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I want to know about diploma in banking and finance after graduation.

Plz tell me about diploma courses in banking and finance after far is this good for better job opportunities?

by Sahil Sharma
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3 answers

RE: I want to know about diploma in banking and finance after graduation.

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear friend..



First of all thank you for coming to and asking your query to us and it is always our pleasure to answer you and help and guide you in the best way we could. here you will be guided with the best possible and suitable option for you.




Reading our query above can understand that you are interested in banking and finance line, would like to inform you it is a very good career opportunity and a very good career choice.It will be definitely fruit full and will help you in securing your future too. Doing this course will really help you in case you are planning a career in banking sector and you are keen to work in banks, and like to do banking jobs in future. You will get more scope and future in such case.


second thing is if you want to know about the institutes offering such course than i would like tell you some good institute like IFBI that is institute of finance banking and insurance which provides after tenth and twelve standard also but as you have completed graduation already and want to know about the course after graduation will provide you the eligibilty criteria aftre graduation only that is as mentioned below:


    • Course is post graduate diploma in bankinng (PGDB): you need to score at least 50 % in your graduation and maximum age limit is 26 years of age.

    • Course is diploma in banking business (DBB) : you need to score at least 50% marks in graduation and maximum age limit is 28 years of age.

    • Course is post graduate diploma in retail banking (PGDRB) : 50% marks in graduation and maximum age limit is 24 years of age.



The process of selection in this college is based on the personal interview and common entrance exam of IFBI that is ICET which includes four section that is englisg language, logical reasoning, numeric ability and basic If candidate passes the personal interview than he or she can expect immediate enrollment in the college and the course.


Hope you got the answer for your query and now you are clear about the course and its scope and prospects in future for you.


Thank you

RE: I want to know about diploma in banking and finance after graduation.

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear,

Reading your query about Banking and Finance made me instantly jump to answer it since these two sectors are very close to me.

I am more glad that you decided to approach the right platform at the right time of for seeking guidance and clarification about your query.

My dear colleague Ms. Sonia Agrawal has excellently adviced you.

IFBI is a famous Institute which has tie up with leading private banks in India like ICICI, Axis Bank, etc. Since they have a tie up and just like a sister concern the banks associating with IFBI will be keen to take the candidates who join their PGD course in banking as officers / assistant managers, etc. Such tie up was not there before years and people used to apply for public sector banks only.

But with Institutes like IFBI, dreaming for a job in a bank has become a reality.

Apart from IFBI, you can do PGD course in banking and finance from top Universities. These courses are also very much recognised by the industry and placements may be provided by colleges conducting these courses.

You may also check out banking and finance courses from ICFAI.

Over all to say, I would suggest you immediately enrol yourself to may be IFBI or University courses, since the demand for candidates in banking sector has been increasing tremendously.

However along with these courses, also ensure that you work on your soft skills like computer, communication, leadership, inter personal skills, positive attitude, etc. which are also important for getting the dream job.

Best Luck

RE: I want to know about diploma in banking and finance after graduation.

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Banking and finance is a lucrative career option especially for students in business and commerce concentration. You are definitely eligible to study any course related to Banking and finance after a basic bachelors degree. There are many options to study this course. But it does require high aptitude for maths and other numerical relations. To study a course in this stream then you have to choose any of the following options that best suits you.

  • Diploma in Banking and finance: Some colleges offer Diploma in banking and finance for both 12th completed students and as well as graduate degree holders. Most often this is either a one year program or a three year program. Students who have only completed 12th can often choose to study this Diploma program but as you are a graduate already, you can neglect this first option and choose one of the following options.
  • PG Diploma in Banking and finance: This is an ideal course for students with already a minimum degree in any subject although Bcom with banking and finance or BBA with Finance is the most desirable bachelors subject. Students also need to have a high numerical aptitude to specialise in these subjects.
  • PGPM with Finance: Most of the B-schools in India offers a two year PGPM program known as post graduate program in management and specialising in finance stream. Almost all the IIM's and other good B-Schools like the FMS Delhi, XLRI, IMD, Symbiosis Pune offers this course. To study this course, you need to have a minimum bachelors degree plus a very good score in CAT/MAT/ XAT exams.
  • MSc Banking and finance: Very few colleges under certain universities in India offers this Masters program in banking and finance. To study this program a minimum of bachelors degree related to finance stream is highly essential.
  • MSc Finance: This course is not often available in India but it is predominantly available abroad. Students can also wish to do this course if they have a minimum bachelors degree in any subject.
  • MBA Banking and finance: This is a common course available at any part of the world. An MBA degree in banking and finance is available at ISB Hyderabad and few other IIT universities. Please note that PGPM and MBA are most often the same and it just differs as per the academic institution norms.
  • Master of financial management MFM: This is a core masters subject in financial management without any accounts or commerce element.
  • Chartered financial analyst CFA: This is a professional chartered route and to study this a minimum bachelors degree like the BBA with finance or Bcom with finance is essential Students can also study a masters degree and then proceed to study a Chartered course.
  • Finally I propose you to study PGPM in Banking and finance at any of the IIM's in India or an MBA with banking and finance at any of the IIT's or other management schools in India. To either of this programs, you should appear for CAT exam as this is the most acceptable exam by any university in India. Hope this helps.

RE: I want to know about diploma in banking and finance after graduation.

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