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Sir, I am doing B.Sc. in Geology but please note that I want to join Army as a permanent commissioned officer. please guide.

Sir, as you already know that currently I am pursuing my B.Sc. in Geology but I want to become an Army Officer. I want to know about the different exams I can give to join army and what might be best way for me. Also I would like to get acknowledged about preparations regarding these examinations. Thank You.

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RE: Sir, I am doing B.Sc. in Geology but please note that I want to join Army as a permanent commissioned officer. please guide.

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Hello Akash,
Pleased to hear again from you. I really find a pleasure to answer your query again that shows you have good right answer to your query.
Well Akash yes i do know that you have been pursuing your B.Sc in Geology and i told you in your last query how you can get in armed forces through DRDO and also various other government departments for work. So as now you are thinking of getting into army for Permanent Commissioned Officer thats really a very good decision you are going to take.

There are number of ways to get into a commission in the Army. You can join right after school or graduation. The army officers have two commissions i.e Permanent Commission(PC) and Short Service Commission(SSC). PC is granted through the Indian Military Academy(IMA) Dehradun and SSC is granted through Officers Training Academy(OTA) Chennai. When you want to make a permanent career in the Army,a career till you retire than you should opt for PC while if you wish to serve in army for few years than SSC is the best option.In SSC you serve the army for 10 years and after the tenure is over you can opt for PC.Alternatively,you can also ask for a four years extension and can choose to resign from your post any time during this period.

As you wish to have a permanent career in army you should opt for PC(Permanent Commission) of Indian Army . For PC you have to apply for CDSE(Combined Defense Service Exam) which is conducted by UPSC(Union Public Service Commission) twice in a year in the month of February and November usually.
The age criteria is 19-24 years for IMA(Indian Military Academy). A candidate must be unmarried. A candidate should have a degree of a recognized university for IMA i.e for Permanent Commission. A CDS Exam pattern is written exam,followed by a personal interview and medical examination.There is Negative marking for this exam.

The question paper pattern of CDS-IMA is as follows:-
Total Marks- 300
Nature of question paper:Objective
1. English->Objective->100 marks->2 hours
2.General Knowledge->Objective->100 marks
3.Elementary Mathematics->Objective->100 Marks->2 hours

There are 30 centres for CDS examination which are located in Agartala,Ahemdabad,Aizwali,Allahabad,Bangalore,bareily,Bhopal,Bombay,Calcutta,Chandigarh,Cochin,Cuttack,Delhi,Dharwar,Dispur,
Gangtok,Hyderabad,Imphal,Itanagar,Jaipur,Jammu,Jorhat,Kohima,Lucknow,Madras,Madurai,Nagpur,Panji,Patna,Port BBlair,Raipu,Sambalpur,Shillong,Shimla,Srinagar,Tirupati,Trivandrum,Udaipur and Vishakhapatnam.

Prepartion Tips:
The English question paper will consist of 100 marks and will be objective in nature.It will test the candidates understanding of the language and will comprise basic grammar,spotting the correct sentences,antonyms,synonyms etc.

1.Refer basic grammar books to clear the concepts.
2.Develop the habit of reading the newspaper regularly. Reading the newspaper improves not only ones vocabulary but also ones knowledge about the subject.
3.Try to learn a couple of new words on daily basis.You will soon find that you are developing a good hold over the language.
4.Try to learn antonyms and synonyms and also the use of the words in sentences that you are learning on daily basis.
5.Solve past year questions.

General Knowledge:- It will be of 100 marks paper and objective in nature. It will test the candidate about his knowledge on various subjects like current affairs,history,geography,scientific relation to day-to-day experiences,generic scientific observations.

1.Reading Newspaper regularly.
2.Reading Magazines that cover varied topics ranging from economy to business to trade policies to the latest awardees in the field of sports,art,literature.Be aware of all the topics from anywhwere.

Elementary Maths:- It covers topics like Arithmetic,Algebra,Geometry,Trignomentry,Mensuration and Basic Statistics.The standard is of Matriculation.

1.Revise all topics thoroughly.

2.Practice those topics in which you are strong and later move on the difficult ones and try to practice as much as possible.
3.concentrate on having a clear concepts on all topics.

Tips for Interview:
1.Concentrate and develop reasoning ability,written and oral expressions,self-confidence,courage,a positive and cheerful attitude.
2.Try to have a very strong hold over english
3.train yourself to respect Seniors and Juniors.
4.Train your mind to think clearly,rationally and logically.
5.Improve your communication skills.
6.Try to improve the way you can influence people through logical arguments.
7.Develop a cooperative abd responsible attitude,which will help successfully carrying out team work.
8.Improve your general awareness regarding national and international business.
9.Begin to think and behave like an Officer.

Generic Tips:
Syllabus- Be completely sync with the syllabus and start preparing the subjects accordingly.

Past Question Papers- Solve as many as past question papers possible. It will help you to get insights what to expect in exam.

Maintain Routine- Maintain a routine to cover all the subjects and have a quick revision.

Clear Concept- Have a clear understanding about the topics,it will help to solve paper easily.

Time Management- Solving and answering all the questions in exam is something that you have to plan and prepare well. Having strategy helps you. Strategy differs person to person. Solve the strong topics first and than move to less confident questions.Also time yourself and mentally have a certain amount of time fixed for answering the questions and stick to it.

Study Material- Refer to a good Study Material both in book stores and online.They certainly help a lot.

These are some of the tips,so now you can start preparing for the CDSE.

Hope you find the information useful and helpful.

Wish you good luck

Feel free to get in touch again

Thank you

Warm Regards,
Prathamesh K

RE: Sir, I am doing B.Sc. in Geology but please note that I want to join Army as a permanent commissioned officer. please guide.

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