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I am 12th failed student my age is 23 residing in bangalore I have been writing 12th since 2009 and still I couldnt clear in physics and mat

I am 12th failed student my age is 23 residing in bangalore I have been writing 12th since 2009 and still I couldnt clear in physics and maths as I have been working dude to weak financial background can I go for kcet 2014 and write re exam in july 2014 can I join engineering as I am financially weak I used to work in call center but now I want to do engineering can I do please help me I want to do mechanical engineering can I get a seat in any engineering college in karnataka under govt quota as I was late for applying the 12th std exam form so im not able to write in march I should write in june or july but I have filled kcet 2014 form and I will be taking cet so please help me

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RE: I am 12th failed student my age is 23 residing in bangalore I have been writing 12th since 2009 and still I couldnt clear in physics and mat

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Hello Student,

From your query, I can understanding the devastating situation you are facing,but I am happy that you did not let it crush you. Take the example of great leaders who faced adversity and failed but never gave up. All the leaders who are ontop today are just because their failures inspired them to work harder and show more determination than others. just go through the life of Indra nooyi, Abraham Lincoln etc.tohow they kept the fire inside them burning.

It's never late for anything, so don't worry rather start planning your career in acalm manner. You need to selecta field for your careerbased on your interest, abilities, skills, financial conditions, personality attributes and aptitude. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. So, why notchoose a field that will be easy for you totacklealong with your job as well as give you good career prospects.

Now, coming to your academics, Iwould suggest you to take a break to refresh yourself beforetackling the learning process again. justsit for few hours andtry to get allyour worries, anxiety, concerns and stress on a paper. this will helpyou feel relieved. I feel you will do it this timeif you plan and stay organized. You have toput inhours together apart fromstressfull job. I know its tough but youcan do it by planning your schedule andasking support from your familymembers. Attempt for theCET as you have already applied for it else I would have suggested you a year for preparations. For a seat underGovt. quota you require higher ranking in the CET and good marks in your twelfth results.

Once you qualify your twelfth, you have have numeruous career options,in addition to mechanical engineering. you need to explore the best as per your situation and then go ahead so that you are able to balance your academics, profession as well as family.Now, remain focused andpractice all theprevious years questionsand give it a best shot. After your exams ,write to us again about your career counseling and we will help you to craft right career for you with our experts advice, career assessment tests and personalized counseling.

I wishall the best for your exams and hope you come up with flying colours.

Good Luck...

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