I am very frustrated with my current job, no work life balance,no recognition & growth. I would like to quit or wait till I get another job?

I have 9 years of work exp. Currently working as Sr. Officer - HR in Samsung Engineering Inia (P) td. I am very frustrated with my job, no growth, No work life balance etc...I even thought of quiting & take a career break then I thought of going for higher studies or quit & then search for a job. Really worried & tired. Please advice --- I really want to go for a change, even thought of joining an NGO but then that insecurity comes in the mind whether it will be good or bad & simultaneousy thought of doing some Masters Degree in Sociaology or Social Work or MBA, or Psychology. Please advice what to do. I am married also & have 3.5 years old daughter.

by Richie_Arora
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5 answers

RE: I am very frustrated with my current job, no work life balance,no recognition & growth. I would like to quit or wait till I get another job?

Dr. K.V. Anand
Dr. K.V. Anand
Verified Career Expert
Career Guide, Educationist, Author and Clinical Psychologist
  • Palakkad

Dear Aspirant
Nice to see you here at
We shall help you choose your perfect career with the help of our expertise.

I sincerely suggest that you stick with your profession. You are talking about 9 years of experience in Human Resource field. If there is no growth in your career profile, ascertain the reason. If it is due to your incompatibility, Rethink and be compatible

If it is due to your organization's policy, you can leave your organization. But only after making sure that you get better incentives outside. You have the experience, then you should.

But make sure that you stick to HR. You can augment your knowledge and widen your horizon by enhancing your education in allied fields like sociology or psychology. But stick to your field.

If you are getting bored of the work, then you are not passionate about your work. Be passionate. Always learn, be open to knowledge. If you don't be passionate to your career and be open, every career should be boring for you. That shows your attitude.

Change your attitude towards your career and things should change.
Take psychometric aptitude tests and know your aptitude.
Change wherever needed.
Good luck.

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RE: I am very frustrated with my current job, no work life balance,no recognition & growth. I would like to quit or wait till I get another job?

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear friend...

first of all thank you for coming to and sharing your query with us, it is our pleasure to help and guide you in the best possible way we could.

seeing your question above that you are working as a HR in Samsung engineering India pvt ltd from nine years and currently frustrated with your job and thinking for alternatives like going for higher studies or NGO or MBA etc.

After noticing the point that you are married and have a daughter of three and half years old, I would like to suggest you stay in current job and look for switching in other companies of same profile where you and learn, grow and enjoy doing your work as that is the sole cause of boredom and frustration, choose a job where you can apply your ideas and thought in your work and will have freedom in work.

What ever you are thinking like going for higher studies is not correct at all in current scenario for you as you have lot many responsibilities on your shoulders and you should not take it lightly.We can understand that as you do not have recognition and growth in your current job its getting frustrating for you and making you to think of quitting but it is not wise. But it is not a wise decision and you should think of your family also so be wise and though full and see in a wider perspective as not only you all your family is related to your decision, how that pressure will be minimized.

If you are more interested in MBA than go for executive MBA that is best suitable option for you and you can go for it as only you need to attend few classes and give exams which will be easy for you. And you also thought of joining NGO which can be done in free time like weekends saturday and sunday you can go to NGO and work their which will give you a kind of satisfaction and internal peace in mind too.

Hope you got the answer and will take life seriouslyand keep apositive attitude which will help you and enjoy you job too.

Thank you

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RE: I am very frustrated with my current job, no work life balance,no recognition & growth. I would like to quit or wait till I get another job?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello Dear Experienced Professional,

I am glad that you approached CareerGuide for seeking guidance after gaining over nine years of experience.

Nice years of work experience in a good company and no work life balance or growth. Such scenario arises when you work in a junior level in an organisation for many years and this is natural and therefore the only way to come out of it Further EDUCATION

Further Education is such a wonderful thing especially when you have worked for almost a decade in the industry. What education at this stage gives? Read the below aspects and you will realise that pursuing further education is the solution to your problem:

  1. Gives you a fresh perspective in your related field of Human Resource
  2. Gives to opportunity to meet other people in your area
  3. Gives opportunity to network for future growth opportunities
  4. Gives you the latest information and knowledge in your Human Resource area
  5. Gives you the chance to re live your education years as a student again
  6. Makes you fresh and rejuvenated
  7. Ads value to your CV / Resume
  8. Gives you added confidence to switch jobs or negotiate for promotion
  9. Makes you at par with the industry practices
  10. Gives you the much required change in work

The above aspects are important for you to come out of frustration.

I would strongly suggest that you should continue in your current job and pursue immediately part time MBA from a reputed Institute (mind it, it should be reputed and for getting into it, no matter if you need to study hard).

