Dear Aspirant, Thanks for approaching us at [!][1] Just on the basis of [BCom][2] I don't think you will get a job in a bank. you may get clerical jobs by appearing for IBPS exam. I think you should not waste [your MCA qualification][3]. MCA is required in corporate rather than banks. Banks outsource the IT work to IT companies. To be best sure of what suits you for your career, I would suggest you to undergo an [online psychometric test][4] from [][5] which will help you understand yourself in respect of your strengths, weaknesses, emotional quotient, etc.

Hello Banking and finance is a lucrative [career option especially for students in business and commerce][1] concentration. You are definitely eligible to study any course related to Banking and finance after a basic bachelors degree. There are many options to study this course. But it does require high aptitude for maths and other numerical relations. To study a course in this stream then you have to choose any of the following options that best suits you. Diploma in Banking and finance: Some colleges offer Diploma in banking and finance for both 12th completed students and as well

The typical day of a Bank Officer goes in the following activities:1. They interact with the customers, help them in their banking issue and take their feedbacks.2. They work on the customer requests, process them on computers and make the reports on the transaction history.3. They have to report to the senior management. The conduct meetings to show their work and ensure that they are working as per the strategy devised by the management.4. They work on the approval or denial of the loan applications. They have to gather a lot of facts and make their decisions before approving the bank loans.

Below is the list of the personal and professional skills that a bank officer needs to have:1. The bank officer needs to have sharp analytical and mathematical skills so that they can do the calculations and analysis within short time and with great accuracy. The bank officers are required to do a lot of number crunching and they have to deal with these calculations all throughout the day. Thus they have to be good at dealing with numbers and do quick calculations even at pressure situations so that the time is saved and thus adding to efficiency.2. The bank officers need to be really good at

Hello My Dear Bank Job Aspirant,MCA is fantastic course and very much in demand today due to the boom in the Information Technology sector. MCA candidates are in demand by software companies and the demand has been rising steadily for years. MCA also gets good salary packages and good career growth.I am an Educationist and in my more than seven years now experience in career counselling for diverse students like engineering / finance / law / management, I have seen MCA students get good placements in top companies. I have seen then enjoy their career in Information Technology.You being in the

The bank officers work on the following areas most of the times:1. Once the probation period of the bank officer is completed they are required to work on the basic financial documents of the bank and the clients. They have to prepare those documents and scrutinize them carefully in order to make sure that the documents are correct and there are no errors in the details being filled. 2. The bank officers work in the financial accounting and analysis of the costs and funds. They have to do a number of calculations and analysis for this purpose. Usually the work is assigned by the bank mana

 Thank you mam. But what if my main aim is MBA(in finance) and i take banking as a backup.Should i start preparing from the first year itself?And does plain bcom pose any difficulty in my career choice?  

Hello Rabaab,   Interesting. Just 12th and 3 years work experience though it is a necessity for qualifying as a CA.   But why did you not, join a degree course then, along with the job. Till now you would have graduated.   Never the less, you could opt for Bachelors in Banking and Insurance a 3 years self finance course. After that you could join banks by clearing the necessary entrance exam as a probationary officer.   Or you could pursue B.Com and specialise in economics , and join banks again after clearing entrance exam. Here after you graduate, you could opt for a cour

Hai Pallavi.. BCom is the best option for a commerce background students. BBA is also good, but not as like BCom. BCom will help you to have much knowledge in the commerce field and it will definitely help you in  future. Some of the leading institutes for BCom course are Delhi university,Pondicheri University, Lovely Professional University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Shivnadar university etc,. You can also enjoy vibrant campus life if you are pursuing course here. 

Hello Anjali,   Please check Indian Institute of banking and Finance Or else you could opt for an MBA in Banking too.   Wish you good luck...

Better do MBA in Banking and Financial Services /Banking and Insurance. This  Program is typically a two-year program that trains students for both banking and insurance sectors.  better do in reputed institute like GGSIPU delhi, AMITY noida, LPU punjab,,etc.    

Hello Rahul, In the present scenario working in banks has undergone a sea change, making banking operations easier for the people and also creating exciting job opportunities for you. Major activities that take place in a bank are: retail banking, personal banking, corporate banking, Merchant banking, rural banking, Investment banking etc Nature of Work:- 1]Manager:-Bank manger are entrusted the responsibility of running branch, managing their staff and generate profits. they required to know their region well, the type of customer they are catering to and the required service. thy must have g