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What are the career prospects for the marine engineers? Which are the top colleges in India offering marine engineering program?

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RE: What are the career prospects for the marine engineers? Which are the top colleges in India offering marine engineering program?

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Marine engineering is a distinguished branch of engineering related to design, maintenance and carrying out operations in a shipping industry. A marine engineer is basically required to overlook, find problems, and conduct technological servicing of the systems in the ship. A course in marine engineering is a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and electronics engineering. Same time, naval architecture is an important area of study for a marine engineer.

 A modern cargo ship consists of many machines such as power generation system, cargo gears, propulsions, and boilers. The main function of the marine engineer is to ensure the smooth functioning of these devices and machines.

 Depending upon the procedures and precedents of the marine company an engineer has to spend a few months at the ship and few months ashore. An engineer after spending few months on the ship is accorded the status of a cadet.  It takes around 8 years to get class two certificate. Further after three years or so, an engineer will get class 1 certificate. Generally, after getting class one certificate an engineer is supposed to work onshore only.

Which are the top colleges in India for a marine engineering?

Marine engineering courses are offered throughout the India at various colleges. A student who wants to pursue the career in marine engineering will have to opt for IMU entrance test for getting admission into a marine engineering course. Some autonomous colleges conduct their own entrance test. Same time, different states conduct their own CET for admission into the engineering. A student will have to apply for entrance test depending upon the institution in which he wants to take admission. Here is the list of top marine engineering colleges in India.

1) Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and training.

ABP news gave the title of best maritime engineering college to this institution. Situated in Pune the institute is one of the most sought after colleges in India. The institute has a prototype ship in the campus itself which helps in solving practical aspects of naval engineering. The institute has installed a 360-degree bridge simulator which helps students get the actual feeling of the sea fare.

2) Vells academy of Maritime studies Chennai.

It is one of the premier institutes in India. The institute offers two courses in Nautical science and B.E in Marine engineering. The university is in collaboration with an institute of UK for providing its courses. The institute also offers in campus naval ship and bridge simulator.

3) Tolani Institute of marine engineering.

The institute is situated in Pune and has been awarded grade 1 status by Director General of Shipping’s office. It is started by Tolani group of companies which has a specialization in marine transport. The institute offers B.E degree in Marine engineering and nautical science degree.

4) Chennai school of Ship Management.

The institute offers an Alternate Training Scheme (ATS) Marine engineering course of three years. It consists of three phases. The first phase consists of 12-month residential training. The second phase consists of 9-month training on board. Again the third phase will be a residential program. At the end of these phases a candidate will have to appear for the exam and after passing this exam they will be awarded junior engineering title.

5) Marine engineering and research institute, MERI Kolkata

The institute offers 4-year program spread over 8 Semesters.  The institute was started in 1949 under the government of India program that makes it one of the oldest institutions in India. The institute also offers an MBA program in Transport and logistics management.

6)  MSEC Tamilnadu.

The institution WAS set up in 1984. The institute possesses full mission ship simulator and possesses ship in the campus. The institute offers a four-year undergraduate course in Marine engineering.

7) College of Engineering Andhra University.

The college is situated in Vishakhapatnam. It is one of the oldest colleges in India and offers a four-year B.E program in the naval arch. and Marine engineering.  It is one of the most reputed colleges in south India and provides a prominent faculty for its marine engineering program.         

8) MERI Mumbai

Marine engineering and research institute is a branch of MERI Kolkata. It is one of the reputed institutes and has set up an authority for itself. Indian Maritime university- Mumbai campus consists of three institutes i.e. MERI, T.S. Chanakya and LBS College of advance maritime studies and research. 

What are the career prospects for the marine engineer?

 Marine engineering is an adventurous exciting as well as the challenging field. The packages offered to the marine engineers are one the highest ones. If someone likes to travel and explore the world then this is a nice opportunity. They can get job opportunity in ship industry as a marine engineer. They can also opt for a job in ship construction, maintenance and naval architecture where technical knowledge is highly valued.

 Marine engineers are also offered a teaching and tutoring job at Marine engineering and other colleges. They can work in engine design firms, propulsion designing companies as well as construction companies. Naval architecture is also a robust sector which offers jobs to marine engineers. The remuneration offered to marine engineers is slightly on the upper side because of a little arduous nature of the job.


Marine engineering is one of the highest paid as well as toughest jobs. It requires a great physical toughness and mental soundness. Same time, a marine engineer needs to be emotionally intelligent. He should be able to observe his emotions and take sound decisions for a long time. Apart from that as mentioned earlier, marine engineering gives a great opportunity to explore world and travel on the great ships.

India’s port-led development program and policy to influence southern seas through its Sagarmala project have provided a great opportunity for marine engineers. Same time, world freight traffic is also growing at the exponential rate due to competition in dominating sea routes.  Maritime transport is the most affordable way to carry the tremendous amount of freight. Many countries are seriously exploring the possibility of opening and sustaining its inland waterway freight traffic. Thus next few decades will be the golden era of maritime traffic. The job prospects and growth will not be a challenge to marine engineers.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the career prospects for the marine engineers? Which are the top colleges in India offering marine engineering program?

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