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I have done a diploma in Mech Engg and have work experience of more than 8 yrs. Kindly suggest me some part time/distance learning courses in degree in mechanical engineering

I want to do Degree in Mechanical engineering.

by Mohammed Wasim
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RE: I have done a diploma in Mech Engg and have work experience of more than 8 yrs. Kindly suggest me some part time/distance learning courses in degree in mechanical engineering

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Gomathi Venkat
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Dear aspirant

Mechanical Engineer

Thank you very much for approaching counsellors here at I can understand your desire to study BE/ BTech in mechanical engineering. You can certainly make this ambition come true. It is very good to know that you already have a diploma in mechanical engineering plus close to eight years of work experience. ANy work experience more than five years itself is actually highly valued and appreciated. So you are in high chances of getting selected in BE/ BTech and as well in jobs post completion of your degree.

I would sincerely advice you to take iether part time study or full time study only. Moreover distance courses are not offered in mechanical engineering or most of the engineering disciplines in India. It is therefore advisable to try looking for some college that offers full time BE/ BTech mechanical engineering and as well admits you through later entry system. Lateral entry system means, if you have a diploma degree in mechanical engineering and want to do a BE/ BTEch in mechanical engineering, then you can get admission in an engineering college with your diploma that you completely already. Moreover you can also start the engineering degree directly in second year. You dont have to study right from first year or spend four years to complete the BE/ Btech. You can complete within three years itself. For this you should approach private colleges that offer BE/ BTech mechanical engineering through lateral entry system or accept students in this route.

Some of the colleges that offer in part time are
United institute of management Allahabad - BTech mechanical engineering
Arupadai veedu engineering college
Nirma university
Agni college of technology
Auroras technical and research institute Hyderabad
Baba Hira Singh Battal institute of technology
Bannari Amman institute of technology

These colleges offer part time but may come under different states. I am not aware in which state you reside therefore it is advisable to approach universities in your particular state to know the possibilities. BTech part time are very less in India where as MTech part time are more common. But i would advice you to spend three years in a BE through a later entry system in college and study by full time. Try to supplement your income through some part time work and of you get adjusted for at least three years your life will be very stable.

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