How to respond to “Would you be willing to relocate if required” during interview

by Rahulaggarwal2s3d
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3 answers

RE: How to respond to “Would you be willing to relocate if required” during interview

Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra
Verified Career Expert
Founder and CEO at CareerGuide.Com
  • Noida

Hi Rahul

The question is meant to expose the ones who look only for personal gratification from a role (money, status, esteem, excitement, glamour) rather than seeking opportunities to make best possible use of their effort, skills and experience, in contributing to the success of the organization.

The question is a potential trap for people who are more concerned with what they get out of a job rather than what they put into it.  Employers do not really want to recruit gratification- orientated people as they are neither self-starting nor self-motivating.

RE: How to respond to “Would you be willing to relocate if required” during interview

Vinay Wardhan
Vinay Wardhan
Verified Career Expert
Vinay Wardhan - Director at Career Path Solutions
  • Hyderabad

Hi Rahul,

What Surabhi has mentioned in her response is absolutely right. The response to that question should be a resounding 'YES'. And you should complete it by saying that "doing the best I can for my job is my priority and if it entails relocation; I am prepared for the same!"

RE: How to respond to “Would you be willing to relocate if required” during interview

Manoj Bhatt
Manoj Bhatt
Verified Career Expert
Founder & Director, Nextus solutions - Consulting,Training, Communication and Placement
  • Ahmedabad


This is the question to test your confidence also in continuation with above reply of expert.

You can say YES because it shows that you are ready to take new responsibilities also as and when required. In sales this is the question generally ask by the interviewer.

your reply also indicate about your home sickness. so you can say YES

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