Shall we see saturation of jobs of Biologists in the next few years?

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RE: Shall we see saturation of jobs of Biologists in the next few years?

Preeti Taneja
Preeti Taneja
Verified Career Expert
Dy. Manager Education & Counselling, Welspun India Limited
  • Chandigarh

New areas have emerged within the field of biology in recent years because of which we don't see any saturation of jobs of biologists in the nest few years.

One of the significant area that has emerged-in the recent past is biotechnology. Biological scientists can work with a lot biotechnological research labs and companies where their job mainly involves manipulating the genetic material of animals and plants attempting to make organisms more productive or resistant to disease.

Basic and applied research on biotechnological processes such as recombining DNA has led to the production of important substances including human insulin and growth hormone.

Many other substances not previously available in large quantities are now produced by biotechnological means. Some of these substances are useful in treating diseases.

Advances in biotechnology have created research opportunities in almost all areas of biology with commercial applications in areas such as medicine , agriculture and environmental remediation.

With various researches taking place in the area of biology , people with flair for writing can take up the role of journalist and writer with science ;publications to inform the public about relevant and emerging biological issues.

Lotof animal species are at the verge of extinction because of deforestation and other related issues. Zoologists carry out endangered species recovery programs and the opportunities for such specialists are increasing.

Lotofenvironmentalhazards are emerging because of industrialization, increasingpopulationand other relevant issues. The specialists are required to solve various environmental problems and preserving the natural world for future generation.

An aspirant with specialization in environmental science can take up job as consultant with industries, construction firms , various government bodies etc.

Biologists can work with various pharmaceutical companies and clinical research labs to research and test new
products todefeat illnesses such astuberculosis, AIDS , cancer and heart disease.

RE: Shall we see saturation of jobs of Biologists in the next few years?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Biological sciences has been defined with evolutionary approach and that is natural skill no one can stop the changes as long as planet sustain. Similarily jobs of biologist becomes very much evolutionary and will be emrged into new addition.

Saturation itself gives the intimation for new opening which is implicated everywhere as far as bilogical jobs are concerned it is never ending goal.

Right from the age of Lamarks, milestones in biological sciences signify the growth and advancement in ecological cycle wherin we device new technology for the upgradation and validation both.

Biology is now surviving in transdisciplinary era where innert technology like-mechanical, physical, nano, in-silico etc are complementaing and giving ultra speed to reach any conclusion. This one might be a reason to forsee the saturation due to quick face off situtation. But see the another side of coin you will be glad to know that being biologist you have tremendous potential to support others finding and get placed meaningfully which benifit you mutually.
In coming days people will be given more research areas to understand and the complexities which arrive each day in life give you more options in biology. By nature human being are not squanted and hunt for other course of action like a software engineer loks for job change due to so called saturation, similarly biologist look for another field to accomodate him/herself it is not a good sign. Due to such scarcity in thinktank subjetct could be ignored from the interest.

Never develop such mediocre feeling which can lead you frustration and
society will be deprived from your interest and effort.
Many subjects are being added in biology and waiting for your contribution as below:

Bio-fuel engineering
Bio-sensor technology
Apart from these you can write the good and bad legal drafts for society and you can suggest the scientists with your earned opinion.

Therfore I can say you that biological jobs are coming with fool boom whetehr you join them as scientist, technologist, academician, RD scientist, Technician biological sciences will be given prioirty.
Hope this note will convince you to join biological science.

Dr. Manoj

RE: Shall we see saturation of jobs of Biologists in the next few years?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, since the begining of modern science, the subject biology has diversified into many offshoots. Intitially the subject biology was divided into two main sibjects, zoology and botany. Later on many sub disciplines shown in figure become very promising;
All the subjects mentioned (microbiology, biotechnology, nano-biotechnology, marine biology, pharmacology) has great job opportunities in government as well as in private sector. The government job has opportunities in universities, colleges, and research institutions. Here the biologist (having a masters degree or doctoral degree in relevant subject) gets entry. The person holding a doctoral degree has great chances to get a job compared to person holding a masters degree only. In multinational or private companies there are lot of scope for job.

Let me tell you my example, when I was pursuing my masters degree in Microbiology, my seniors usually tell us that now there are no more job scopes of microbiology, this subject is saturated now. There words really demoralized me and my colleagues. We all just passed our degree, some of my friends immediatly joined some research projects and some others joined private company and I joined PhD in microbiology. I spent four years in doctoral degree, though I was confident that I will get job of my choice, still there was fear in one corner of my heart. But I after obtaining degree in PhD, I found there is no dearth of jobs. I spent eight years in Middle East as Microbiologist and currently I am working in a reputed university as academecian.

The subject biology has lot of scope, the disciplines like, genetics, genetic engineering, biotechnology, nano-biotechnology, molecular biology, cell biology, has lot of job opportunities. This the subject which still has to be deciphered in detail. Many aspects of biological system, we do not understand. Still we need to develop control over diabeties, cancer, AIDS and many more diseases. Many scientists are working on modification or changes in biological aspects to benefit the human beings. The DNA, RNA and protein structure is a great discovery in biological aspects.

Many more biology subjects like, matine biology, forensic science, pharmacology, fermentation, food microbiology has great potential from research as well as job points of view. In nut shell I want to tell you that there is still great opportunities and scope in biology field. The subjects like biotechnology and nano-biotechnology are new compared to botany and zoology and gradually new biology discipline will also emerge in future.

Just enjoy biology.

Good Luck...

RE: Shall we see saturation of jobs of Biologists in the next few years?

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