My brother want to go for degree in animation in gaming ... so what are the better options of colleges?

Can you tell me the right way

by Kira
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RE: My brother want to go for degree in animation in gaming ... so what are the better options of colleges?

Deepti Sharma
Deepti Sharma
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  • Hyderabad

Hi dinesh,

Best Colleges in Animation and Gaming are ::

1)Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics,Mumbai
2)EDIT Institute,mumbai
3)Academy of Animation and Gaming (AAG),Noida
4)Graphiti School of Animation,Mumbai
5)Maeer's MIT Institute of Design,pune
6)Arena Animation,Delhi/NCR
8)AJK Mass Communication Research Centre,Delhi/NCR
9)Indian Institute of Digital Art & Animation (IIDAA),Kolkata
10Picasso Animation College,Lucknow

All the best

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