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Me B.Sc (Zoology), GNIIT, MCA (Distance), MBA --> Best carrer option for me?

Worked in Accounts & Finance for 14 years

by Subodh Kumar Nanda
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3 answers

RE: Me B.Sc (Zoology), GNIIT, MCA (Distance), MBA --> Best carrer option for me?

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear student,

Seeing your query I am happy to tell you that I am also a BSC in Zoology like you, same confusion came to me after my graduation that which career option will be good and fruit full for me and whether that option will help me to secure my future or not.
But than I came across MBA master in business administration and as I was really interested to work in corporate world and this was the ladder to it, I preferred the same and did MBA in Human resource.And I am very satisfied with my choice as it really taught me lot and now am working as a Human resource manager in a reputed company for more than 3 years.
So I would suggest you also to go for MBA master degree and move ahead in your career with it.

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You will also get to learn so many things in your master degree in business administration apart from your specialized subject. You will learn all the important aspects of business and all the necessary skills required to be in corporate world like leader ship quality, problem solving attitude, proper communication skill, Team management, computer knowledge like Ms excel etc.
You will get very good scope and opportunity in the job world after doing MBA as it is preferred for most of the job vacancies. It will help you in career progression, career shift, give a brand equity and a self growth as well.

But remember go for the selection of specialization you should think about your interest areas and liking's as if you like to interact with people , easy to deal with different type of persons than HR is good option for you, same is with other options like marketing if you are extro vert, good in marketing related thing and like that for other subjects too, MBA will give you a managerial skills and the line you chose need to be your interest area and than only you can easily excel and grow in that.
Apart from above you should study about the fee structure of all the colleges and level of placements before going into the course. If you want top colleges go for IIM but fee will be more in this college.
But always keep placement opportunity in that college a important factor for future growth and success
Thank you

RE: Me B.Sc (Zoology), GNIIT, MCA (Distance), MBA --> Best carrer option for me?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

Thank you for approaching counsellors at You have a solid work experience and that too a good length of 14 years in Accounts and Finance. Your basic degree is a Bachelors in Zoology and you should have definitely studied it some twenty years back right? You should have no touch with that degree now and certainly you cannot go into a job related to Zoology now. Next, your courses related to GNIIT. It is a computer science related course but not at a degree level. It adds some weight to your job. Employers or recruiters always like resumes with some computer qualifications like either a certificate or a Diploma and in this case your GNIIT is a branded name on your resume. Third, your distance related MCA. Though it is at a degree level you have not creating any work experience related to computer applications.
Human Resource Management
After all this you have well created a solid work experience in Accounts and Finance and i would certainly advice you to do something related to these subjects only. Only doing a course related to these subjects will stabilise your career further. So I would very well advice you two things.

One either do a Masters course related to Accounts and Finance like theMCom that has some strength to Finance or accounts in their syllabus. Else try doing a MFM course known as Master of Financial management. MFM course is highly valuable and could get you jobs in auditing firms anywhere in India. Else you can also opt for professional degree courses like the ICWAI. ICWAI is the first step to a professional course. and after this you can also proceed to do a Chartered Accountancy (CA) course. Completing these professional courses, combined with your lengthy work experience you are definitely to get placed in positions like a Senior Manager level or a Senior Auditor level. You can study these courses only if you want to stick to Accounts and Finance.

However if you want to diversify your career and doesn't want to study a degree that is 100% core on accounts and finance, you may consider a professional management degree like the MBA. Studying this course will completely deviate you to management side and if you need to study a little concentration on the accounts and finance, yet you have an option to choose Accounts or Finance in this MBA. Also make sure that you can usually take either only accounts or finance in your MBA and very few MBA syllabus allows specialisations in both the subjects.

You can also take a psychometric testing from this website to check whether your personality suits managing people or not. If it suits then go ahead with the MBA. If it doesnt suit you for managing positions, then please choose MCom/ MFM. ICWAI/ CA itself. Your computer qualifications are however extra weight on your resume in both cases. So just see what course is right for you, your personality and your career among the ones i prescribed to you now. All the very best.

RE: Me B.Sc (Zoology), GNIIT, MCA (Distance), MBA --> Best carrer option for me?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


You have studied subjects from varied disciplines. And most of all it is very appreciating to see you have constructed an enormous amount of work experience. Your first degree is in Zoology, and since studying it you haven't worked in any job related to Zoology. Soon after Bachelors you have entered into GNIIT and MCA, wherein both are about computers. Again, there is no work experience related to computer career. But you have gained almost more than 10 years in Accounting and finance. This is definitely a wov factor and you must be treated as a Business Professional now.

Considering your work experience in accounts and finance for 14 years, you have four best options to choose from. This also requires you to finalise whether you want to specialise only in Accounts or in Finance. So the four options are indicated below:
  • MBA with Accounts and Finance
An MBA is definitely apt for you at this stage. In fact this is the first choice I will recommend for your sort of career profile. A 14 years of work experience is definitely suitable for someone studying a professional management degree. Completing this degree you may choose to get into Management side of the company. In fact completing this degree, you can claim for Manager/ Senior manager professions.
  • PhD Management with Accounts and Finance
If you are interested in both academic and corporate side then this may be an ideal choice for you. A PhD degree is usually run for three years and completing it you are eligible to work in Universities as Professors or even at corporates at Senior Management positions. To study a PhD you need to have qualified UGC NET exam. This exam is mandatory in order to get a PhD admission. You may also write and qualify UGC JRF exam and this will qualify you for a monthly stipend through out your PhD studies.
  • Chartered Accountancy - CA
A CA is a professional degree equivalent to a Doctorate degree like the PhD. As you have had many years of work experience in accounts, then you are also eligible to so this chartered course. Completing this degree you are eligible to work in BIG 4 companies like the Deloitte, PWC, KPMG, E&Y as Auditors or chief auditors.
  • Chartered Financial Analyst CFA
A CFA is also a professional stream in finance similar to accounts that I mentioned above. This does requires an in-depth knowledge in finance for studying this degree. Completing it you can work in Big 4's and also at the private and government banks in investment and wealth management division.

To me, MBA is highly advisable for you. Try writing CAT exam and achieve very good scores in it. With high scores, you can be eligible to be selected by top Bschools in India like the IIM's, XLRI, FMS Delhi. Hope this helps. Good luck.

RE: Me B.Sc (Zoology), GNIIT, MCA (Distance), MBA --> Best carrer option for me?

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