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Marine Engineers work on the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of the watercraft propulsion and on board systems by studying the laws of engineering and technology.

Hello,   Thank you for reaching Aspirants who are really interested in the marine field can join marine Engineering courses so that they can secure a job and enjoy the reputed position in the society. Many after 12th class continue to pursue studies in marine engineering due to job opportunities and for the pay. You can opt for Btech in Marine engineering and few are my sugestions for you. Candidates should opt for B.Tech in Marine engineering if you are really passionate in the marine field. Many universities and institutes offer marine enginee

The merchant navy fleet include cargo liners, passenger vessels, tankers, carriers and other special types of vehicles  It is a right career choice for those who wish to explore the sea and visit exotic places all over the world. It is a career which promises excellent remuneration and never ending adventure. The marine engineers are employed by shipping companies on contractual basis.The marine engineer is mainly responsible for ensuring safe and economic running of all engines, boilers, electrical refrigerating and sanitary equipment  deck ma

As such there is always a vacancy for new talents in your field. And Shipping industry is flourishing a lot.I am sure as a Marine engineer, you are very well aware of your role in a shipping company. You need to have strong qualities like ship building, maintenance and designing, maintenance of equipments, oiling of motors, inspections and repairs and maintenance.As such you are not primary involved in this work, but you would be the supervisor or fourth engineer whereby sometimes you would have to get your hands and clothes soiled to check on the workers employed.Do not wish to get into

Hi There, It does not matter whether you are a repeater or have cleared 12th in the first attempt. What is necessary, other than the 12th marks is your clearing the engineering entrance exam, either All India level or State level and other private institute exams. Anyways the point I wish to make here is, that if you have the passion and desire, no number of attempts can stop you. Take failure as a stepping stone and try better next time. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck...

The merchant navy is a non-combatant commercial fleet which deals with transporting cargo and occasionally passengers by sea. The merchant navy fleet include cargo liners, passenger vessels, tankers, career and other specific types of vehicles  It is aright career choice for those who wish to explore the sea and visit exotic places all over the world . It is a career which promises excellent remuneration and never ending adventure. They are usually employed by shipping companies on contractual basis. To identify whether you have right interest

Marine Fleet Management Software  fleet managers track their vessels and crews in real time. It also allows them to optimize the efficiency of their vehicles and operations while ensuring compliance with local regulations.  

Hello Kalpana,   What is your qualification dear?   I am just guessing.   If you are a 12th pass student any stream, then after clearing an entrance exam, you could join BMM, course, and specialise in advertisement in the final year.   Or you could pursue a PG Diploma in mass communication and opt for Advertisement if you are already a Graduate any stream, again after an entrance exam.   Please note, institutes like MAAC, ARENA multimedia, also provides short term certificate or diploma courses in advertisement, which you could pursue too.   Wish you good luck...

Marine engineering is a distinguished branch of engineering related to design, maintenance and carrying out operations in a shipping industry. A marine engineer is basically required to overlook, find problems, and conduct technological servicing of the systems in the ship. A course in marine engineering is a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and electronics engineering. Same time, naval architecture is an important area of study for a marine engineer.  A modern cargo ship consists of many machines such as power generation system, cargo gears, propulsions, and

The very short description of this course can be described in following the way which can help a student know about the course at a glance. Duration of the course is 2 years Level of the course is Post-graduation Type of the title is Degree Eligibility required is Graduation This course is all about Oceanography. The areas that are covered under Marine Science are several like Marine Geology, Marine Biology, Marine Chemistry and Physical Oceanography and so on. This course of the master in marine science is designed for the period of two years and is spread over four Semesters. This pattern