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What are possible career options for a unemployed 2012 CSE graduate from a tier 3 college in india?

I am 25 old male .I am a 2012 computer science graduate with 65 % and above 60% in X and XII I could not get any on-campus job .I belongs to a tier 2 city and due to family problem so have not gone to tier 1 cities like Banglore for MNC off campuses drives and been preparing for Bank jobs and SSC . I could not get selected in any of entrance exams yet. I am still appearing for these exams but lost interest in these things. In the meantime my career gap years is increasing years after year. so i decided to get into a distance MBA program along with my preparation I am anxious and fully frustrated , What are the options now me ? After 3 years of gap years ,no company will ever hire me .so IT job is out of question,though I want to get into a job .But the main problem is I have not hone my skills since years so I can not attend even interviews. Is there any way to cover these gaps ? and to stop adding more career gaps what should I do ?

by Sagar Ratha
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4 answers

RE: What are possible career options for a unemployed 2012 CSE graduate from a tier 3 college in india?

Prathamesh Kapote
Prathamesh Kapote
Verified Career Expert
Founder And Director At Canvas Career
  • Nasik

Hello Dear Friend,
Welcome to
Thanks for approaching us with your career query.

Well my friend from the information provided by you completely gives an idea about the situation in which you have been trabbed.Sad to hear that you tried to get in to the Government sector to make your career but couldn't make for it.

From the percentage that you have described tells that you are good student with academics,so you can easily get a good job.The most important thing i would like to clear with you is it doesn't matter form which city you belong whether a 2/3 tier city,if you have the skills and knowledge ,for corporate's it do not matter from which city you belong they need the right person with right knowledge and skills.. So don't feel bad of belonging from 2 tier city.

As you have mentioned that you have lost interest in the government bank exams and also in SSC exams.These government exams do take a time in order to crack and get into government sector.

As you have been studying your MBA from distance education now i would suggest you instead of getting frustrated and spending time with no reason is not a wise thing now rather we have not much time in hand. I would suggest you to apply for the Job Vacancies and start with the job in order to get the experience added to your profile while don't carry the notion with you that you belong to 2 tier city wherever you get a good job grab it.While with your job you can study your MBA as it is a distance learning and can also study Bank and SSC exams and give an attempt to it.

Don't spend lot of time in thinking take an action.You hold a degree so start applying for the Jobs and Kick start your career.

A journey of a thousand smiles with a single step smile

So take your single step and everything will be fine. You can upload your resume over the webportals like Naukari,Moster,Timejob etc.

Feel free to get in touch again for your further career query if you wish to connect with any of the counselor please do that.

I hope you find this answer a relevant to your career query.

Wish you Good Luck for Great Career Life ahead thumbsup
Thank you

Warm Reagrds,
Prathamesh K.

RE: What are possible career options for a unemployed 2012 CSE graduate from a tier 3 college in india?

Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Consulting Psychologist
  • Delhi

Dear Prabir,

Thanks for writing to!

I am sorry to learn that you could not clear Govt. job. I can understand how frustrating it is to be jobless. But its never late to begin. You can still build wonderful career with guidance and systematic hard work.

You are at right place where you can get expert's guidance and take informed decisions and appropriate actions for your career. To cover the gap in the job, following steps may be helpful.

Identify specialization and assess technical knowledge: Computer Science is broad area and develops very fast. Identify your area of interest (specialization) where you can make career. Assesss your technical knowledge in the domain and plan to enhance the knowledge in the domain. Most of the company are looking for candidates with sound knowledge.

Since you are doing MBA, you have scope to enter into management side. MBA can add value to your credential. After MBA you will be engaged in management tasks which is different from your key domain-computer science.

Enhance technical knowledge: It is important to have sound knowledge in the domain. You can take up online certificate courses on the domain from the coursera, alison etc. If you are inclined towards software development you can develop few softwares/products in free time.

Another way to enhance knowledge is to interact with your collegue/college mate who working in the field. Get update about the field.

Improve softs skills: Soft skills such as interpersonal skills, decision-making, leadership, communication and presentation skills are important skills.

Job search: first step for job search is to prepare impressive CV. Add your certification and some assignments that you have done so far in the CV. Prepare impressive CV, which will increase possibilities of shortlisted for an interview. You can take help of professionals who help you prepare CV.

Another step is to create your profile on online job portals like, etc. Interact with HR placement consultants and submit your CV to them. You can get details of HR consultants/job placement consultants through online.

Look for vacancies in news papers, social network (LinkedIn) and keep applying.

Prepare of job interview: You need to prepare for job interviews. Discuss with your friend about possible questions interviewers ask. Wear smile and decent dress, show confident and tll your strengths to the interviewers.

Hope this is helpful!

Best Wishes for your Bright Career +1

Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD

RE: What are possible career options for a unemployed 2012 CSE graduate from a tier 3 college in india?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Hi Prabir,

You are of an age where you need to think maturely and take steps further.
ts high time that you start thinking what you want to do and pursue it seriously.

Thus as a Counselor, my advise to you would be that stop brooding over whats gone and start thinking what you wish to achieve now.
Its never too late for a new beginning.

As such you are a Computer Graduate, so basic knowledge I am sure is still there. Please note that you have finished your Graduation 3 years back and since then there has been a lot of changes that you are not aware of.
In-case if you are planning to continue in the computer field, I would suggests upgradation, in terms of certain languages or programming certifications.

Another important criteria here is to stop thinking about getting into the top company.
Know yourself first. Remember experience also plays an important role. So any place you get, go ahead and get employed, gain experience and then apply to the company you always dreamt of

So while you upgrade your knowledge, do create a eye catching Resume highlighting your areas of strength and areas where you have been successful, some projects undertaken etc.

Just buck up, Do not waste any more time.

Hope this helps.

Wish you good luck.....

RE: What are possible career options for a unemployed 2012 CSE graduate from a tier 3 college in india?

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