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What are some options for a career related to computers apart from BCA?

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RE: What are some options for a career related to computers apart from BCA?

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In today’s era computer science and engineering are very much in demand. The growing sector of Information Technology sector demands fresh faces with high enthusiasm and zeal to work hard. They seek for multi-talented recruits which can not only increase their productivity but can also suggest some new ways and can be efficient enough to imply them.

Those who wish to excel in the field of computer science and technology, don’t only have BCA as a graduation option. There are various number of different fields and colleges depending upon the interest of the students. This is a MUST read article for those who want to explore the horizons and touch the sky.

Below are mentioned some of the courses, except for BCA:-   

  • Tech ( Computer Science) ( Bachelor of Technology) is an undergraduate course of 4 years which is further divided into 8 semesters. Admission in these courses in generally on the basis of engineering exams held every year. This is a more job focused undergraduate course because of the fact that it provides students with depth study. They have a wide range of syllabus mentioned in the curriculum because of the fact that this course gives more emphasis on depth study.
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  • BA (Computer Science)

    BA Computer Science is another undergraduate course. It follows the broader concept as it does not teach in depth. Mathematics and computer theory are the subjects thrown light upon. It is a three-year course in which students learn how to deal with the complex technologies of today’s generation. Some of the colleges in India that provide BA are mentioned below:-
    - Ram Lal Anand College (DU)
    - Guru Gobind Singh College Women, Chandigarh
    - Kurukshetra University
    -Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Karnal
  • Sc ( Computer Application)

    B.Sc ( computer application) or application software is one and the same thing. It is a three-year degree course with the motive of providing employment. A certain kind of computer software is designed to help the users deal with the singular or multiple tasks. This course includes both theoretical as well as practical application to succeed.
    There are various number of colleges out of which some have been enlisted below for students information:-
    - M.C.M.D.A.V, Chandigarh
    - Khalsa College, Karnal
    - University of Delhi
    Employment areas:-
    - IT Companies
    - Software Companies
    - IT Markets

  • Sc (Computer Science Statistics)

    This is a three-year undergraduate course in which computer science is combined with mathematics and statistics. The financial companies require graduates of computer science and statistics because one, it is a financial company and needs recruits which have good hand in mathematics and second because everything is done on computer.



3 years




-          AM Modern, Andra Pradesh

-          University of Calicut, Calicut

-          Dev and college, Maharashtra

Job prospects

-          Banking companies

-          Financial companies

-          Software development

-          Web developers


  • Sc (Honours) Computer Science

    It is a 3-year course and some institutes also provide it as a part time degree. This Job oriented course is an advanced version of B.Sc computer science. This has more tough subjects than the normal course. It provides a good base to the students who further want to pursue mater’s degree or continue with research analysis. Graduates have a lot of scope on national as well as international level employment in computer hardware manufacturing companies, web designing companies, financial companies, software developing countries and many more. Call centers and content writing in computer can be very beneficial to start up with. Good reputed companies look for high percentage bearers with good communication skills. One must always put in their best to be in the top layer of the college.

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3 years












-          Panjab University

-          University of Delhi

-          Kurukshetra University

-          College of Applied Science, Kerela

Job prospects

-          Clinical researcher

-          Assistant Professor

-          Vocational instructor

-          Web designer

-          Intellectual property  manager


Apart from the above-mentioned courses, there are various online courses a student can apply for

  • Database Interpretation
  • Web Development
  • Computer Forensics
  • Cyber Security

The online courses are provided by foreign universities as well such as Stanford, Harvard, MIT. This is a good option for those students who wish to add onto their CV the list of online courses they have pursued. This will increase their qualification level and add a specialized course.


The choice of the course you want to do highly depends upon the aim you have. If you are clear about the aim in life, be very careful while selecting the course you want to pursue. It is very important because of the fact that if you are not happy with the subjects you have, you will never be able to put in your best.

 You should be satisfied with the opted course and work hard to achieve success. Also if you are not happy and are not able to cope up with the subjects, there can be a possibility of you losing an year. To be safe, and most importantly to achieve success, be very sure about the subject you choose.

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I hope students have now prepared their mind as to which course they must select and pursue. They must think wisely keeping into consideration their aptitude and skills. Happy people do not always have the best things in life, they turn the things into best. Nothing in the world should stop you from scaling new heights.

If you are happy with what you have done and are satisfied, then you are on the right path. Always listen to your instincts and keep going. Never be disheartened even if you do not get success in first go. You will fall, but don’t worry. Get up, brush of the dust and start over again. Nothing is unachievable.

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For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!



RE: What are some options for a career related to computers apart from BCA?

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