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What are different courses including short-term diplomas available in Healthcare Management?

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RE: What are different courses including short-term diplomas available in Healthcare Management?

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Healthcare industry is one of India's most sought fields among the students having science and management subjects. It is expected that this industry will touch up to $300 billion by 2020. Along with this, there seems a tremendous rise in job opportunities which may be more than 10lac. There are several courses related to health management. One can opt for regular courses, distant learning courses or part-time courses as per his requirements. Generally, a bachelor and a master degree program are offered by various institutes related to health sciences, health care administration and some other related fields. Students learn the principles of healthcare management, as well as accounting, legal, marketing, informatics etc. Here is the list of courses offered in this field of education:

  • Bachelor Degree Program (BSHM):

A bachelor degree program is sufficient to kick-start a career in healthcare management. This program provides basic principles related to this field. Some institutes provide practical knowledge along with the general introduction related to the healthcare industry.

Eligibility Criteria: 12th Pass or high school diploma or equivalent

Course Duration: 3 years degree program

Career Scope: One can get a job related to community health or long-term care along with the experience of supervisory level positions. 

  • Master Degree Program (MSHM):

Students who want to go for the higher level of positions in healthcare management should follow Master's degree program in Hospital Management. One can pursue MBA (Master of Business Administration) or MPH (Master in Public Health) programs to facilitate various managerial posts.

Eligibility Criteria: Graduation along with the knowledge of basic statistics, microeconomics, accounting, and behavioural science.

Course Duration: 1-2 years based on full-time or part-time basis

Career Scope: One can get a job for the post of facility managers or executive posts.

Read more about: MBA in Healthcare Management-2 year (UGC Recognized) by ICRI

  • Doctoral Program (Ph.D.): Many institutes provide doctorate degree in Healthcare Management or Healthcare Administration (DHA). One who is interested in the research-based field, D. is the best option for him.

Eligibility Criteria: Students who had business, maths or social science background can apply for a doctorate. Physicians and clinical professionals are also eligible for it.

Course Duration: 3-5 years for full-time graduates and 7-10 years for part-time graduates.

Career Scope: One can opt his career based on research, teaching or policy analysis.

Short-Term Diploma Courses:

Along with the above-mentioned degree courses, one can do some specialization courses or short-term diploma courses to follow up the field as per his interests or local area career scope requirement. Among a wide list of short courses, these are the most common areas in which there is bright scope for a future career.

  • Healthcare Informatics: This course is a fusion of healthcare services and information technology. This discipline includes all the integral aspects of health science, management engineering principles. One should gain knowledge of the latest clinical equipment and advanced statistics.
  • Health care terminology: This course involves all the basic principles of healthcare management and administration. It also involves all the topics related to legal issues, finance and patient security. One will gain knowledge related to latest trends in public policy and management issues in the healthcare

•       Health Care Financial Management: In this course, one will get knowledge about basic fundamentals of accounting and managing financial resources related to healthcare services. It involves budgeting and analyzing various aspects of health care industry. One will gain practical experience of cost-effective solutions for all sorts of management needs.

•       Legal Issues in Health Care Management: As the name suggests, this course will highlight all the legal concerns related to health care industry. One will get knowledge of all scenarios related to rights of patients, negligence, liability, credentialing and other issues that may arise between hospital management and patients.

•       Ambulance Care Management: In this course, one will get the experience of providing outpatient medical care and leadership qualities. One should gain knowledge to provide effective staff, scheduled and in-budget ambulance services. One should have the capability to maintain the quality of patient care along with cost-effectiveness.

•       Hospital Management: This course includes knowledge of responsibilities and organization structure of each and every hospital department. One will learn about managing hospital staff, scheduling hospital programs and working with unions. The aim is to develop knowledge related to specific issues of medical organizations.

•       Independent Study in Health Care Management: This course provides practical experience of variety of healthcare services by observing and participating in real-time healthcare environments. One can also develop his own plan of action to improve the readiness in the healthcare industry.

•       Distant Education Postgraduate programs: Many institutes provide distance education in post-graduate diploma in various courses related to healthcare management. One can choose any one of the following:

  1. PGDHHM (Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital & Healthcare Management)
  2. PGDMLS (Post Graduate Diploma in Medico Legal Systems)
  3. PGDCR (Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research)
  4. PGDHIM (Post Graduate Diploma in Health Insurance Management)
  5. PGDQMHHO (Post Graduate Diploma in Quality Management of Hospital & Healthcare Organization)
  6. PGDAND (Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition & Dietetics)
  7. PGDMT (Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Tourism)

One can have a variety of other options to pursue in healthcare management programs such as quality control, health care policies, devices and equipment, health care marketing, comparative health systems and much more. The only requirement is to explore one's areas of interests and knowledge of skills required in related field.

Find more courses in Healthcare Management at ICRI – Institute of Clinical Research India

RE: What are different courses including short-term diplomas available in Healthcare Management?

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