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What After HSC if failed three times? whether we should go for ITI courses or else if for ITI courses than what should be done and where?

Dear sir, My younger brother failed three times in HSC /commerce. now he is not looking forward to study anymore so please suggest us what should he do in life ahead. we also heard about ITI courses for this type of students. please suggest us the right path whether in ITI courses or else.

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RE: What After HSC if failed three times? whether we should go for ITI courses or else if for ITI courses than what should be done and where?

Swati Vats
Swati Vats
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Hi, Government of India offers both technical and non technical courses through various Industrial training institutes; these professional courses increases the employability of a person. One can apply for both private and governemnt jobs after successfuly completing the courses . Students who have succesfuly completed tenth can apply for the courses depending upon his interest araea .

Technical courses covers wide vareity of options like drafting(Civil/Mechancial), dektop printing, mechanical courses , dying, refrigeration etc similarily students can opt for non technical courses which covers courses like dress making, beauty care, secretarial practices, computer operator and programming assisstant (COPA) . For information about technical courses check www.dte.org.in. Your brother can opt for the course of his interest. Visit the nearest ITI and check the availability of forms . May-June is the time when most of the polytechnics start accepting the applications. Here would appreciate if you can motivate your brother to do try and clear his HSC as this will help him later in upgradtion in professional life .

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