Prachi Mishra

I am totally confused about what is the best option for me. There is my mom's dreams. There are my own wishes. What should I do?

I dont have any idea what I should be doing after my +2. I want to do what I love the most. But even I am confused in that. What should I do?

by Prachi Mishra
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5 answers

RE: I am totally confused about what is the best option for me. There is my mom's dreams. There are my own wishes. What should I do?

Indumathi  Selvaraj
Indumathi Selvaraj
Verified Career Expert
Applied Psychologist And Career Counselor
  • Bangalore


I am glad to see you approached CareerGuide for seeking Career guidance and I appreciate it.

This question and confusion is very common during this age to know which is the best option to take. And it is very common that our parents always wanted us to be in a right track that each of our parents wanted their children to settle their life in a very good way and be a professional. Due to which the parents wanted children to accomplish their dreams and wanted to be proud of their children for all the accomplishments which is not wrong. But you can always talk to your parents to make them understand your dreams too.

You are at a stage in your life where this crucial decision starts the path to your future. Decide based on what you are passionate about. If you are not sure what your are passionate about, I would suggest you to take a psychometric test from meracareerguide which will help you decide and know your strengths and weakness which will in turn help you to chose the career path.

I would highly recommend to do what interests you, It is understood that we excel in doing well in which we are interested to do. I see that you have mentioned you have your own wishes but you have not shared what are those wishes you have in your mind so that I would have suggested some more ideas. Which is fine, But remember one thing you should make a decision in such a way that and you must start to analyse where will your interest in a particular field that you will opt for today will take you in future tomorrow? Will your interest in the field that you opt will give you a bright future which can give you a career satisfaction? Look at yourself down the line from 5 yrs etc. Based on which make a decision. Your today's decision should not only give you a future career satisfaction but also give you happiness for the decision that you made today. Hope this helps, You can always reach for further assistance.

All the best

RE: I am totally confused about what is the best option for me. There is my mom's dreams. There are my own wishes. What should I do?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar
Dear Friend
Thank you very much for contacting As you are falling into the millions of category where mass in India is confused about their career and always asking others about theit own identity. Now a days education system has been commercialized which is a positive sign for matured people but negative for the lower middle class people those have a modest background they read books for the sake of a job to earn the bread and butter they do not have big dream as they want to run the family based on the future safety in terms of employment. Where people are deviated with slogans of hundred percent job security -----if you join this class or join this course work ----or do btech, do bsc etccccccccc. These are all about myth and blindness due the socio-economics structure of our Indian society where young generation is victimised.

I did try to make youaware bout the reality behind your confusion and theparadoxical situation of you and your mom where both of you trying to get an exit towards the best world, nothing is bad in thinking just take a fare look of your background, interest,solidarity,competency and confinement where you have to take a lead. I do not know the academic understanding of your mother whether she thinks in that way or not just discuss my opinion with her and try to make a consensus which will bring you out from such complicated situation and you will live with your serious job to reach the destination.

Unorganised Sector

Try to do the self analysis by reviewing your studied materials at school level and then get an idea about the best fitted subject combination for your future study. You must be having your progress report at school level andanalysethem with honesty your mind and soul speak the same thing for a particular goal. You will realize the facts and then you will join a stream either sciences or humanities depends on your analysis.

You are advised not to make it lengthy and complicated rather discuss the facts with simplestrategies.

Never develop the confusing idea again.

All the best

RE: I am totally confused about what is the best option for me. There is my mom's dreams. There are my own wishes. What should I do?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, thank you for your question, but here you have not mentioned the stream in which your studying at present. I would to say that your question has reality in it, since I have seen many students who are pursuing their studies without thinking that what they wish to become in in future or what will be their career path. The reason is simple, this is our educational system, which makes us to ponder what we have to do in future.

Another thing, as you have mentioned that your mom also has some dreams or future planning for you. This is good to some extant, nothing wrong in it. Every parents in Indian scenario think that they can decide better for their kids future pathway. You must have seen that generally the father and mother wishes their child to become doctor, engineer, designer etc etc. Therefore, your mother do have some plans for your career. I have no idea of your mother education and background, I believe that she must be learned lady with a broad outlook, and she is having a brilliant and novel ideas for your future career planning.

