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Should I go for teaching or finance management

I have completed MBA finance before that I had been teaching for 3yrs and 8 monthd in cbse school at Trained Graduate Teacher Level,along with teaching I had completed my MCom,Bed and I also done PGDCA post graduation diploma in computer application kindly suggest me which carrer shuld I opt for teaching or finance manager and kindly also suggest if i further need some more qualification for being in desired field

by Karuna Rajpurohit
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3 answers

RE: Should I go for teaching or finance management

Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana
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Since you have good experience in teaching at TGT level and also you have completed your MBA finance, there are quite a few options that you can opt for. A lot will depend on your interest level and what suits you most. Please consider below information before making your decision which career to opt for.

If you go for teaching, you will have to go for lecturer position and you may not be in a position to use your MBA degree and knowledge that you have received. For example almost every university considers your research work and whether you have done Ph.D. or not in the related field. Since your educational qualification after M.Com is less academic oriented and more business oriented, you may not be in a position to use those business skills. Of course you can go for junior colleges and schools as a teacher, but that would not be a great job as per your qualifications and also that won't you much. On the plus side, if you go for teaching job, you will have more free time available to you compared to a corporate job which you can utilize to do something productive if you have some other plans. But if you would want to continue teaching, you would have to spend more time researching and assisting students than doing anything else.

In case you go for a Finance Management job, you will be in a better position to use the skills that you learnt during your MBA. I understand that you have excellent teaching skills as your work experience says that, but you don't need to worry about that. Even in the corporate world, you will be in a much better position to leverage your teaching skills while working with your staff and the clients. Therefore, it can be a good option for you. But then again a lot depends on your interests and priorities. What kind of lifestyle you want, as things may get very busy in corporate world which won't be the case in academic world. So, choose your career after thinking on the lines.

RE: Should I go for teaching or finance management

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

You are the best equipped to become a good faculty in B Schools with your Finance knowledge. You can also take tuitions alongside with a full time faculty job in Institutes. Looking at your academic and experience history, corporate would not prefer you for a Finance Manager job. I think you are made to be in teaching field and produce students with good knowledge of finance, etc. For sustainability and stability in teaching field, I would strongly suggest you to appear for SET / NET examinations of UGC which are a primary requirement to act as a full time lecturer or faculty. Further aim to go for PhD in your relevant and liking stream and topic. You can rise to the level of HOD or Dean and further with these qualifications coupled with teaching experience. You can also explore teaching opporunities with private classes where you get good exposure and good pay too. Best Luck!

RE: Should I go for teaching or finance management

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello There!
why dont you try for being a Visiting Faculty in BSchools. You can actually continue with your job on the basis of your MBA qualification. So actually for the BSchools it will be like you teaching their students as an industry expert faculty. Today BSchools are looking for teaching staff who also have industry experience rather than just teaching what is in the book and text book and theory. It is time that the students should learn industry relevant knowledge and this can be given by people who are working in the industry and then coming to teach what theya re experiencing daily as part of their job.

Going into full time teaching is also an option as laready recommended but you will have to become eligibile for full time teaching jobs through the NET / SET or PhD examinations.

You should aim to teach in BSchools and not in schools now, since academically and education wise your MBA Finance is a level up.

No more qualifications are required to become an industry expert now, but I really feel that you should look at the option of being an Industry Expert Faculty for the BSchools. This is the need of the hour for the education institutes and ultimately the students will be benefiting the most out of this.

Best Luck My Dear...

RE: Should I go for teaching or finance management

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