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Want to become a Dr.?What to do.. where to go...

Hello,I am in class +1.. I have choose med with computer's stream. Please tell me Can I make my career in computer as well as doctorate. As well as I have heard that those person who become army Dr. are at poor position earlier I want to become a army Dr. but after reading the news at newspaper I was quite shocked I read that army doctor's though serve their county which I like the most but after working for terms year their knowledge become 0. Hence,After a long period of thinking I came at a decision not to become and army doctor.. but to make career at Dr. as well at computer's I am good at java... Please tell what can I do! And please explain me what to do if I want to become an AIMS Dr. Please also advice me some books so that I can clear entrance test. as well as please I request you please tell me what I have to do after +2 means I don't want to waste my one year if life.. please tell.. it will be great hep from your help

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2 answers

RE: Want to become a Dr.?What to do.. where to go...

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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Dear aspirant,

Thank you for approaching counsellors at meracareerguide. I appreciate your interest to become an army doctor. Great aspiration. Please let me clarify that army doctors are highly knowledgeable and dont think that their knowledge will become zero after few years. Any profession you take, when one keeps practicing of course their knowledge will keep increasing and cant become zero. So with no doubt you can consider a medical career and serve the army. I have an option to suggest for you in this case. You can apply for admission to study MBBS at Armed forces medical college in Pune.

For this there are certain criteria
  • Should have studied Maths upto 10th level.
  • Should have studied Physics, biology and chemistryin 12th class.
  • Should have obtained an overall aggregate of 60% in science subjects in 12th class. And no individual subject should be less than 50%.
  • If you have not compulsorily studied Physics chemistry or Biology at 12th, even if one subject is not studied then you are not eligible to apply for MBBS at army college.
  • Studied English compulsorily at 12th class and have obtained 50% pass mark
  • Passed all 12th subjects (English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and xxx subject) at first attempt. This XXX subject could be anything maths/ computer science or anything.
  • Should have completed 17 years at the time of admission. And you should not be even 16 years 10 months old to.
  • You are not supposed to get married until you complete your MBBS.

If you can follow all the above criteria, then you can apply for admission for a MBBS seat at army college. This college conducts entrance test every year at 28 centres across India and you should appear for the objective type entrance test exam. If you pass then you should appear for further interview and if you do well you will be admitted for the MBBS.

The advantage of studying here is, you get a job guarantee. After completing MBBS, you will work for seven years at army hospital treating patients who are army men and their families. You and your family can also use the army hospital facilities if you are a Doctor there. You and your parent/ guardian will sign an agreement saying you will work for army hospital for 7 years afteryou graduate with MBBS. If you break this agreement inbetween then you are required to pay some fine. The second advantage with studying here is, your education of studying MBBS is totally free including hostel and mess fees. You dont have to pay a penny until you complete the degree.

If you are passionate of becoming a doctor then you may choose to apply here as this is a very good option to serve army becoming a Doctor. Other wise you can also take a psychometric test available on this website. If it suggests you are suitable for working as a Doctor, choose this MBBS else you can take computer science route as you are interested in Java.

All the best.

RE: Want to become a Dr.?What to do.. where to go...

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Student,

Thank for approaching as you are looking for two medical sciences as well as computer sciences both as a core course which is not possible. Minimum qualification for medical entrance test is biology -botany -zoology, physics, and chemistry at twelve level with minimum sixty percent, this is the minimum qualification to appear into any medical test like CBSE conducts All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT),Army school of Medical Defence has Armed Force Medical College (AFMC) which is established for defence medical service, Christian Medical College (CMC) Vallore is also one of the top most medical colleges, whereas state level of medical tests also offers you plateform for medical study at MBBS level. Many other private colleges are also available in India and abroad where cost of study is very high you need to see the affordability.
Computer EngineerAs far as military medical officers are concerned I have huge respects for them as they provides a pivotal role in defence revitalization system and dedicate their life towards the country. Never mind the print media reporting which is based on any individual odd reporting avoid such news and stick to your prime goal and analyse your previous plan to be a military doctor and just ask yourself why you wanted to be so?? Let us see the entire aspect of medical profession whether a doctor is posted in any cantonment hospital or in a civil hospital the job remains same and for that reason govt has the specific terms and conditions where risk factor for a military doctor is given a prime award in terms of name, fame and monitory benefit. You are advised to come out from such mindset and give your best.

Now come to the computer education for a doctor as we know science and technology including medical has the complimentary doses of computational field so that medical practices could be invigorated and sophisticated for the best.

To be an aspirant, doctor and medical scientists you need to be a quality bookworm read quality books for biologcal sciences like books written by Simons and Shusterd, TA Brwn, Benzamins, Pelzars, Boochanan, Russels, Primeroses etc.

Based on the suggested books you can develop the basic concepts rest is your self motivation and competency

Good luck

RE: Want to become a Dr.?What to do.. where to go...

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