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I am student of B.Sc(Hons) computer science wants to do M.Sc computer science from UK,what is procedure for that?

I am student of bsc(hons)computer science wants to do MSC computer science from UK,what is procedure for that ???doubt??? Right now I am in second year of bsc(hons) computer science ,hansraj college,delhi.i will complete my graduation in may 2015.i have got 9.6 cgpa in 10th ,93.8 %in 12th and 86%in 1st sem,72%in 2nd sem,89% in 3rd sem .so as I am going to take admission after may 2015,then acc to u when should I start preparing,fill the form and when will I have to give the exam if to get admission after MAY 2015.which uk universities are better than NIT TRICHY?which are not?? is it beneficial if I could study abroad??which coaching centers prepare for this uk exam?? what will be the total expense(average) of studying in UK -tution fees of 2 years ,accomadtion charges,travelling charges?? what will be the total expenses for 2 years? how much scholarships can I expect (min to max) ?? as there is no aptitude test and just a english then I think many could study there .i think then there will be very less scholarships?? is there any course in UK of MS COMPUTER SCIENCE irrespective of MSC?? IS if a student is DU topper then his chances of getting placed in UK universiteis are higher and at much scholarships or not??? if I dont have any relatives living abroad then is there any problem due to that?? can I also apply to singaporeand australia ???

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3 answers

RE: I am student of B.Sc(Hons) computer science wants to do M.Sc computer science from UK,what is procedure for that?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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Computer Engineer
Thank you for choosing and writing to us. You have a history of very good scores since schooling and this makes you stand better for UK admission process. Moreover, you will also go with a Delhi University brand and yes, UK universities regard Delhi University as usually number 1 for India and this is an added advantage for you. To study Masters in Computer science with a BSc as a bachelors degree; you are most probably suited to apply to only the UK as most of the other countries would often demand a minimum of 16 years of education, which means you need to have done a four years bachelors degree
. So as UK institutions accept a minimum of 15 years education, even with a BSc degree you can definitely apply to the UK for a Masters degree. Also I wanted to bring to your attention that there is no difference between and MS and an MSc, both means just the same Masters of Science. I often see students getting confused but it is just the acronyms named by educational institutions. So you would be applying for a MSc Computer science in the UK.
Duration of study: The entire study period for completing a masters degree in the UK is only 12 months/ one year. It is not two years as you think. In fact any Masters degree in the UK is run only for a year.
Universities % requirement: The top ranked universities in the UK usually demand Indian students to have a minimum Distinction in their Undergraduate degree. To them, a Distinction is a minimum of 75% in Undergraduate degree. And added to this, if you are a graduate of Delhi University and if you also hold a minimum of 75% overall, you have high chances of getting offered a MSc admission and as well as good amount of scholarships. The very good news for you is, your Undergraduate degree has an aggregate of 82.3% as of three semesters you definitely stand at the top for scholarships. In general a 75% and above gives you good scholarships of a minimum of 3000 pounds, (equivalent to 3lakh) but with a 80% and above you have high chances of getting either a 50% scholarship or even a full scholarship.
Top Universities for Computer science:
University of Cambridge (
University of Oxford (
University of Bristol (
University of Nottingham ((
University of Edinburgh (
University of Glasgow (
Imperial College London ( - University of London
University of Manchester (
University of Warwick (
University of Southampton (
I advise you to apply to only these universities mentioned above as they are the top for Computer science and also overall ranking.
Cambridge and Oxford usually give either 50% or 100% scholarships.
Bristol gives a maximum of 8000 pounds to Indian students, equivalent to 8lakh of tuition fee.
Nottingham gives a maximum of 50% or 100% scholarship to Indian students.
Edinburgh gives a maximum of 5000 pounds equivalent to 5lakh of tuition fee.
Glasgow gives a minimum of 5000 to 6000, equivalent to 5-6lakh of tuition fee.
Imperial college London gives either 50% or 100%
Manchester gives a maximum of 5000, equivalent to 5lakh.
Warwick gives three full scholarships to Indian students and if you are lucky to win it, you can study there for free.
Southampton gives a minimum of 3000 to 5000, ranging from 3lakh to 5lakh for tuition fee.
For your information, I have studied at University of Bristol with 8000 pound scholarship and at Nottingham with full scholarship. If you have a very high score in Bachelors level, you can definitely make your way for scholarships. Also if you can show your IELTS score in a very high band, this will certainly convince the scholarship committee. A very high band IELTS score is 8.0 overall and I scored 8.5 out of 9.0
Cost of living:
Tuition fee: Tuition fee largely differs from one university to another, and as the ones are all top ranked; they usually charge pretty high tuition fees. If you can manage to win scholarship then you can save many lakhs.
Living expenses: It is usually around a minimum of 7lakh for one year. With this you can cover accommodation and living expenses for one year. You can also work part time for a minimum of 20 hours a week and this would anywhere give you 600 pound per month very easily. With this also you can manage your living and other expenses.
Examination required: IELTS is the only exam you need to write for applying to the UK. You can register for this exam in two ways. One, go to and register and pay online your exam fee. Second, contact a local British Council office and they will register you for the exam. It is generally advisable to go for an IELTS coaching class to get a very good score. Please note while a 6.0 overall score out of 9.0 is okay for UK universities, most of the top universities mentioned above demand either an overall score of 7.0 or 7.5 out of 9.0 To make sure you get such very good scores, it is advisable to take coaching at least for 3-4 weeks before appearing for the exam.
Application period: Application can be applied online only. Online applications open up in November every year and close mid June. As you graduate in May 2015, you should start applying to all these universities from November 2014 itself. If you send your applications in November, you can be considered for most of the scholarships available and this keeps you at high chance of getting offered a scholarship. So please start applying from 01-30 November 2014 and you will be offered admission most probably in December or Jan 2015. I understand your final results will be in May 2015 only. But no problem, you can provide mark sheets from sem one to five at the time of admission and provide the last sem results as soon as you receive it. Your application will be very much considered with first five sem results itself.
I hope I have cleared out all your queries. If there is anything else please feel free to write. Happy to help. Good luck with your BSc results and MSc admissions.

