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Need of career guidance for MBA students

by Pooja Mishra
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RE: Need of career guidance for MBA students

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Surabhi Dewra
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To choose MBA is like diving in an ocean; in which various institutes are offering courses having a wide scope. It has become beneficial to do MBA in the present scenario due to high demand. Because of this situation, there is a cut throat competition in this field. The students are unaware of the methodological and logical approach required in this field. Many students are blown away in this run of the mill. A few fat purse students may go overseas for expensive tutors. This situation has become typical for others.

Career counselors help the MBA students in identifying their true potential to get in shape for bright future. A traditional 2-year program is acceptable by all the institutes whether they have experience or not related to this field. Employers also seek only those aspirants who can work beyond objective skills. It requires a perfect strategy and continuous practice for developing differentiative skills. Archana, an MBA student says, This is a field where there is tough competition not only with the peers but also from the students studying all over the world. "

To guide about the market facts:

It's in human nature that whenever one tries to steep a cliff, all others get ready to rig the game. Even the candidates who overestimate themselves are in a crisis. It is important for the students to develop special skills in them so that they can be heard by the employers. Career counselors help the students to clear their doubts and make them realize to know about their actual skills whether they over or underestimate themselves. They guide them to know about the facts of the present job scenario in the market. They also help in building their expectations based on the facts rather than the limited ideology. Career counselors help in making the students honest about the right assessment related to their own skills and the practical market requirements. If the students are dreaming about achieving high goals, then they should guide them throughout the whole process and help them in learning skills using psychometric programs.

One of the student says, "MBA is to find out the present market demand and upcoming opportunities in such a way that it would be relevant and interesting for the employers. It is not a thing just for scoring high but also about the perfect strategy and creativity to come out with new ideas and execute them as per market demand."

For developing positive approach:

Career counselors help in developing personal and aptitude skills such as resilience and adaptivity so that students become capable of facing job competencies of the MBA world. Career counselors also help students in building an intelligent approach towards getting admissions in the top institutes of management. Various psychometric tests will prove like a wake-up call to the students who are taking MBA as a magic pill and are overconfident about themselves. This field requires practical knowledge of the current market demand and the perfect strategy for prioritization and presentation which attracts employers to have a glance at you.

For improving adaptive skills:

Various entrance exams for MBA students are based on the timing and accuracy. Career counselors will help students in giving tips about various entrance exam preparations and guide them for invaluable resources. They will help you to explore numerous industries and give knowledge about upcoming challenges. A single counseling session may give vast knowledge in a very short period of time. Overall, career counselors can be a one stop destination for knowing all the aspects for MBA students.

RE: Need of career guidance for MBA students

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