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Is the scope of being Bio Technologist in India more than in USA or any foreign countries?

I hope you will give me an answer covering all the points

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RE: Is the scope of being Bio Technologist in India more than in USA or any foreign countries?

Preeti Taneja
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With numerous comparative advantages in terms of research and development facilities, knowledge , skills and cost effectiveness , the biotechnology industry in India has immense potential to emerge as a global key player.The potential in biotechnology is encouraging companies to strengthen their research and development operations to meet the growing demand for biotechnology products. State governments have also drawn up plans to develop biotechnology based industries . Industries that apply biotechnology techniques include human therapeutics and diagnostics, veterinary, agricultural, food processing , aquaculture, chemicals, waste management , energy and environmental protection. Some of the people working in biotechnology are involved in green jobs in areas such as renewable energy and waste management. Post graduation/ doctoral qualification in biotechnology can lead to placements in pharmaceutical companies, in the chemical industry, in agriculture, food processing and allied industries as well as in research laboratories run by the government and the corporate sector. The pharmaceutical industry contains the maximum number of multinational companies, wit the chemical industry following not far behind and they offer the best remuneration packages. The biotech business is groin at an accelerated rate and the number of companies in this business is multiplying fast in India. Biotechnology is making contributions to medicine, energy, foods, chemicals, materials, waste control, environmental management and agriculture.

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RE: Is the scope of being Bio Technologist in India more than in USA or any foreign countries?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar


Thanks for Approaching us at!!!

Undoubtedly Foreign Country like USA has established economy and therefor doing biotech research on high note as compare to India. There are certain differences also at funding research level which reflects the establishment of facility and employement both.

But developing country like India has tremendous scope in agriculture biotech sector, major source of economy is based on agriculture, mines, marine and foresry so we do have huge potential to do the research and academics both in biotechnology.

Keeping both these facts in mind one can explore the middle path, being true countrmen and visitor of abroad as a biotech i realized that we should work for country, there must be one goal in mind and think to join indian institutes like ICGEB (, IARI (, ICRISAT ( etc those are doing incredible research in biotech. At doctorate and postdoctorate level one must visit abroad -USA, Europe, Australia etc and learn the technology by developing colleborative project and invite foreign scientists students other personel and develop the tecchnology under exchange program.

Now India is having colleborative research mendates -INDO-US, INDO-SWITZ, INDO-AUSTRAILIAN and seceral other ventureships where two scientist from two countries develop international project and discuss the ethics shaare the credentials on mutual basis.

Colleboration not only with developed countries is required we have colleboration with developing countries also in southa asia and eastern asis and acquire the research themes based on the joint problems like health, enviornment, agriculture etc and trying to be complementory to each other and make our milestones successful.

In india we have different mindset for research and innovation at elite level of society they take biotech as a learning tool or acadmice niche and at the lower middle class level where mass is desparate to shape up the career by any means and understand biology as a launching pad or kind of support of handicaped. I think this attitude should be changed and must develop the temperament in terms of transcription, technology for humanity, device for development and accordingly you define the biotech with your effort and name and device the formula like raman effect.

We have huge scope in biotech in india but no body is stoping you to explore usa with your own terms and conditions.

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RE: Is the scope of being Bio Technologist in India more than in USA or any foreign countries?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar


Many thanks for your question and I am happy to answer it through!!!.

Science and Technology in India versus USA bring you to the confusing situation which should not be the criteria behind in working on it. Just realize the fundamental and appied aspect of any research which explain the dynamism in the sense of implicability in global society. No doubt USA attracts the global scientists and provide the excellent track or plateform with a pace in reseatch. One must think the genuine reason behind the fast growth of advancement in technology in USA as compare to India though diplomatic and political background is not very uncommon between these two country moreover the mindset and other geographical, population (density vursus area) factors seem to be very inherent in all the senses.

Now come to scope of research jobs in USA which is far far ahead and the reason is not only above cited facts rather we show the confidence and compromise our national interest upto the certian extent, at the same time we get benifited also, still we have the scope to utilize the earned skills in our own country and establish on your own terms and conditions.
After doctorate level one goes there abroad for post doctorate and learn and earn both and come back india and then good job at senior level in govt and private system both. It is very important to understand the relevancies behind the move--why I should go there waht is the intension and why one is giving you call from that side. Though you have stidied here at higher level and now you are being recongnized for what??? for volume work at cheap rate or something else???

Nest discussion at sciientific level why they have reach and fast funding system it is very simple to say they are rich in all the senses.

India is also emerging after 60 years of independent journey indicates the delayed resplonse due to the interest and faith on our own system many reasons are involved. Just ask yourself and then decide the success and value oriented profession with set parameters in country or USA you will be happy in working in diverse conditions and international acceptibility will be more to broaden your own thought.

Wish you all the success---

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RE: Is the scope of being Bio Technologist in India more than in USA or any foreign countries?

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