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Sir I have completed bca from ignou and now I am the student of mca.i am confussed that which sector like govenment or private is best for m

Sir I have completed bca from ignou and now I am the student of mca.i am confussed that which sector like govenment or private is best for me.I also want to know is software developing is best for me.

by Ashish Sharma
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RE: Sir I have completed bca from ignou and now I am the student of mca.i am confussed that which sector like govenment or private is best for m

Prathamesh Kapote
Prathamesh Kapote
Verified Career Expert
Founder And Director At Canvas Career
  • Nasik

Hello Dear,
Congratulations for the completion of your BCA course. As you have mentioned you have completed BCA and currently student of MCA. Pursuing MCA is going to be boosting factor for your career life. It will help you to have more good opportunities in both private and government sector.

Friend there is no need to get confused whether to work in private sector or government sector because both the sectors have immense of career opportunities in IT sector requiring many engineering as well as BCA/MCA students. You have to decide which sector you would like to join private or government.

If you choose to go with Government Sector than you can get into this sector through giving various competitive exams viz. Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) or State Public Service Commission. In government job you have a job security , there are no much work pressures, there are increments in both ways by designation and payment. Some of the Government jobs where you can apply are as follows:
Bank Jobs,
UPSC jobs,
Railway Jobs,
Air force,
Defense jobs,
Army jobs,
Hindustan Petroleum Ltd,
Gas Authority of India Ltd.,
GAIL etc.

Some of the bodies conduct there own respective entrance exams for recruitment you can give those and get into this sector.
You can ICS exam and can get recruited in Ministry of IT for designations like at Executive level,Assistant technician etc.
If you are interested to make your career in teaching you can give UGC NET and SET exams.

If you are choosing private sector for your career you have a very bright future in this sector too.
You can work with the companies like Tata Consultancy Services,CTS, Accenture, Infosys ,IBM etc where these companies gives a pay package for a fresher around of Rs.2.5 lakh- 3lakh P.A.

After taking a handful of experience in private sector you can get a good opportunities to work at International Companies like Microsoft,EDS etc.

In private sector you have work pressures,deadlines etc. but SKY is the LIMIT for YOU.

You can also be a private consultant or you can start your own company.

I will suggest you after completing your MCA you take up a job in any sector and take an experience and than you can switch to sector which you wish to go based on your area of interest.

Wish you Good Luck

Prathamesh K.
+91 9860558896

RE: Sir I have completed bca from ignou and now I am the student of mca.i am confussed that which sector like govenment or private is best for m

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

You are doing MCA from which organization, is it IGNOU, is it part time or full time etc. not clear ---?? Nothing to be confused try to concentrate on your MCA which will give you platform in job sector. Corporate versus govt job is not a matter of chance and opportunity for the best in career. You have to fix your goal based on your skill and strength rather getting confused in job type and sector. Nature of your job will remain same except the package and facilitating windows at employability level. This is not right time to be worried about the facilitators, if your foundation and academic background are sound then your career path will be reciprocated accordingly.

I would like to suggest you following points which you need to adapt seriously:
1. Read the course structure carefully and draw lines of implications according to the given modules of all course codes you are studying. Rarely students take this exercise seriously that is why confusion arrives and dilute the futuristic vision, also so not understand the pre-requisites of any recruitment, just join the club of struggler without any defined guidance of attainment. So develop the strategies to understand your pursuing course structure, hope your confusions will be rejected and then you will be assured about perfect destination.
2. Prospective of MCA: This course has been designed by mixing commerce, computer applications, and after all information technology. So you are in the serious note of academic career take it as a platform.
Now a days students are more inclined towards corporate jobs-hosted at multinational and national level, the reason is excellent package and diversified approach moreover you are given a challenging position which makes you dynamic and then govt. jobs become (which is little monotonous as compare to private) moreinteresting and deliverable at your mid age. I hope you are understanding my point of view what I am trying to convince you with your terms and conditions.
3. Professionalism: This term makes you disciplined, and focussed to your assignment so that you can deliver the best within the stipulated time of frame. It is the first thumb-rule of any job at any level in any agency. Bring it into your personality which could be asked by any recruiter before joining even solve the frequently asked questions ---how to be a good professional?

Now you are in position to solve the stereotypic question --how to avoid it??


RE: Sir I have completed bca from ignou and now I am the student of mca.i am confussed that which sector like govenment or private is best for m

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