Hi   Being Creative is always appreciable, this ability is especially  inborn . Animator Do require concentration with abstract thinking. Creating Films for production companies, animation studios  to computer games comapnies. Generally job involve Produce original and creative designs You should know about software like Maya, Flash, after effects Promoting business is one of the major key responsibility Liasoning with different companies to get work effectively working with every staff member so that work will be collective effort. you require to be a good story teller by your

An animator may provide some backdrop special effects using certain characters in a movie or a serial. He is supposed to show some metaphysical effects and movements in that part of the story where it is requisite as per the demand of the movie or a serial. But all this is possible if a person has taken a formal training along with a relevant degree plus hand on practice. one can seek admission in bachelors degree in media and animation at these reputed institutions - BITS, Pilani,....................JJTU, Churella, Rajasthan,......................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara,.....

Animation is all about designing, drawing , layout and production of photographic sequences that are incorporated in the multimedia products in order to give appealing and smart appearence. Animation involves manipulating still images to create the illusion of movement. Animation is the back bone of most motion pictures, television , internet and computer games. The work of animator involves brigning a character to life  whether on paper, big screen or internet. Animation ibvolves graphic design and multimedia manipulation. Computer animators scan images of real objects into a computer an

Interesting choice of career. Students generally interested in ART talk about painting or visual art, or animations etc, but you choosing Sculpture making is highly acknowledged and saluted.   The choice you have made comes into Fine ART course. Fine ARTS as such includes visual arts, portrait painting, applied art, Painting and sculpting. There are diploma and graduate programs available for the same. Now its your choice whether you would like to invests 3 years again into Graduating and then a masters program or engage just in a Diploma program.   If you are looking for a caree

Hi There, In addition to what the counselor has mentioned below, I would just like to add, a line. Animation involves, bringing life into objects. Simple example is Animated movies like chotta bheem or carton characters who seem lively only because they are animated.   Hope this helps. Wish you good luck...

Hi Shakti,In order to boost your career you can either study further like you can opt to do a [master’s course in animation][1].If you think you are qualified enough then you can try and make some short movies or stories and have a pile of work other than that is done in your organization, that you can show for reference to people you meet. Try and do something innovative as animation is all about creativity and imagination. If you have your own website you can update it in a creative way it will help you to improve or enhance your [animation career][2]. The field of animation is not that

LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) are the institutes and firms that undertake to do the legal work of foreign clients, to reduce the cost of litigation at their country. In other words, the top law firms in UK and USA find it expensive to employ legal staff to do the documentation work and find it cheaper to outsource the same work to countries like India. This work is mainly related to the documentation, wetting of documents reviewing of documents, categorizing (privileged, hot etc) and so on. The advent of IT (information Technology) the Information and Technology Enabled Services Industry has

Animation Industry- A part of Entertainment industry The animation industry is that branch of entertainment industry that work in order to create more innovative and creative content by the depiction of unreal and successive images or positions of models to create an illusion of movement in sequence to make it look like a motion and moving film. The animation is very much famous among people of all the age groups and almost each and every person likes the animated movies, cartoons and even the characters that had been created with these animations. In that making animation as a famous category

Decision-making ability is something which everyone must possess it for the effective personality. Without exception, we all are needed to take an informed decision in our life may it be regarded the educational phase of life or a career phase. A Sound and informed decisions help dictate the things in your life easily and that too according to your wish. Right from a school child to a mature person everyone will make their all supposed tasks and goals easy to achieve type when they will be able to take informed decisions. Importance of decision-making ability We come across the circumstances

Hello Sir,  Anyone from the army generally have the management and or admin position open for them.  Apart from this they are also taken as consultants in many firms. Since you are from the technical background, you could work as a consultant in any technical firm. If interested you could also work as guest lectruer. You could also join the training group and work as a trainer. As such in terms of the courses you could opt for a diploma or certification in management or supply chain management can be helpful. You could pursue a certificate course in training and development too. Hope

Hello Hisham, Good question. But please note, I can only list down colleges, whether they are the best or not, is for you to decide. Check the websites for the course details, its placements, internship opportunities etc, all criteria s you are looking out for and only then apply. http://www.animaster.com/industry-placements/ www.nid.ed  http://toonzacademy.com/   http://www.maacindia.com/ http://academyofdigitalarts.com/ http://www.zica.org/   Wish you good luck..........