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RE: I am student of B.Sc(Hons) computer science wants to do M.Sc computer science from UK,what is procedure for that?

Priyamvada Agarwal
Priyamvada Agarwal
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Thank you for approaching us at!!!

OMG.. so many queries, i suppose the condition of your brain must be really bad thinking about your future. Okay! No worries, we are here at to guide you and help clear this mess.

Firstly its a fantastic plan of you thinking of moving abroad for your masters. As you showed UK as an interest, lets talk about it - In UK, masters is a 1 year course divided into 3 semesters where 2 semesters are theoretical along with practical work as per the subject and the third and the last semester is project based for which on based of what you learn in the first 2 semesters who build up a project either under a professor or by working in some company as a intern. In UK, masters program is either MA/MSC - Masters of Arts/ Masters of Science. So if you do a MSC and not a MS as it is termed in India, you don't lose any thing, its the same degree and has the same importance and value. So don't worry on that.

To apply for a September 2015 intake, it is preferred you apply in January 2015 as it will be easy for you and give you ample time to prepare your funds and also concentrate on your final semester for Bsc But before you apply in January, it will be preferred that you take the basic English level exam which is mandatory for entry into UK. The exam is termed as IELTS (, everyone who enters UK with the purpose of education has to give this exam. This exam is very basic English exam consisting of 4 sections - reading; listening; writing & speaking, and is conducted by British Council. You will need to score a 6.5/9 as per its scoring system to get into a good university.

The list of Universities in UK for your course desired is vast, you need to check few things before you decide - course structure; cost; placement history and campus. All these information's can be found on the universities website individually.

And where as scholarships is concerned, as you are well aware of the UK economic condition you be a topper or a average student, scholarship is not available as no funds available.

Lastly, having relatives or friends staying in UK or not doesnt effect your going. You go if you find the right University and have the funds to afford it.

And if you find UK to expensive then you could try for Australia/Singapore where the course is 1.5 - 2 years duration and there also only IELTS needed as an entrance exam.

I hope i have been able to solve your confusion. But still if you have any please feel free to contact me.

Best Wishes for a successful future !

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RE: I am student of B.Sc(Hons) computer science wants to do M.Sc computer science from UK,what is procedure for that?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

Thank you for approaching counselors at Nice to hear that you want to study abroad. UK is an excellent destination for students choosing to study abroad and for your information, my daughter also completed her studies from UK only. You have scored really very well right from school to college. UK universities usually prefer a minimum of 70 - 75% and top universities may demand some 80% and above. As you are from an arts and science background UK universities and that too top schools may require 80% aggregate in BSc/ BA level from India and if you are from engineering degree they usually expect 75% and above. I highly advice you to maintain this score as they are excellent until now, and also do well in next two semesters and build an aggregate close to 85%.

If you have some 85% aggregate from Delhi university on certificate, uk universities will be highly impressed with your profile and they will 100% offer you a place for admission in MSc programs. You can do MSc computer science or MSc computer science engineering or MSc Computer science and management. I think Counsellor Aparna gave you the list of top universities already and yes please apply for these universities, as studying at top universities will be very reputable for your long term career. Even when you return to India or go to some other country then your resume will sound high with a brand university name on your resume. So apply to those universities as prescribed to you.

You can definitely get scholarships to study in UK. Both Indian government, local NGO, Charities and UK universities give plenty of scholarships that many students go unrecognised. People blindly think that there are no scholarship opportunities but the truth is there are many at top universities. If you study at low ranked universities they may maximum give you only around 500 pounds to some 1500 or 2000 pounds only. Therefore apply to top ranked unis to get scholarship support. You can also apply for rotary international scholarships to study at oxford, gates scholarship for cambridge, international merit award for bristol and warwick international scholarship for Indian students. All these cover either 100% fee or 50% tuition fee. You can save loads of money from paying tuition fees.
The total expense will be between 15 to 25 lakh depending on where you are studying. You can also apply to australia. Top universities in Australia are Monash university (, Melbourne university (, Sydney university (, University of Queensland (, UNSW, UWA and Adelaide. Singapore ( want a 16 years education so it is good to check with them if they are ok with 15 years of education. All the best.

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RE: I am student of B.Sc(Hons) computer science wants to do M.Sc computer science from UK,what is procedure for that?

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