often spells long working hours and hectic schedules for flight attendants.

 The cabin crew devotes about 12-14 hour shifts at a time which leaves them quite exhausted.The biological clock of employees can become imbalanced due to irregular sleeping and eat patterns.

 For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the career prospects of an Air Hostess/Flight Attendant?

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