On the other hand, you too have your own wishes, but here you have not mentioned that, otherwise my job would have been simple to guide you in much better way. whenever you are alone, close your eyes and try to think, what you wish to become, what are your dreams, what you want to be. which subject is close to your heart or you understand more.

You must be excelling in some subjects, whether it is science, arts or commerce. what ever the subject you choose try to club it with your dream plans. You will come to a conclusion. If not then you can discuss with your senior who is successfully placed some where. You will get some clue. If you cannot come to a decision, then you should discuss with your mother. Discuss all the pros and cons of your and her future planning. I believe that you both will come to a common decision. Then you start working on that career path. I believe that you and your mother wish will be fulfilled. The need is to come to common or best decision for your future path.

With all my best wishes,

Good Luck...

RE: I am totally confused about what is the best option for me. There is my mom's dreams. There are my own wishes. What should I do?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Unorganised Sector

Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I can very well understand your confusion regarding your career. It does happen to students when they listen to as many people as possible. The basic issue lies because of lack of clarity in the individual. If you have been clear on what you like and what you want, you would be free from this confusion now. So please spend a few minutes to think what do you personally aspire in life.

Moreover you have not mentioned in what subject group you are in, in your 12th level. Knowing this only will help us better to tailor our advice for you. However I can base out my advice in a more generalised manner for you. I can understand that students often tend to hear elders advice and some may even think, parents advice never go wrong. But more contemporary way, it is necessary to understand what actually suits you and interests you. If you get into a profession that somebody else have chosen for you, you wont have the plunge to work hard or be dedicated in that profession. This will strangle your growth opportunities, deter your personal and professional development. ANd you may feel stagnant after a couple of years and when you look back at your life it may sound very weird as why you did not choose to do something that you actually like. To keep you from such bad corners, start evaluating yourself from now. For that

1. First take the psychometric assessment that is available on this website. This psychometric assessment will help you understand your strengths and abilities, filter out the weed career options and will only prescribe you will careers that are suited ONLY TO YOU personally. Sparing a few minutes on this test will give you a bright career.

2. Take a paper and list down the names of subject you like the most. If you have five subjects that you like, reason out why you like the subject under each subject. Finally arrive at a solution to understand what subject is favoured the most by you. There will be one subject that would definitely stand out of the five.

3. Now write this subject name and list out what all you can do with this subject in your future as a career. For example, if you like Psychology, then think of all the possible careers and related work in this area like Clinical Psychology, counselling psychology, Social psychology and more. then filter out whether you want to work in hospitals or corporates or private educational institutions. By this sketch you will arrive at a solution as what to study and what to become in life.

RE: I am totally confused about what is the best option for me. There is my mom's dreams. There are my own wishes. What should I do?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

This is a common confusion these days. Students are confused what to choose and somehow generalise later in life.

I am not saying that you blindly follow hat your mom is saying. But since she has been the prime person in your life, right from birth to your schooloing, so she knows you very well than you also.

So it would be good if you could sit with her and sicuss why she wants you to pursue a particular career.

But before that I want you to lists down
  • your own line of interests,
  • why are you interested in that,
  • what is your natural talent,
  • what makes you happy,
  • what are your likings and why,
  • are you interested in the applications or just the information is enough.

This will help you and give you a clear picture as to what exactly is your liking and aptitude towards a particuaklr career, and why you choose a particular career over other ones.

Then you could discuss it with your parent or a counselor and get your confusion sorted.

The only other option is to know your self better through an Aptitude tests which will clearly point out to your strengths inh terms of verbal, abstract, mechnaical, spatial and numerical skills.

Dont get confused with different choices that are available and choics of peers. You choose the one that match your abilities and you will succeed.

Wish you good luck...

RE: I am totally confused about what is the best option for me. There is my mom's dreams. There are my own wishes. What should I do?

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