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In which field of medical shuld I go? my options are doctorate, if I get gd %age...bharmacist, pathologist

I m a student of 12th std...i hv recently givn my 12th boards in feb 2014...i hd secured 68% in ssc. I want help regarding what shuld I pursue interest is specificaly in medical, since there are many fields m unable to guide myself to whch field shuld I go for...i need your help.... please suggest me...presently I am gng 2 appear for mh-cet.

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3 answers

RE: In which field of medical shuld I go? my options are doctorate, if I get gd %age...bharmacist, pathologist

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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  • Bengaluru

Hello there!

I hope you are doing well. Thank you very much for contacting counsellors at careerguide. I am happy to guide you with your query today. I see you have appeared for 12th exams. Which state are you from? You say you want to be a Doctorate in medical field. it is absolutely possible to become a Doctorate. I am inspired with your Doctorate ambition right from your school level. My daughter is a Doctorate and she was saying since her schooling itself that she want to be a Doctorate in future. I advice you to hold to this ambition and not deviate from it. Only then you can achieve your dreams.

To become a Doctorate in India, one must study upto a PhD level. Only PhD's can become a Doctorate. Doctorate is different from Doctor which most of the school going students gets confused with. Doctors study Mbbs and Doctorates study PhD. But both are highest academic achievements. For you to become a Doctorate in future, you should take this study route and achieve related marks.

1. Study BSc and pass with first class as minimum. If you score above 80 or 90% it is wonderful.

2. After BSc, study MSc and again pass with a minimum first class. If you get more than 75% in your MSc, it will be very high on your resume.

 3. After these two degrees you should write NET exam in India. With NET score, BSc and MSc certificate and transcripts you should apply for a PhD. This is the procedure in India. For now, lets focus on your BSc as this is the starting point for you now.


You want to study in a medical related field right? I suggest you consider any of the following courses.

1. BSc Chemistry
2. BSc Biology
3. BSc Biotechnology
4. BSc Biochemistry
5. BSc Medical lab technology (this includes your favourite subject Pathology that you wanted to study)
6. BSc Microbiology
7. Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm)
8. BSc Clinical Optometry
9. BSc Optometry
10. BSc Medical sciences
11. BSc Medical technology
12. BSc Optometry and opththalmic techniques
13. Bachelor of Homeopathic medicine and surgery (BHMS)

You should check what subjects above interests you. As you have said about your like for pharmacy, you can consider BPharm course and if you want to be a Pathologist, you can do BSc Medical lab technology course.

Hope you are clear now. Good luck with your 12th results and All the best for college admissions.



RE: In which field of medical shuld I go? my options are doctorate, if I get gd %age...bharmacist, pathologist

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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Dear Aspirant,

I am glad that you want to become a doctor in your life. From your question it seemss that you have passed your SSC examination in medical (Biological subjects) with 68% marks. To achieve your dream of becoming a doctor, you have apply for entrance examinations. There are common entrance exams at state level and also at national level.
To pass these exams you have to prepare yourself, you have to really study much subjects like Biology, Physcics and Chemistry. You can do self study or there are many coaching centers which imaprt good training to get through these exams.
You shoud target to pass the exams with very high score, this will help you to get selection in MBBS (it is a degree in which you become doctor in allopathic mediciens) and that too in a very good and reputed medical college. If your marks come down, then you will not be able to get medical college of your choice. The career in MBBS is very rewarding and satisfying from job point of view. This profession really require lot of hard work but finally it is a very satisfying occupation.
With even low scored marks, it will be difficult to get admission in MBBS and then there will be other choices available such as BDS (Bachelor of dental Surgery), BAMS (Bachelor of Yurvedic Medicines), then BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic medicins).
You have also mentioned about Pharmacist and Pathologist.
To become a pharmacist, you have to study BSc in Pharmacy and then after you should go for amasters degree and finally a doctoral degree (PhD) is must.
Similarly to becomoe a pathologist, you have to graduation in Biology subjects or specialization in Clinical microbiology, medical microbiology , Microbiology (general) or Clinical pathology. After this a masters degree is must in the subject of clinical pathology or clinical microbiology. But again a deoctoral degree with specialization in Pathology (Clinical or medical) will be necessary.
You can also write Doctor before your name, if you do not clear the MBBS or medical entrance examination.
You should gof for graduation , post grduation in any life science subjects (Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Genetics) and finally a doctoral degree in any of these subject.
Hope I have answered your quesry.
I wish people should call you as Doctor (MBBS)

RE: In which field of medical shuld I go? my options are doctorate, if I get gd %age...bharmacist, pathologist

Dr. K.V. Anand
Dr. K.V. Anand
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Career Guide, Educationist, Author and Clinical Psychologist
  • Palakkad

Dear Aspirant,

Welcome to meracareerguide
We are happy to guide you through to a perfect career.

Great to see your positive attitude towards your future. You selected medicine as your career and it is service oriented. Therefore every field related to medicine is basically a service to humanity. You are different from others because you want to serve mankind. I appreciate it and feel proud about you.

In my opinion, you should not worry about the specialisation you are going to take in your post graduate level of qualification or studies. Initially you need to complete your graduation. Graduation in medicine includes mbbs, bhms, bams, bnys and bums. These are allopathic, homeopathy, ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy and unani. You should take the entrance test and the choice is totally dependnt on your score of your entrance exams.

Once you have enough score to choose mbbs, finish that course with good marks and start practicing as a physician or rmo in a hospital. Then you need to appear for higher entrance examination so as to get admission to a post graduate course. By then you must have taken a decision as to which super speciality are you are interested in. I think you should be able to decede then, definitely not now.

Therefore wait, be prepared and leap at the right time. In the meantime, you could take a psychometric test to know whether you will succeed in your chosen field. Psychometric tests measure your aptitude and your aptitude tells your career area.

Hope this answers your query.
Good luck.

RE: In which field of medical shuld I go? my options are doctorate, if I get gd %age...bharmacist, pathologist

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