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Hello, thanks for writing to us counsellors. Having interest in Biology alone will not help you [to lead a career in science stream][1]. Biology too includes Chemistry and you will realise this later when you go into degree level. For example, when you study body reactions, you will have to study more on chemistry, bio chemistry and bio-organic chemistry. So discarding chemistry will not help you to get into a Science career in future. Even for Biology sake, if you choose to study Nutrition and Dietics course at BA/ BSc level, it does bring in some amount of chemistry into this degree. So I wo

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My dear Student, It is a fact that no study goes waste.Education has no limit and no age bar.You should not go against your interest.You should take Science subjects.I happy to note that you have a goal to fulfill your interest.After completion of  graduation in any stream you should appear for competitive exam and take admission in Law College in Pvt.or in Govt.College under University.You will be on track and do well with all sincerity.Also interact with students,faculty of Law College,advocates to get best of guidance and advice. Best wishes. 

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Dear Mohit, Thanks for writing to! I am sure that responses from other career experts have been helpful to you. I am sharing my perspective on your query that may be helpful for taking informed decision. To be straight  forward, I am providing you the immediate career path and key information about marine biology. 1. Career Path Eligibility to become a Marine Biologist is Bachelor of Science. However, most preferred is a Masters degree in Marine biology. For research and university teaching positions, PhD in Marine biology is required. After 10, you need to take PCB or P

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hello After 10th the courses available in any stream are not so good.If you complete 12th and then look for courses is a good idea. Click here --> Take Stream Suggestor to Know Right Streams But you can go for various olympiads and scholarship exams that will help you in your further education. For example if you are a single girl child then you can go for UDAAN Scholarship that is conducted by CBSE which helps girl students with there Engineering education. If you want to move outside India for education you can go and prepare for Scholastic Aptitude Test, IELTS and TOEFL.You can also give

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Dear Aspirant, Choosing a subject should always depend on your capability, skills acquired and acumen. If one chooses on the basis of these aspects, then I am sure that you can be successful. 10th standard level is an important level and [choosing the right stream is important][1] and critical. Choosing a stream should primarily be dependent on the subjects you like the most in your 10th std. To be best sure of what suits you for your career, I would suggest you to undergo a [Psychometric Career Assessment][2] test from CareerGuide which will help you understand yourself in respect of your

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Hi Deepak, Agree with Surabhi. You can always something nice about him/her, even though you may not rate them well. One can say that "I admire the patience you show and I feel that your listening skills are pretty good too!" Find something positive to say and that will make him happy. Which will mean you will get the job. All the best!  

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Hi Khyati There are some circumstances when you can demur from giving referees names out - where you're applying for a job without your current employer knowing about it, and you don't want a referee to know to whom you're applying unless it's extremely likely that you'll join them. In this case you can use the request: 'Yes, of course I am happy for you to take up references, but can we do this when we've made good progress and there's a good chance that we might be going ahead together. Another possible reply could be 'I would prefer to give my current employer as a referee only when you hav

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The very best way to present your references is not as a listing of contact on a sheet of paper, instead, ask each of your references to writing you a letter of recommendation. There are two reasons for this. A letter of recommendation is a good way for you to find out who will provide you with best overall reference. You will be able to use as a ready-made reference to supply t a potential employee. Following is a letter format to follow. How they know you how long have they known you                what they tink of you

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Mention any other jobs you're applying for. You don't have to say specifically where you're applying if you have another offer. However, they may be interested in where you are in the hiring process with other companies. I was asked the same question once when I went to interview for a job at my current company while also applying for the position of content writer for [url=]. I still answered truthfully, and there was no problem at all. Because you have the right to apply for many positions while you are still unemployed. If your interviewer inquires, you can also mention that you are ac

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Hi Debojyoti, Salary expectation can be asked not only during interview it can be used at different moments.  Your answer should reflect your research skills and also your commercial awareness about the Industry in which you are planning to work in. Always do you homework before answering this question. You need to check on companies in similar space i.e competitors, company growth and profits along with share prize. This will ensure that you have a rough idea on what is market offering and then present your prize in the range you expect.  

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Highlighted Points - Relate your response to the enterprise's well-being. - Discuss how your previous job experiences have prepared you for long-term or short-term employment. - If you are considering relocating due to a military spouse or another reason, be truthful in your answer. - Emphasize abilities that will assist you in becoming productive throughout your stay with the organization. - If possible, explain how your timeline qualifies you for the position. - Give a good response. This will demonstrate to the hiring manager or interview panel that you are prepared to contribute to the fir

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Hi Jasleen Be aware of the policy on relatives working for the organization. This can affect your answer even though they asked about friends not relatives. Be careful to mention a friend only if they are well thought of.

