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I am looking my career in finance please guide me

I am looking my career in finance

by Sahil Sharma
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5 answers

RE: I am looking my career in finance please guide me

Ashwani  Mohan
Ashwani Mohan

First of All, I would like to appreciate you that you came on right plate form for this query. As you want to adorn your career in Finance, there are lot of ways to adorn career in Finance sector. Finance sector is very broad and vast sector. Every big organisation has work related to finance and every big organisation has position for a person, who has knowledge in finance. As you did not mention your qualification in question, so I am going to explain every possible ways in finance sector.

If you want to adorn your career in finance sector, you must have passed 10+2 in any stream, but it will be better if you have commerce at 10+2 level. After this you can go for Charted Accountant (C.A.) , ICWA , B.Com and Accountancy course. All options are good and depend on your competency, aptitude and commitment.

If you have good commitment, good in English, hardworking, analytical skills and time for study, you can go for Charted Accountant Course (CA). For doing CA, You have to get registration in Institute of charted Accountant. After this you have to pass approximately twenty exam papers. After clearing all exam papers with good marks, you can adorn your career in multinational company and Indian public and private sector company as Charted Accountant. After getting good experience in same field, one can reach in Organisation Management as policy maker.This is very good , respected and money giving profession.

If you have good English communication , good analytical skills and good in planning , You can do B.Com first and After this you can do MBA in Finance from Good management institution. After this, you can adorn your career as finance manager in any good organisation like: Multinational Company, Indian public and Private company and Public and Private Banks. After having good experience in same field, you can be top executive of any good bank or Multinational company.

If you do not have enough resources and time for study, you go for simple accountancy course with computer in which you will learn lot of work related to accountancy work. This course can be done in any good private Institute after 10+2 . You will take approximately one year to learn this accountancy work. After doing this course , You can be accountant clerk in any organisation and earn easily ten to fifteen thousand per month in starting.

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RE: I am looking my career in finance please guide me

Jayanta Ghosh
Jayanta Ghosh
Verified Career Expert
Chief Mentor at Waymark Learning Solutions LLP
  • Kolkata

Dear Friend ,

Financial landscape , an individual has various professional courses such as Chartered Accountancy ( CA) , Company Secretaries ( CS) Cost Works Accountants ( CWA) and Chartered Financial Analysts ( CFA) to pursue. Each programmer offers individuals some specializations, which fulfils a job requirement . The CA focuses on tax, audit and accountancy CS is an expart in corporate laws the CWA will focus on management accountancy and CFA will be an expert in corporate finance and mergers acquisitions. The common feature across all these programmers is that theyare professional courses focused on the " Corporate " point of view.

In this era of super specialization , the Certified Financial Planner ( CFP) , focusing on comprehensive financial advisory services to individuals has emerged.

Financial Planning is one of the fastest - growing professions across the world and with a huge demand -supply gap in India the youngsters planning a career in Financial Planning have a bright future and can take advantage of many opportunities coming across in the Financial services Industry. Entering any profession is tough . And entering a fledgling profession still in the process of defining itself is that much tougher. Unlike the medical profession where expertise in specific area is the norm these days , CFP( certified Financial Planner ) is a Certification that proves the need for an expertise across various personal finance streams. And many of those who attained have been Chartered Accountants , MBA, Research Analysts , Fund Managers ; you name it . It would not be wrong to say that CFP certification is the jewel of the future. It is a rigorous specialized course certified by the Financial Planning Standards Board ( FPSB) India Proficiency in this new discipline will enhance the professional worth of financial advisers , turbo - charge their career growth , ane and increase their earning capacity. Recognizing Financial plannings occupational benefits , there are many surveys that indicate career in financial planning as the top career choice in the country. Most financial planners enjoy relatively low stress, have a high earning potential and enjoy a high degree of workplace autonomy. The personal satisfaction element cannot be underestimated.

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RE: I am looking my career in finance please guide me

Alok Agrawal
Alok Agrawal
Verified Career Expert
Mananger at Etoe Group/Career Counselor
  • Bangalore

Hello dear student...

working experience or say practical experience matter more than theoretical idea and knowledge as practical experience will give you a real picture than any other thing.

Coming to your query, After reading above question i cam etc know that you are very much interested to pursue your career in finance profile and want to know what are the opportunities in finance field. I would say it all depends how much you are interested as a lot many opportunities lies in the market for a finance person as it is required in each and every business. The whole story is about finance only, that is the moto of each and every business, so finance people are required in each and every sector and each and every firm and company.

To start with you should start after tenth inly after tenth you should opt for commerce stream in plus two or say eleventh and twelve. After completing that so many streams like you can go for graduation in commerce or side by sude do chartered accountant(CA) or company secretary(CS), or you can go for MBA in finance after your graduation in commerce. so many more options are there apart from above mentioned like you can even go for CFA certified finance accountant which is international certificate for a accountant for which you need to clear some papers and after that you will be a certified finance person. CFA persons are in huge demand now days as they are trained and certified and most companies prefer such person for some post in their company, it is added advantage for a finance person providing more chances of selection for them in market.

Hope after reading above details you got your answer for your query.

All the best for your bright future.

Thank you

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RE: I am looking my career in finance please guide me

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello Dear...

I am happy to see you think for doing a career in finance. Finance is a big world and is not limited to accounting, taxation and audit. Many think that courses like Chartered Accountancy, MBA Finance, MFM, etc are enough to make a career in finance, but that is not the case really. Finance is altogether different than accountancy, taxation, costing, book keeping, loans, deposits, etc. I am happy that you approached CareerGuide for seeking guidance on this query.

For doing a career in finance, the basic requirement for a fresher is to get relevantly qualified and I would say highly qualified. The only course which comes to my mind for being into a core finance field is Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), which is offered by CFA Institute USA. CFA from ICFAI and CFA from CFA Institute USA are very different and global recognition is for the CFA USA course and not for ICFAI.

As per my observation, Chartered Accountants and MBA Finance qualified professionals are very much regarded as near to the finance world. However they have limitations. Further if one does an MBA Finance from Top 10 B Schools, only then companies give job offers in core finance domain, other wise the job placements or job offers are in the accounts, costing, taxation departments majorly.

Therefore I would suggest you to first judge for yourself that in exactly what you would like to make your career. Saying that wish to make a career in finance is vague and uninformed actually.

Also would suggest you to groom your communication skills, interpersonal skills for being employed to the prospective employers apart from your finance and accounting domain knowledge.

Best Luck Dear...

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RE: I am looking my career in finance please guide me

Sachin Grover
Sachin Grover

dear candidate this is the great desison of u going in finance companies after b

.com or mba

RE: I am looking my career in finance please guide me

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