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I want to take medical as well non.medical?

Hello,i want to become Dr. But also i am intrseted in space .I am also good at computere java programming please guided me as after march exam i have to choose stream i want to become dr. and also want to go to space or become a scientist to.. please guide

by Vineet Thakur
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3 answers

RE: I want to take medical as well non.medical?

Rahul Shinde
Rahul Shinde
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Dear Sir/Madam,

Greeting's for the day!!!

Its good that you are concerned about your career and seeks "Career Counselling". However, you have not mentioned your current Qualification on the basis of which we can be able to guide you in more detail way.

As your Interest seems to be towards Space and Become Dr. So accordingly you can go ahead with "Aeronautical Engineering Career"

Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering is a one of the most challenging fields of engineering with a wide scope for growth. This field deals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, space exploration and defence systems. It specializes in the designing, construction, development, testing, operations and maintenance of both commercial and military aircraft, spacecrafts and their components as well as satellites and missiles. An aerospace engineering involves design and manufacture of very high technology systems. The job requires manual, technical as well as mechanical aptitude. Aeronautical engineer's usually work in teams under the supervision of senior engineers, bringing together their skills and technical expertise. Though highly paid, the work is very demanding. An aeronautical engineer needs to be physically fit and fully dedicated to his work.

Eligibility Criteria:
To be an aeronautical engineer one should have a graduate degree (BE /Btech) or atleast a diploma in Aeronautics. The degree and post graduate degree courses are offered by the engineering colleges and Institute of Technology (IIT's), and the Diploma courses are available at polytechnics. The basic eligibility criteria for BE/Btech is 10+2 or equivalent examination, with physics, chemistry and mathematics and must have a fairly high percentage of marks in the aggregate. One must also pass the qualifying exam JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) conducted by IIT.

Aeronautical engineers work with one of the most technologically advanced branches of engineering. The main thrust in this area is on design and development of aircraft to space and satellite research. Jobs are available with the national, international, public and private Airline Services as well as aircraft manufacturing units.

Job Opportunities for an Aeronautical Engineer in India, lies with various Airlines, Helicopter Corporation of India, and Flying clubs, private airlines and government owned air service and aircraft manufacturers like Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL) with its factories at Bangalore, Nashik, Koraput,, Kanpur etc. Defence Research and Development Laboratories, National Aeronautical Lab (NAL), Aeronautical Development Establishment, Civil Aviation Department etc.

Note: As you also wants to be become Doctor (Dr). You can then pursue your Phd into a filed of your choice.

Further doubts or queries feel free to contact.


RE: I want to take medical as well non.medical?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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Dear aspirant

Computer Engineer
Thank you for approaching counsellors at careerguide.
From your question i understand that you want to combine two fields and one is from medical side and one from non-medical side. You desire for an ultimate destination to get a Dr title right? I would like to clarify that a Doctorate and a Doctor is different however completing either of the programs will give you a 'Dr' title. I get to see lots of students being confused between the different 'Dr' titles. For example, if you take a medical stream by studying MBBS/ BDS you will get a Dr title upon completion of either of the degrees. But in case you opt to study some other course other than medical, you can progress to study a Bachelors, Masters and then study a Phd degree. This PhD degree is known as a Doctorate degree and therefore you will get the DR title on completion of the program. This Dr title means you are a high end researcher/ scientist of that particular subject. Say for an example, you study BSc Biology initially. Then you study a MSc Biology and finally a PhD Biology degree too. After completing this PhD degree in Biology, you are a Doctorate of Biology and therefore you will get the 'Dr' title before your name. This certainly means that you are a scientist in Biology subject too.Hope i made you understand this very clearly now.
Next lets consider your interest in studying two different subjects that you mentioned. Actually there is no system in India that clubs a medical and a non-medical course. This means you should either take only the medical route like MBBS/ BDS/ MABS/ MHBS studies or take the engineering degree like the Mechanical, electrical, aeronautical or chemical. After completing a BE/ BTech degree, you can study a ME/ MTech degree and then proceed to study a phD too. For example, if you had completed BE/ BTech Electrical engineering and then an ME/ MTECH Electrical engineering and then a PhD Electrical engineering, then you get this 'Dr' title meaning you are a scientist of that subject.
Finally achieving 'Dr' titles is possible with both medical and non-medical route. You can certainly follow Mr Rahul Shinde's advice here to study Aeronautical engineering initially and then do a phD in the same subject and become a scientist and get a 'Dr' title too. But you highly need to clarify yourself which stream you want to choose whether it is medical or non-medical like engineering as studying both simultaneously is not possible in India'.
You can also make use of the psychometric test available on this website to test your personality and the suitable careers. Accordingly select either one stream that matches you well. All the best.

RE: I want to take medical as well non.medical?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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Thank you for choosing Meracareerguide and writing to us. I appreciate your interest in space. Before we go on, I would like to clarify that it is a myth to associate Aeronautical Engineering with space science. Aeronautical engineering is a science that deals with manufacturing of space vehicles like the air craft, space rockets or the specialised space robotic systems. Lots of people think Aeronautical engineering is related to space but the truth is actually not. This subject only deals with the vehicles that takes you in the air or somewhere in space.

However study of space is entirely different. It is a science that deals with studying space elements and space bodies like anything to with air, water and space particles or density. So it is highly necessary for you to clarify if you wanted to study something related to space or only study something related to vehicles. If your choice is related to space then you should choose Physics else if your choice goes with vehicles, an Aeronautical engineering will suit.

Computer Engineer

I also acknowledge the counselling given by Ms. Gomathi here. You need to clarify which Dr title you would like to take in future. As 'Dr' titles are given both to medicine graduates and as well as PhD graduates. Therefore i highly recommend you to take up psychometric test from this website and if medicine suits your persoanlity, please go ahead with MBBS/ BDS route and completing the degrees will give you a 'Dr' title. If your test recommends something related to space then you should choose to study BSc Physics and also make sure you study Space astronomy as one of the electives in your BSc degree.

For this, please ensure you pass your 10th and 12th class with a minimum first class, also ensure you study Physics, chemistry and maths in your 12th class. Make sure you dont skip even one of the subjects out of the three mentioned here. After your 12th class you can choose BSc Physics at reputable universities across India. Some of the universities you can consider applying are:
1. IIT Bombay
2. IIT Kharagpur
3. IIT Kanpur
4. IIT Madras
5. IISC Bangalore

These five are highly recommended universities for BSc Physics across India. After BSc, you should complete a two year MSc Physics with Space science/ astronomy. After MSc you can progress to do a PhD Physics with space science. Completing this PhD you are a scientist and also would get a 'Dr' title. Hope this helps. Good luck.

RE: I want to take medical as well non.medical?

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