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What are the different career options available in the Defence sector, if one comes from the Technical background?

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RE: What are the different career options available in the Defence sector, if one comes from the Technical background?

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Why choose Defence?

“A life which is not ordinary”, join the ARMY. This line is a tag line for the young and desperate, enthusiastic people who want something challenged and unordinary job profile.

Being in one or the another way, career in defence is respectful and glorious also. Either you serve in a logistic or technical head, there are associated their own glory and pride, which in turn allowing us to sleep peacefully.

In this article, I will be telling you about the various courses and job opportunities in the technical field of the defence sector. You will surpass all your myths and myths regarding the technicalities of the defence sector, once you read this one.


The role of technology and research in defence

What we see today the most advanced submarines, warships, missiles, Vectra helicopters, satellites etc are the result of the advancement of the researches in defence technologies. Today the strength of the country is based on the criteria of the acquisition and ownership of the defence advanced technology.

Let me give you an example that, in present times, the overall security of the borders is totally based on the technologies. Suppose take the India-Pakistan border, it is somewhere full of creeks, thick forests, riverine and marshy tracts. Soto have the vigil eye on the region, the only enforce cannot be there to tackle the situation, definitely, there is a need for some technologies for this. Think tank scientists and researches bought the concept of laser walls and riverine frontiers drones to provide the surveillance in the border areas. This was made possible only when there was a technology inducted in the defence sector. Hence, a career in the defence as technologists somewhere holds the key for the security of the country.


How to get the job?

University Entrance Scheme

During the engineering, there is a provision of the university entrance scheme in the defence sectors like ARMY, AIRFORCE and NAVY. Through the UES, you can join as a junior engineer rank ( sub-Lieutenant.) as per as your performance in the paper, correspondingly the service, i.e army navy or air force.

The procedure of UES:

During your last year of engineering, a board will host a scheduled examination in following ways:

First, there will be the written test comprising of the both technical as well as non-technical questions. The candidates who pass the first exam will be screened to the GD(Group discussion round).

After getting screened from a group discussion, the passed candidates are called for a personality test conducted there itself and will be taken to the service, if one qualifies interview.

Through IIT-JEE

The creamy layered student from the IIT-JEE Mains, can adopt the defence related career path by applying to the B.Tech. or simply say defence scientist from the prestigious institutes like DRDO, BARC, IIDM, ISRO.

You have to choose a specialised branch during the whole process, on which your interest persists.

The subjects & syllabus is defined below:

  • Head designing of ultra powered engines
  • Tube analysis of moving bodies
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Dynamic theory of machines
  • Tank designs and sections
  • Artillery studies of weapon development.
  • Direct exams conducted by the DRDO



DRDO takes the utmost care of the career advancement of its scientists and operates the full flexibility complementing mechanism which means that with each promotion based on the merit based, the post varies from the grade B to G.

Defence research and development organisation itself conducts the autonomous examination for the post of a junior scientist (defence), a researcher in defence technology, Electrical heads, civil heads, mechanical heads, etc.

The syllabus for the exam is depicted below:

There will be the exam in Two stages, written and interviews.

In the written exam, there will be the questions on the technical branch like civil, mechanical and electrical. Apart from this, there will be the question check of physics, chemistry and mathematics to judge the scientific potential of the candidate.


Can Anyone Pursue BSc or MSc in defence science?

The answer is big yes. You can very well pursue the BSc or MSc or even PhD in the defence science/military science or military strategies.                                                  

Some famous colleges in India are:

  • Bhatinda university, Punjab
  • Hindu college, Moradabad
  • Bareilly college, UP
  • Meerut college, UP
  • Guru Nanak college, Chennai
  • Vorhees college, Vellore.
  • Maharana Pratap College, Bhopal


Concluding Remarks

Technical advancement plays today a vital role in the development of the defence sector and career prospects too. There are high-class jobs associated with the defence scientists both in public and private domains. If you are thinking to make a career in defence scientist field, then it’s the right time if you are under your graduation.

 For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the different career options available in the Defence sector, if one comes from the Technical background?

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