An MBA from a really reputed top Institute will solve all your problems and then you should switch your current job.

Best Luck and Keep faith.

RE: I am very frustrated with my current job, no work life balance,no recognition & growth. I would like to quit or wait till I get another job?

Priyamvada Agarwal
Priyamvada Agarwal
Verified Career Expert
Career Consultant & Trainer
  • Kolkata


I would really be happy to help you.

But before i start advising you, the foremost thing that you need to do is to let go of the negative vibe that has affected your life terribly, and instead of taking random decisions, you need to de-stress and think rationally.

You should be fortunate that you are working on a higher level scale with one of the most reputed companies in india in this crucial economical scenerio, where the unemployment ratio is much much higher.

Instead of completely quitting doing a job, you could try having a job change, as a new environment will help you. Joining and actively being a part of the social work is a good deed and will help you mentally but not bring any major change in your career. So think about a change in job.

Now, wheather you should pursue masters or not, look quitting job and doing a full time masters program is just not practically possible for you, so if you are very keen then you should go for a part time distance mode masters program which you can do along with a job.

No doubt a masters program will increase you skills and bring about a good change in your resume which will help you secure a better job without it.

So in case if you decide you want to pursue masters then do your full research about the course, its modek, its duration, its recognition and lastly the cost before you take the pludge.

Best Wishes for whatever you decide in the future. Dont take decisions in your current state of mind.

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RE: I am very frustrated with my current job, no work life balance,no recognition & growth. I would like to quit or wait till I get another job?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur

Please be assured that you have a brilliant career ahead and stay calm with no worries. Reading on your query, I was actually impressed with your stable career development. You have an amazing nine years of work experience and are also working as a Senior Manager in Human resources and thats really great. All that you require now is to take a perfect transition and ensure you have a stable and smooth career ahead.

Reading on your inquiry, I am straight away convinced to say, yes its time to take some year out and do an MBA. I have genuinely two suggestions for you and it is upto you to take either one.

  1. MBA with Human resource management:
As you have stayed in the human resources for almost nine years it is very apt to go ahead with the MBA in HR management. Studying this course will equip you with theoretical knowledge in HR and will add up to your existing professional skills. You may also get better placement opportunities after doing the MBA with your impressive nine years work exerience background.

2. MBA with Organizational behaviour:
As you have mentioned your desire to study Psychology, I would therefore recommend you to study MBA with Organizational behavior course. Organizational behavior is a mix of psychology + human resources + management. As part of this course you will study about employee motivation, organizational change, organizational development, employee counselling and many more. So basically you will feel more of working in the area of psychology though still being in the human resource sector. The main advantage of doing this course is, it is very demanding in the recent years especially if you want to work in a leadership role in HR. Leadeship requires understanding the psychology of the company and its employees and therefore it is very essential to study this course.

So you can choose to do either of this course in your MBA. But choosing to do the MBA in the right business school is highly essential.I would recommend you to do your MBA in a top tier Business school in India or abroad. You can do in the IIM's or at ISB Hyderabad in India and infact could also choose the Executive MBAprogram instead of the regular MBA. You should qualify CAT exam to be able to apply for the IIM and GRE/ GMAT for ISB Hyderabad.

In case of abroad, please visit to see the MBA school rankings and apply to the school and college of your interest. The most common exam that you will need to do your MBA abroad is the GMAT.

Advantages of doing the MBA:
1. Gain theoretical knowledge in human resources and understand latest development in the academics.
2. MBA study experience is always rich and will quip you into a consummate professional.
3. Networking is the key to win a post MBA life. You will gain many contacts while doing the MBA/ executive MBA program. Your class mates will comprise from every part of India or the world with rich work exp and diversified background. You will begin creating connections and you can learn from someone if there are companies that offer flexible working practices, if someone has worked with such company.
4. Company presentations: If you study MBA at a top business school, you will receive companies on to your campus. They will come to do presentations about their companies and plant interest in the minds of students to join their company. So during such company presentations you can always talk to the concerned person of the company to see if their company has a good work culture. This is one key to select companies and send job applications.
5. Above all your nine years exp plus the MBA is more than ever convincing for any employer to recruit you. If you quit work now and start looking for jobs without doing MBA, almost every employer will ask you why you were leaving Samsung. But when you do MBA and return to jobs, employers will be under the impression that you quit work to do your MBA and you can always escape like this.

Once you complete MBA, you can begin a fresh MBA post job and the transition will be obviously smooth. Hope this helps. My best wishes to your career.

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RE: I am very frustrated with my current job, no work life balance,no recognition & growth. I would like to quit or wait till I get another job?

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