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Is a bachelor's degree from an open university equivalent to a degree acquired by regular way?

Sir i have read that one can do 2 degrees simultaneously one from open univ & other one in a regular way. So which course will be best along with BA Economics? And also will there be any issues while i am getting placed if i only have a degree from an open univ? I have scored 77% in SSC, 57% in HSC.

by aashish9211 Redkar
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3 answers

RE: Is a bachelor's degree from an open university equivalent to a degree acquired by regular way?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Dear Aspirant,

The Rule is two degrees cannot be pursued from any University simultaneously.

What is your thinking behind doing two degrees at the same time? Two bachelor degrees wont help you and that too one from open University.

Along with BA Economics, no other bachelors degree is required. MA in Economics is what will make a greater impact.

Open University degrees are not much preferred in the corporate.

Don't be behind adding qualification degrees, aim at learning the aspects in the subjects and master them.

Best wishes

RE: Is a bachelor's degree from an open university equivalent to a degree acquired by regular way?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Hi There,

Open university came into exisatence to help employees juggle between job and attaining a degree.

In-case, if you are working and want to add on a degree or a qualification, without quitting your job, open university degree will add on to your set of degrees.

But Just acquiring degrees make no sense, just for the sake of it.

Also if you are a regular student, a degree from an Open university will not be counted as a degree in the job market.
So why waste time.

Instead pursue a BA economics full time from a recognized University, that will stand you getting employed in better job markets.
No other degree would be required to be pursued along with a BA in Economics.

Rather to get a better job prospects, back up your degree, by pursuing either an MA or an MBA program

Wish you good luck.........

RE: Is a bachelor's degree from an open university equivalent to a degree acquired by regular way?

aashish9211 Redkar
aashish9211 Redkar

Thanks a lot sir for your advice. I have dropped the idea of pursuing another degree, but for admission to a regular academic year what procedure will i have to follow? I had completed my HSC in 2009, and later took engineering but was not able to complete it. So what process do i need to follow in order to take admission in BA Economics for academic year 2015-16?

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