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What are the key strengths of a BCA graduate over other similar course graduates?

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RE: What are the key strengths of a BCA graduate over other similar course graduates?

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BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) is a three-year undergraduate degree course in the field of computer applications. It is a technical course that prepares students for a career in the field of computer application and software developments. One who cannot do a four-year graduation course in computer science can pursue this course to learn the computer languages.

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As we know BCA resembles the four-year course of B.Tech in computer sciences perhaps both courses have a year difference in their duration. Though both of them are related to computer education. Have you ever tried to know which one is more beneficial than the other?  Let us figure this out.

BCA as a course of computer application has a plethora of benefits for those who pursue a degree in it. Candidates who are obsessed with computers and are so called “computer freaks” are very worthy of acquiring a degree in BCA. Also, those who have a limited knowledge about computers and want to learn more can be benefitted from this course.

The course is therefore known between those who are IT, aspirants. Information technology being one of the highest paid sectors in the world, every computer science student wants to work in this sector after pursuing a bachelor degree in either computer applications or B.Tech in CS.


  • The course helps to develop a well sounding academic base for an advanced career in computer application.
  • BCA students have a bright future in IT department. As it gives an ample no of
  • It also provides a way towards a post graduation course in the field one prefers for after doing BCA.
  • The course also develops a better understanding towards the key concepts of computer science.
  • It provides opportunities for a large no of job as IT plays a great role in the interface between business and technology.
  • BCA as a course has a large no. of employment areas viz:



Schools and colleges

Financial institutions

Technical support

Security and surveillance department

Insurance providers

System maintenance

Software development companies, etc.

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  • Also, the course provides a wide variety of jobs viz:


    Computer programmers

    Computer trainers

    Computer scientist




    Software publishers

    Software developers

    Project manager

    Computer system analysts

    Database administrators

    Computer presentation specialist

    Information system manager

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These are the key strengths or the benefits of pursuing a bachelor degree in computer applications. There are various other similar courses to BCA such as B.Tech in computer sciences which is considered to be more better than BCA and widely accepted program. It is believed that B.Tech paves way towards a more no of opportunities than BCA but it is not so because it already provides an ample amount of jobs in various fields.

B.Tech as a course is a very expensive and it needs to invest a great amount of money if a student wants to do that. Whereas if you want to pursue post-graduation in the field without a lot of expense, then BCA is a better option. You will learn what you want to i.e. if you are interested in computers and cannot invest a lot then BCA is a better option.

Another advantage of BCA is that you don’t have to appear for highly competitive entrance exams. The students who get admitted in B.Tech have to appear for many competitive exams whereas for BCA a candidate needs to have passed 10+2 exam with minimum 45% marks. Therefore, BCA makes it easy for the ones who are interested in computers and don’t want to give any competitive exams. This is the another advantage of BCA over other course.

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Also, BCA as a course can be pursued through distance learning programs by various institutions which is not the same with B.Tech. This is the another advantage of pursuing BCA.

Therefore now we know how beneficial is BCA over other computer course. It is advantageous in all aspects whether it be job opportunities or applying for it. BCA should not be considered a course which is not worth studying for. It inculcates all the benefits a course needs to serve a candidate.

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RE: What are the key strengths of a BCA graduate over other similar course graduates?

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