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Traffic engineering gaining tremendous popularity in India. How can one make his career in this Regard?

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RE: Traffic engineering gaining tremendous popularity in India. How can one make his career in this Regard?

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Avadhut Desai
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The unpreceded use of the light motor vehicles and unrealistic use of the vehicles against the concept of Car pooling in India gave rise to the severe and just problem of Traffic nuisance. These all resources which made our life simple and faster are attributed to the worst situation of traffic too. To control the traffic situation is the fundamental and the immediate need, not only by the authorities but from the people also. Traffic is causing the day to day nuisance to the lifestyle of the people. Not only the people, the government too has to give its attention to this nuisance, causing loss of talent pool in this regard. Cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai have the worst traffic condition looking for the innovative solutions. The government of India along with the states are framing the day to day policies to combat the traffic situations in the big cities. Thus traffic engineering is emerging to be the promising field under the civil engineering head, those who are aspiring to get the government job by adopting the civil branch of engineering.

First, start with the Definition

Let's start with the definition, that what is traffic engineering? The answer is quite simple that the application of the science and engineering principles to develop the smooth, real and sustainable traffic profile of the city.

This definition shows the engineering solutions, whose scope is much larger than what its look. Thus, on the basis of the functioning, Traffic Engineering can be classified in many ways:

  • Design Engineering: Design engineering deals with the concepts of building the roads that are ideal for the smooth flow of traffic, either for the dedicated or for the mixed traffic condition whichever may be the case. This branch of the traffic engineering generally known as the basic or infrastructure branch of traffic engineering.
  • Signal Design and Timing engineering: For any of the region, traffic engineering can be successful only if the signals and lightings are efficient and are well coordinated. It looks very easy to design the traffic lights but it's not! Vigorous study and sketching of the traffic behaviors along with the psychology of the road users have to judge before drawing the signals.
  • Grade Separation Engineering: This is also an important head of the traffic engineering as it takes the responsibility to design the roads for the heavy traffic and congested areas, where different service roads are culminating at a single intersection.
  • Rotary designing: One of the key features of any of the best prevailing traffic system in the world is the designing of the rotary and intersections. It is a very tedious task to design the rotary as it is very specific as per as the characteristics of the road users and roads.
  • Traffic Analysing Unit: To enable any of the solutions on the road to control the traffic, a traffic analyzing is done, to check the traffic characteristics like traffic volume, traffic density, origin, and destinations. Etc. based on their report traffic engineers designs the solutions.

Syllabus for the Traffic Engineering (B.E Civil)

(As Defined By The AICTE)

  • Traffic studies
  • Traffic characteristics
  • Theory of traffic in India
  • Grade studies
  • Turning radius designs
  • Route relays
  • Vehicles route relays
  • Pedestrian bridges design
  • truss analysis
  • lightings and networks
  • Rotary design and development
  • static loadings
  • dynamic loadings
  • signal designing
  • interlocking studies
  • fitting and fastenings
  • Markings
  • Intersection designing

Top colleges for B.E. Civil

  • Indian Institutes of technologies IIT’s
  • National Institutes of Technologies NIT’s
  • Amity, Noida
  • SGSITS, Indore
  • LalaHardayal technical universities, Bhatinda
  • Loknayak institute of technology and sciences, Patna
  • Ambedkar college of science and technology, Nagpur
  • Tata memorial institutes of sciences, Mumbai
  • GajananMadhav institute of technology and sciences, Bhopal
  • SavitribaiPhule university, Pune
  • Fergusson college, Pune
  • Anna university, Chennai
  • Kalinga institute of technology, Bhuvaneshwar
  • Raja Ram Mohan Roy college of Engineering, Kolkatta
  • KSR institute of technology, Hyderabad
  • Fergusson college, Pune
  • Anna university, Chennai

Jobs Available in Traffic Engineering

There are various jobs particularly in a government sector present in the Traffic Engineering  head, some of them are as follows:

  • Traffic Engineer: The traffic engineer is a separate and exclusively term to designate a person who is responsible for the building, design, and maintaining of the traffic resource. This is a most common post persist both at the central and state level. Their salary is similar to that of the Assistant engineer of the department of the states.
  • Traffic light Engineer: this is one of the challenging and busiest jobs. Traffic light Engineer has to work along the police personnel to carry out the timings of the traffic light and their modes of installation for the smooth traffic.
  • Safety Engineer: The cases related to the man-vehicle collision or vehicle- vehicle collision, are first assigned to the traffic engineer prior then the police investigation. Safety engineer is responsible for the creation of the safest traffic infrastructure for the city.
  • Surveyor: Traffic engineering offers you the government job, for which nearly every youth is aspiring. If you are in a metric level and having an interest in a traffic engineering field then you must start your career by grabbing the top listed college of the civil engineering. you could be one in a million to make the solution for the emerging traffic challenges in a country. Hope will help you!

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: Traffic engineering gaining tremendous popularity in India. How can one make his career in this Regard?

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