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3 answers

RE: stream selection

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Dear Aspirant,

It appears that you have cleared the 10th std with good percentage and are still confused about selection of stream.

I can understand your dilemma about selection of the stream which is right for you. Arts/Humanities, Commerce and Science and Diploma Engineering are the four streams you can select after 10th.

Stream selection depends on the marks and more on your interests and aptitude level.

If you do not like maths, science, then there is no point in selecting science/engineering courses.

If your maths is average and you can manage business mathematics, then selecting Commerce is right.

If you are artistic in nature and wish to do non-business career, you can then select Arts/Humanities stream.

HOWEVER, the above is a very random and a very basic way to select a stream.

I would strongly suggest you to without delay take the Stream Selector Test from CareerGuide. This is a unique psychometric test which will assess your aptitude, inclination towards subjects and inter personal abilities. Knowing these for yourself is very important before you select a stream. You can then give me a call over this system and I shall help you further.

Best wishes

RE: stream selection

Deepti Khandekar
Deepti Khandekar
Verified Career Expert
MBA-HR| Career Counselor
  • Pune

Hello Kanika

Selecting a stream after tenth standard is a vital decision as your career path depends on the options that can be pursued through the stream. You may choose a stream or a diploma course after course after tenth.

The best way to select stream is to go for psychometric and aptitude test. Another way is write down your interests as well as dislikes on a page. It will help you to narrow down the options.  eg a student has interests in sports and biology but not interested in pursuing medical courses then he may think about options like sports nutrition . Discuss these things with your parents and think where you would like to see yourself in next few years. Think about factors like whether you would like a profile that includes team work or a desk job; would you like to travel for the job, would you like to pursue an offbeat career like wildlife photography etc. Your career will be bright once you put efforts in the path of your choice.

All the best


RE: stream selection

Dr. Ashwani Rana
Dr. Ashwani Rana
Verified Career Expert
Asst. Prof. & Student Counsellor
  • Jalandhar

Dear Friend, May I assume that you have got your matric done?, If so, now just think over your area of interest whether you are interested in medical sciences, para-medical sciences, commerce, Humanities and Fine arts or engineering, Because according to that only I may be able to guide you. in general there are certain lines to be chosen, like - B.Sc. Med., B.Sc. Non-med, B.Tech, B.com.,B.A., or courses in paramedical sciences like physiotherapy, Lab technician etc. You may consider these institutions for admission - Gitam University, Vishakhapatnam,..................BHU, Varanasi,.....................JJTU, Rajasthan,............

........Lovely Professional University, Phagwara.

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