Hi   Being Creative is always appreciable, this ability is especially  inborn . Animator Do require concentration with abstract thinking. Creating Films for production companies, animation studios  to computer games comapnies. Generally job involve Produce original and creative designs You should know about software like Maya, Flash, after effects Promoting business is one of the major key responsibility Liasoning with different companies to get work effectively working with every staff member so that work will be collective effort. you require to be a good story teller by your

An animator may provide some backdrop special effects using certain characters in a movie or a serial. He is supposed to show some metaphysical effects and movements in that part of the story where it is requisite as per the demand of the movie or a serial. But all this is possible if a person has taken a formal training along with a relevant degree plus hand on practice. one can seek admission in bachelors degree in media and animation at these reputed institutions - BITS, Pilani,....................JJTU, Churella, Rajasthan,......................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara,.....

The internet is a vast space, and hidden gems like this website are what make online exploration so rewarding. This platform zebra  a comprehensive library of stock photos, ranging from timeless classics to contemporary and trendy shots. Whether I'm seeking images for my blog, e-commerce site, or marketing campaigns, I can always find the perfect visuals that align with my vision and resonate with my audience."

Hi There, In addition to what the counselor has mentioned below, I would just like to add, a line. Animation involves, bringing life into objects. Simple example is Animated movies like chotta bheem or carton characters who seem lively only because they are animated.   Hope this helps. Wish you good luck...

Hai Deejay.. The best available course for you is Master of Fine Arts. This programme offering expertise in Painting, Applied Art, and Sculpture. You can use your skill in making sculptures for building a successful career. You can develop more skills here. Some of the best institutes for your interesting course are MS university of Baroda, Banaras Hindu University, Lovely Professional University, Jamia Milia Islamia etc. You can also find some institutes are providing good amount of scholarships and good exposure through exhibitions, workshops, guest lectures etc. 

Hi Shakti,In order to boost your career you can either study further like you can opt to do a [master’s course in animation][1].If you think you are qualified enough then you can try and make some short movies or stories and have a pile of work other than that is done in your organization, that you can show for reference to people you meet. Try and do something innovative as animation is all about creativity and imagination. If you have your own website you can update it in a creative way it will help you to improve or enhance your [animation career][2]. The field of animation is not that

According to the guidelines mentioned by CBSE, an aspirant must take in mind the following things during filling up the NEET Application Form. The photograph should be of passport size. The photograph should have the name of the aspirant and also the date on which the photograph was taken. Thr date mentioned on the photograph should be after 1st January 2018 and the background behind the candidate should be white in the photograph. The photograph you are going to upload should be of JPG format and the size of it should vary within 10-100 KB. For more details visit the link shared above. A

you can get all information about gtu admission from

Hello Aarifa,  Wish you good luck for the final year. Do well. By the way, I suppose you pursuing LLB so that you can practice Law or atleast practice as a legal advisor. Just wanted you to know that the bar council of India does not recognise a correspondence law course. Even after you graduate you would not be allowed or rather eligible to practice as a lawyer or advisor. Hence I would suggest, if interested in working as a lawyer, then after graduating opt for a 3 years LLB course, by clearing CLAT    Wish you good luck...

The Indian aviation sector in the current times has seen a sudden growth. With the spread of education and changed mindset of people, more people are engaging in this sector. In the aviation sector for Asia, India stands out way brighter than the others The cause of boom is three folds – Encouraging policies made by the government. The sales of the private jets are up. Determining officials giving other countries a tough competition in the aviation sector. If you are looking forward to becoming one of the cabin crew members i.e. an Air Hostess/Flight Attendant brush yourself up to face