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I Have Taken Pcmb In Class 11. What Are The Scopes In This Combination?

I Scored 10 Cgpa In Class 9 And Am Hoping The Same In Class 10. I Want To Try For Medical Quite Seriously But I Am Also Interested In Nanotech. I Am Good At All The 4 Subjects But Generally Gets Less Marks In Maths When Compared To Other Subjects? Is My Decision Right?

by Monika Gautam
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3 answers

RE: I Have Taken Pcmb In Class 11. What Are The Scopes In This Combination?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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  • Meerut

Dear friend, many thanks for your question, in fact you have asked a very practical question and most of the students are in dilemma what to do and what not to do. Since you have taken PCMB in 11 standard, therefore, if you can carry all the subjects in 12 standard , this will be good for you. Reason being that if you wish to join some subject or course (navy or merchant navy or air force) after 12 then maths will help you.

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Now lets come to your interest. As you have mentioned that you wish to try seriously for medical. My all best wishes are with you. Just plan meticulously, try to get coaching at good institute. If your seniors have cracked the medical entrance get some tips from them. Of you may go through previous years question papers. This will give you an idea what to prepare and on which part of subject you have give emphasis. IN medical entrance exam you have to prepare only for PCB, therefore, you can do it.
In another case you do not wish to pursue for medical career and after 12 you plan to study nanotechnology then you have to opt some biological subjects in graduation. These subjects could be (a combination of two or three or any one) biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry, nanotechnology, nano-biotechnology.
After graduation you try to get admission in post graduation in related course of nanotechnology (in case the university do not offer nanotechnology discipline) such a biotechnology and microbiology. Now a days there are many universities in India and abroad which offers degree programs in Nanotechnology (Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida). To become a complete nanotechnologist, you have to do PhD. Here your research work should be on nanotechnology aspects.
Let me give an example of a scientist, one of my colleague has dome MSc in life sciences and PhD in Microbiology. But after working for a couple of years on Microbiological aspects of research, he switch over to nanotechnology. Now he is working on nanotechnology and guided many students and published many research papers on nanotechnology aspects. Therefore, presently he is considered as Nenotechnolologist.
The meaning of this story is that, if you do not get nanotechnology stream, even then in long run, working in the field of nano technology you can become a nanotechnologist. Therfore, first plan to crack medical, if you cahnge your mind, follow the steps and you will fulfill your dream to study nanotechnology.
With all my best wishes
Good Luck...

RE: I Have Taken Pcmb In Class 11. What Are The Scopes In This Combination?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Student

Thank you very much for approaching I am so delighted to have you on the dais as you are the promising aspirant and having appropriate mind set to initiate the dynamic career in medical sciences. You have very good track record in your short education journey which has to be maintained upright where your continuous effort, interest, concomitant, and self-centric approach are pre-requisites throughout the life. This is the only mantra to achieve the success in any stream.
As you have already mentioned that you have very good command in physics, chemistry and biology whereas your math is not at par. I guess you have pre-occupied thought about math that it is not so important for medical study and that is why you arelagging behind as compare to other subjects. Make it sure that all the subjects are important for you at this juncture and never overlook anything because you are in the impression that you need to carry out only PCB. As we know the science and technology is being evolved to meet the infinite requirements of human beings where acomplementary approach needs to be built therefore Math is theprevalent section for all streams whether you are into medical sciences or Nanotech it does not matter.

In sort you need to pay equal attention atelementary level so do not ignore math. As far as Nanotechnology is concerned you can opt it just after your tweleve or after B.Sc in Physcis or Chemistry or Biochemistry or Biotechnology or B.Tech in Biotech it is up to you and your choice. You can do Nanotech while being in medical sciences too so thinkjudiciously and then conclude anything as you know that subject is the substrate and your are the catalyst to give rise something at the cost of your energy andintelligence. Always listen to your prepared mind and heart then compare with your background as well as future requirement that is all, do not make it so complicated before doing it.
As I have tried to simplify the essential factors twhose use to be complicated before realizing so do your twelve with more than 9 cgpa and prepare for CBSE-CPMT / AFMC/ CMC or many other state level of medical entrance tests. Be confined with your preparation and never mix up as you seem to be very sharp inimplementing your plan as of now.

All the best

RE: I Have Taken Pcmb In Class 11. What Are The Scopes In This Combination?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. Your decision is absolutely right and please do not build any second thoughts on this. If you sincerely aspire for a career in medical, please go ahead with it. I can understand that you are concerned of getting a bit low score in maths but do not worry on that. To get an MBBS seat, an overall percentage above 90% is highly required and also a high mark in Biology (Botany, Zoology) is required. Maths is only required to pull up your over all 12th level score and it wouldn't come along all your life while studying MBBS or even while performing a career as a Doctor.

You have scored 10 cgpa in tenth level and I am sure you can be equally performable in your 12th level too. If you are afraid of getting low scores in maths, first thing you should do is to lose out the fear and next is to prepare yourself efficiently to perform well in maths. If you keep fearing of getting low score in maths, this itself will form a cloud in to your mind and start demotivating your interest towards MBBS, and this is my personal experience. When I was at school, I never liked maths and never was able to get a score beyond 80% in maths while I was performing well in other subjects. Though I aspired to study MBBS, I couldn't achieve it because I hated maths and never plunged to put in enough effort to study maths. So my humble request, dont fear and lose out on MBBS option. If you have will power then I am sure you will find a way to pull up the over all score. Go to coaching class for Maths subject as well as MBBS entrance maths paper. If you can put effort, I am sure you will succeed.

If you are not confident on a MBBS career, then you can choose the following courses. All these does require maths but not demanding a high score as an MBBS. Therefore you can choose to study BTech Biotechnology, Bachelor of pharmacy BPharm, Bachelor of Dental surgery BDS, Bachelor of physiotherapy, BTech Bio informatics, BTech Nanotechnology, BTech Bio medical engineering and BTEch Chemical engineering.

If you dont want maths at college level, then these subjects are ideal with a Biology background. BSc Biotechnology, food science, Chemistry, Physics, Bio chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, medical lab technology, radiology, ophthalmology and industrial biotechnology.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

RE: I Have Taken Pcmb In Class 11. What Are The Scopes In This Combination?

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