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What are the tips to be a successful Air Hostess?

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RE: What are the tips to be a successful Air Hostess?

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Being an Air hostess is a very difficult task. There are a lot of skills required to be an Air hostess. Every year there are a lot of girls who aspire to become an air hostess. There are various institutes in India which provide a different course of an air hostess. The duration of such courses varies with institutions. In such courses, they provide various skills & management techniques to the students. Here they are taught to communicate with the passenger, how to provide services.

Here are some few tips for the students who want to be a successful air hostess:

Pleasing Personality: One thing one person see in another is their personality. Humans are born judgmental; they judge another human being on every aspect. People with attractive & pleasing personality seems trustworthy to the public. Sometimes a voice can also be judged for the personality. Air hostess needs to be appealing to the passengers. They want the trust of passengers. To gain the trust of the passengers, they must be pleasing to them. Air hostess needs to be friendly with the public. Everyone loves a pleasing personality.

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Communication SkillsCommunication is the key to being friendly with the passengers. The passengers must trust the crew members. While traveling in a flight, passengers are scared; some people are not so comfortable while traveling on a plane. Air hostess, crew members are there to make them comfortable. Air crew member is there for safe keeping & safe traveling to the people. Improving your communication skills is a part of the part of the training courses. Institutes providing training programs focus on improving communication skills of their students. Well, good communication skills are essential for everything & everywhere. 

Language proficiency: Strong language proficiency is a must for an air hostess. Sometimes airlines look for candidates based on language. They also prefer candidates who now more than one languages. This is again due to the reason that the passengers may or may not speak main stream languages like English or Hindi. They might only now some local languages, which can create a problem for them. So to make passengers feel like home, crew members need to communicate to passengers in their local language.

Awareness or presence of mind: Traveling in Airplanes is the fastest means of transport, but like any other means of transport, they are not the safest. There are a lot of risks while traveling in planes. A small problem can kill almost everyone in the flight. The crew member needs to deal with every risky situation. Sometimes emergency landing happens, air hostesses need to know every hack that can provide safety to the passengers. During emergency situations, handling passengers is also an important & crucial task. People panic during such situation, the work of the air hostess is to keep passenger safe & calm. Air hostesses need to have the presence of mind. 


Team WorkThere are some 14-15 crew members in a single international flight, while on domestic flights there are 7-8 members’ crew members. Everyone has their specific jobs to do, but they are a team at last. They must have coordination between them. In an emergency situation, they have to work together. They have to work in tandem.

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Long hours of work: Domestic flights are of short duration, while international flights can take around 20 hours. Air hostesses need to travel around the world. Flight delays are also very common in this field. The passenger can be impatient, after the delayed flight it is difficult to handle them, but air hostess needs to do that. They have to work for long hours. They start their work before the flight & they work till the passenger re safely dropped at their destination. Through the entire procedure, they need to be alert & have well communicated with the passengers.

Positive Attitude: Passengers are of different types, some are rude, some are polite. Dealing process with every passenger is different. Air hostess needs to recognize what a passenger needs, they must be satisfied. They need a positive attitude, that they can do the job, they have to be polite & patient, and that they have to complete the work.

Caring Attitude:  Air Hostesses need to be caring, they must make the passengers feel like they are safe in the flight, and there are no risks to their lives. They must also make them trust themselves. If they are caring, people will trust them. It’s all about the passengers.

The sense of responsibility: air hostesses need to be responsible; they can’t afford to be careless. Lives of a lot of people depend on them. Especially during the emergency situations, they need to be responsible.

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Technical knowledge: they need to know everything on the plane. They need to know every technology used in the aircraft. This can help them save lives during emergencies.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the tips to be a successful Air Hostess?

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