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What are the career prospects and job opportunities present in the space architecture, mainly in India?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: What are the career prospects and job opportunities present in the space architecture, mainly in India?

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Being massive in size the, space is heavily loaded with the tremendous opportunities of the careers not only in the development of satellites programming and functions but also in the field of designing of the space related architecture.

Being one of the major sectors of the aerospace engineering, the architectural approach to design the space satellites and resources addresses the full-fledged development of the space environment.

Just like the architectural work in the ground, the same concept lies in the space architecture in which one has to perform much harder as the space is a dynamic of the key feature of the space architecture is this only that one has to first understand the concept of the space related phenomenon both periodic and uncertain, after analysing the facts, space resources like spaceships or satellites are manufactured.


Since the overall motto behind the space architecture is to have a working physical model of the vehicle which will set according to the environment and conditions of the outer orbit. Hence the technical background of the student must be fundamental. Either pursued engineering from the core branches like Civil, mechanical or electrical, it is the mechanical branch of the engineering is the mostprocessible branch for the same. If one completes the Engineering and attains the master's degree from the ARCHITECTURE, a highly paid job seems to be ready for you.

From foreign countries like the United States, Canada, Russia, Norway, Sweden, and china are the drivers when it comes to the space technologies. Hence their quality of the academic is much higher than those of other Asian countries.

Many universities of these countries offer the courses in space architectural domain.

Although their fees are very high, approx. 8 -12 LACS, per year, once admitted will worth in future.


For the development of the spaceships like features, there is a need for the both exterior and interiors architectures. So during your masters, you can very well distinguish yourself from the options based on your interests.



People often get confused from Space architecture and space designer. But seriously they are not same, its something different.

All the technicalities related features and the associated engineering marvels of the spaceship or satellite are designed by the space architecture, ti is the space designer who just sets the locations and occupancy of the spaceship according to the space available in the ship.

Thus one can get inference that there is no need to pursueengineering or any other technical degree to become the space designer, simply by adopting as a spaceship designing course, one can get into this field.

Colleges and syllabus of the for the space architecture course

There are many colleges in India offers the space architectural courses;

  • Through an IIT JEE, if one decides to make his career as a space architecture, he can directly get into the ISRO architectural wing by sitting in the special exam conducted by the ISRO.
  • Indian institute of science and technology, Bangalore
  • Indian institute of sciences IISc
  • CEPT university
  • IIT Roorkee
  • JJ college, Mumbai
  • Thrichupalli college of space science
  • School of planning and research, NewDelhi India



Briefly, the syllabus contains subjects like:


  • Space elements fundamentals
  • Designing procedure of spaceships and satellites
  • Fluid mechanics
  • ToM
  • ToS
  • Space frame system
  • Static and modular time frame distribution
  • Concepts of aerophysics
  • Remote sensings and application to space
  • Thermodynamical analysis 1 and 2
  • Structural analysis 1 and 2
  • HSD yielding tests and labs
  • Building material testings
  • Minor and major working models
  • Minor and major projects



The field of space architecture is in a huge competition, as after the privatization private players are coming in which are challenging the public sector resources and their manpower. Hence, discussed above the probability of getting directly to the government agency is extremely tough, but through the private players seems to be reasonable.

After completing the degree both bachelor's and masters, one can join the decent firm tackling with the designing and building the spaceships. One can join as a:

  • Senior architecture
  • Senior developer
  • OSS scientist
  • Campaign engineer
  • Designing scientist
  • System infra developer of spaceship

The average salary in India, under this head, is approx. 80000 INR.



Many companies of the countries including the US looks for the young talented space architecture on very attractive packages, somewhat went to 50 lacs per annum.

Common recruiters are:

  • EVX space technology, Washington
  • HYDRO WORKS, Kyoto
  • BEIDUXINE, china
  • SENTENO, china
  • Atlanta space company, Sweden
  • GO fro technologies, Sweden
  • SpaceX, US
  • Starclub, Ufa, Russia


It was all about the basic and adequate information regarding space architecture as a career. This field is not yet got exploration due to the depth of knowledge. One who is desperate to work in such domains could reach to the links given for more detailed information or can call our career counsellors for the support.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the career prospects and job opportunities present in the space architecture, mainly in India?

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