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What are the career prospects in space research field?

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RE: What are the career prospects in space research field?

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Science and technology have been the boon to mankind in most prospects and in the best of ways since its inception. The practical applications of various scientific inventions and discoveries when put to use bring convenience to our disposal. Space science has been and will remain the most growing field of science since the commencement of its journey from the times of Copernicus and Galileo.


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The Engineering and MBBS have been the most celebrated degree courses in our country until now but the matter over which science lays stress on is the understanding of this universe and for that, the number of participants in the field of space science and research needs to shoot up. A career in the field of space science and research has numerous options from the testing of new software to outer space exploration; it includes which includes astronomy and astrophysics, planetary atmospheres and aeronomy, earth sciences, and solar system studies. Earlier, all these disciplines were accounted under astronomy but now the recent boom in the participation in space research has led to the classification of this field into various branches some of which are cosmology, stellar science, planetary science, astronomy, astrology. In these fields, there is an opportunity to study the outer space with the deepest available knowledge and an opportunity to let you be at the service of your nation.

About the job prospects:

Not only ISRO, Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), National Aeronautical Laboratories (NAL), and aerospace industry can be sought out for depending on one’s qualifications. Astronauts are one of the most reputed and celebrated jobs in the space research field and in the whole world. It requires sheer skill, intelligence, and patience to be an astronaut.

 As space science seems by its name it is not just limited to the exploration of the outside space and the solar system and understanding about it, it also provides employment in numerous other sectors such as being a faculty in space science institute, researching/performing tasks on a ground-based space research laboratory or at the R&D facilities, working at science museums and planetariums, government/national/private observatories is also a viable option for a scholar of space science. Some other options include invigilating exams, technical writing, military operations, software development, designing and innovating telescopes, aeronautical equipment repair and maintenance workshops and guiding research students.

Jobs in the field of space science and research are not in abundance in the market and have a tough competition lined up for the posts. It is not necessary that one would get the job as soon as they complete the degree course, but no knowledge gained is a waste. So the one seeking for such a job should have the tendency to use the knowledge whenever required. New inventions, patents, research papers or even any kind of breakthroughs in mathematics, physics or chemistry are the most treasured assets one can put forth while seeking for a job, but in most cases, jobs turn up themselves before scholars of this kind.

In our country, most of the colleges and institutions that offer courses in the field of space research are set up in the southern part of our country, these institutes are one of the best in the world and offer various space science related UG and PG courses. Some of these are;

  1. Indian Institute of Space science and Technology (IIST), Thiruvananthapuram.
  2. Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
  3. Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi
  4. Department of Space (DoS)
  5. Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun
  6. IIT, Bombay
  7. IIT, Madras
  8. IIT, Kharagpur
  9. IIT, Kanpur
  10. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Admission in these institutes is entranced based which is taken by the respective institute or on the basis of JEE-mains and advance. A student seeking admission in any of the above colleges needs to have a clean and meritorious record as it is nowadays of great significance for the selection of an individual, especially in JEE.

Salary and perks:

The average salary of a professional working as an engineer/scientist in a government research department varies from 250000 per annum to about 2000000 per annum depending on the qualifications, merits, distinctions and the experience of the personnel. It also depends upon the institute from which the degree is obtained in the fresher years.

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RE: What are the career prospects in space research field?

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