Hello Hisham, Good question. But please note, I can only list down colleges, whether they are the best or not, is for you to decide. Check the websites for the course details, its placements, internship opportunities etc, all criteria s you are looking out for and only then apply. http://www.animaster.com/industry-placements/ www.nid.ed  http://toonzacademy.com/   http://www.maacindia.com/ http://academyofdigitalarts.com/ http://www.zica.org/   Wish you good luck..........

Hello Catherin,  To know the job market for Animations in Australia, you have 2 options. 1. Surf the internet and read job reviews. Apply online to few organizations. 2. Approach an abroad job consultant especially one who deals with jobs in Australia. You can drop in your Resume to them and they can help you. Wish you good luck...

Hello Salman,  Interesting question. Both the fields are related to the field of computers. But please note both the fields work on 2 different domains. Simply saying BCA is related to developing and installing the application whereas animations is related to working on existing softwares. Also both require a different skill set from individuals. BCA is more technical oriented whereas Animations tilts more towards creativity. Please note, this being a techno savvy century, computers are now to stay and hence we would see lots of new and innovative results and developments which will make

Dear Aspirant, Career in Animation has a bright future since animation has now not remained only for entertainment purposes but also for educational purposes.  For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test It would be better if you do formal courses in animation. However before that, I would recommend you if you are not a graduate, to do Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA). This under graduate degree course will help you understand all the aspects of designing, which are essential for animation also. You can choo

Dear Aspirant, Nice to see that you are so interested in animation as a career that you are thinking of doing a degree course in animation.  Here, I would suggest that instead of just an animation degree course at under graduate level, it will be more beneficial if you go for Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) as a degree. In this you can choose animation also as an optional subject or you may do a course later in animation. Doing BFA, will give you the best foundation knowledge and command over the designing, concepts and artistic approach. This will also help in non-animation areas like graph

Hello sanjay, A very good question. But it is too subjective. Some people are able to self introspect and hence know their skills and are able to choose a suitable career accordingly. Some require the help of psychometric testing called Aptitude test to know their potentials and thereby choose a career. But please note, satisfaction is again a personal perspective. And for few it is just getting a job whereas for others it is getting to a peak level at their job.  Sometimes even an extra curricular activity can give you that boost. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck..

Dear Aspirant, I would suggest that you take the National Stock Exchange's NCFM certifications for growing in your career. Those certifications are valid for 3 to 5 years and they are recognised by the industry. Opting for those certifications will help you grow technically. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Choosing a nation and then asking for career course is the most risky method of choosing a career for life. You should ask yourself that where you are best and for which course you are best and not ask for best course. Choosing a random course for a specific country is a wrong career decision. I feel, you should be aware of your own interests, strengths, passion, aptitude and then decide which course would be best for you and then which country should not be a constraint and determinant. I feel, you should definitely take the Ideal Career Test from CareerGuide.com. This is a psy

Dear Aspirant, Best course will depend on how best you are. If you consider yourself best, then you can choose the best and most challenging course which will give you excellent careers in terms of money and growth. Do not ever make this mistake of thinking for the best career. Every career is best, it is essential to know which career is best for you and suitable for you. There are plenty of career courses in commerce stream and the list is below: Corporate Law Law Economics Chartered Accountancy Cost & Management Accountancy Company Secretaryship Chartered Financial Analysts Bankin

Hi Naman, Best would be if you would have done your Research by checking online. By the way, I am posting few Colleges, now you would have to check the colleges one by one online for their accreditions and placements etc. If possible visit the placement cell of the college, to get your doubts cleared. http://www.lpu.in/ http://www.picasso.co.in/# http://www.zica.org/ Hope this helps. Wish you good luck...