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Hi Renu, Well this is most reliable way to test the sense of ownership and self responsibility of a candidate with regards to job performance. There is not right or wrong answer. You have to be use your logical reasoning and comprehension skills.  The idea behind the logic of the question is understand your interpretation of the is question.  How are you taking this question and comprehending it in your own words.  It is not a simple Yes or No.  This question is more of case study base approach, in which you have to ask interviewer on the context in which it is being a

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Hi Kaustav This question comes only when the interview is about to end. Never say "no". At the same time do not ask about salary or promotion prospects. You can ask something using your research on the organization. For example - - "I understand your main competitor is X , is that right ..and who do you feel are the main players making progress in the industry"? - "What type of projects will I be able to assist on"? Keep it simple, don't pepper the interviewer with technical questions to which he or she may not know the answers. Use your questions as an expression of interest and appreciation.

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It's safe to say that I can visit this website, and it aids in my efforts to gather materials for my task. octordle

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Hello Abhishek, This question is a very common open ended question asked by interviewer. This is to gather information about your motivation, attitude, initiation and proactiveness. You may reply this question by mentioning- certain new technologies that you want to acquire relevant to your current/offered job profile which skills you want to upgrade looking at your the current skillset/knowledge certain soft skills that you want to work upon such as communication, presentation skills In addition, you may understand the learning and development initiatives of the organisation from the interv

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Hi Anshuman, Interview is our first interaction with the prospective employer and the interviewer totally understand that much of our life is about choices we make. Thus to know more about your personality, your working style and performance under pressure, interviewer probes you to make a choice between two competing alternatives. You answer can be - I would consider work and money equally important. Since earning money for our livelihood is important but more important is loving what I do. Enjoying my work, contributing to the success of project assigned to me, having cordial relations with

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Hi Daamodal, Interviews being our first interaction with the prospective employer, they try to gauge best information from us to understand our technical and functional fitment to the role they are looking at. With this question, the recruiter is trying to assess your past achievements, what does success means to you and which achievement milestones you consider important. While answering this question, provide examples and evidences on how you achieved success at workplace in past, how do you set goals for yourself and your plan to work towards them, mention the challenges that would have com

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Hi Anshuman The answer to this is important, as much to you as it is to the interviewer. Everyone is going to say that they are indeed looking for a balance and that their family is important as well as their career. Some smart answers could be like: 'When anyone starts a new job they probably have to work a lot of hours to get it under control; if necessary during that time I'll work to the maximum.   Another smart reply could be effectively bringing out the point that people who achieve a good work/life balance tend to be more effective at work. It's not just the hours you work; it's yo

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Hi There, Please note that during Interview, there is no Right or Wrong answers.  Mainly it all depends on how confident you are in giving your answers. A little hesitation and that leads to self doubt and interviewer catches you then. Your effectiveness is quite personal. Be tricky and diplomatic in Answering them.  If you say Good then they will ask you for a rating, and if you say bad they will loose confidence in you. Rather leave the ball in their court. "If I land a Job here, means I have been effective". can be an answer that will put the interviewer into the thinking.  

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Hi Sukanya You need to very diplomatic in answering this.  If you say the job you are contending for is your dream job, you might loose credibility. If you say another job, you plant the suspicion that you will be dissatisfied with this position if hired. The best is   to stay generic and say something like: A Job where I love the work, like the people, can contribute and can't wait to get to work. The question also indicates as to how realistically the interviewee is. Some people visualize highly fanciful and unrealistic jobs, which could be a warning sign to a potential employ

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This is a secure website to visit, and it aids in my efforts to gather papers for my job. [url=]      

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Hi Gagandeep, Thank you for asking. The idea or should I say the intention of asking what is the intent of asking "what is your greatest/biggest accomplishment" is to understand how you have personally grown and what has this accomplishment taught in comparison to not having achieved this accomplishment in the first place. Remember, the interviewer wants to assess your personality based on your experience, opportunity.   Remember you can choose anything as your accomplishment to highlight your uniqueness.   You need to focus on the fact that this success you terms as your bigges

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Hi, I advise you to go through the background of the organisation and analyse the role of the post applied for.Keeping in mind the confidence of handling the assignment and the professional qualities you have place a good plan with relevance,logical and practical and acceptability.Try to win the minds of interviewer and interact with relevant points which should benefit the organisation.

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